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  • As i sit here procrastinating on finishing up on work, I had an idea and thought it would be interesting to discuss romantic choices people made in games and why. Bioware games come to mind, but I also know Elder Scrolls has some options for it, Persona I believe, Witcher and whatever else you can think of.

    • DAO was Morrigan. Her character intrigued me. The DLC i also thought was really cool where i made my character chase her around other dimensions into the unknown. It was really neat to see that they were still together when i talked with here in DAI.
    • Mass Effect 2 was Tali. She wasn't my first choice but I was really curios on what she looked like. So i wanted to know.
    • DAI. My Inquisitor didnt need anyone, they were all boring people.
    • Witcher 3. Triss.. Yennefer was just a $%#@!. so went with the one that was actually nice.

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    I romanced Yennifer my first time through TW3 because the game makes it explicitly clear she's the canon romance. The second time I went with Triss because I personally preferred her.

    In ME2 I romanced Miranda cause it was my first Mass Effect game and I was entranced by DAT ASS, but eventually I went back and played ME1, realized how dumb I was for not picking Liara and romanced Liara throughout the whole trilogy.

    I never romanced anyone in any Elder Scrolls game because those characters don't feel like actual people and are all ugly as sin. I just modded in some sexy characters and installed a sex mod so I could watch them fuck. Then I'd uninstall the game again.

  • Trails of cold steel: Laura because shes best waifu.

    Witcher 3: Triss i find red heads very attractive

    Fallout 4: Piper that name is just so hot.

    Final Fantasy 7: Tifa 2 big reasons

  • @Art said in Romancing Polygons:

    In ME2 I romanced Miranda cause it was my first Mass Effect game and I was entranced by DAT ASS

    good comment. Im pretty sure that's whats Bioware was betting on.

  • In my many playthroughs of the Mass Effect Trilogy I think I romanced all possible candiates at least once, but my prefered romance for MaleShep is Tali and I started to tend to not romance anyone in the 1st game anymore, because it can't be Tali for some reason.
    My FemShep has no prefered partner, she fucks who she wants, but only humans as she is a xenophobe.

    In the Trails of Cold Steel series I romance Alisa, I personally would prefer Emma but Rean is not a blank slate character and the games made it feel to me like that Rean and Alisa just belong together, so that's my canon that I transfered over from the 1st game to the 2nd. For the sake of Trophies though I try to "romance" everyone once in further playthroughs.

    In what I've played from Dragon Age Origins I romanced Morrigan... yeah that's it, I don't really have more to say about this, I never finished the game so I don't know what happens later.

    I'm not sure anymore who I romanced in Persona 3 FES, it's been too long, but I think it was Chihiro Fushimi.

    In HuniePop you have to romance every girl really but my prefered girl was Nikki.


  • @Musou-Tensei I went the same route in ToCS, it simply felt appropriate to go with Alisa, even if personally I would have gone with Sara, because let us be honest here Sara is freaking perfect (although Claire ain't far behind).

    I've played both P3 and P4 multiple times, so in both cases I've gone for everyone, but my ideal choices are Mitsuru and a close fight between Rise and Chie (Ai also deserves a shoutout in my opinion, way underrated).

    ME was Miranda, because as it has been said DAT ASS (I mean the girl was engineered to be essentially perfect), but not really my favorite character.

    DAO I think I went for both Morrigan and Leliana in different playthroughs, it was along time ago.

    Witcher, I haven't played 3 but in the original one I remember I had a big debate between Triss and the other redhead(can't remember her name), she was a pretty likable character, I think I went with Triss simply because of the added bonus of being a Witch.

  • @bard91 i forgot about shanie

  • Mass Effect 1 - Kaidan, because as a straight female he was my only choice.
    Mass Effect 2 - Either no one, or Thane when I was annoyed by Kaidan being a dick
    Mass Effect 3 - Kaidan. Always. I love him in this game.
    Persona 4 - Naoto because she's awesome. I would have romanced Kanji if I had been given the option.
    Dragon Age Origins - Alastair because he is sarcastic, as I am.
    Dragon Age Inquisition - Cullen. I love his story over the three games.
    Skyrim - Farkas. For no reason except he's a werewolf, and I wanted the money from having a spouse.
    KOTOR - Carth. Mostly I like Raphael Sbarge's voice.
    Witcher 3 - Triss. This was a role play choice since I think Triss is the choice that results in a happy ending. Yennefer is too passionate, and I preferred the happy, calm ending. Not to mention Triss was there for the other two games.

    And I just started Trails of Cold Steel, so no one yet. But currently I like Laura the best.

  • Cait is a beautiful drug addict that I just want to be safe and not be hurt by her parents anymore and JESUS EFFING CHRIST, FALLOUT! Can you like chill with the dystopia?!?

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    Mass Effect 1 - Ashley, because I could.. kinda, but wished I had gone for Liara
    Mass Effect 2 - Miranda... I mean, its hard not to.
    Mass Effect 3 - Was it this game you could sleep with the reporter? or was that the second?
    Dragon Age Origin - Morrigan, because an evil witch is brutal :3
    Skyrim - Aela the Huntress, because she is a badass wolf

    Then Im thinking of a bunch other games, but realising that the plot is already set up for one specific character so you dont have much of a choice haha.

  • Romance is games is a wonderful thing for me because it gets weirdly personal at times.

    For example Knights of the Old Republic taught me what love is thanks to the relationship you can have with Bastila. I was 14/15 when it came out and had only been in the sort of relationships you have at that time in your life (awkward, a bit weird and immature). Then this life lesson disguised as a Star Wars game came along and made me reevaluate how I saw women and what having a "true" relationship with another person is like. I look back on that aspect of the game now and find faults with how it is handled, the dialogue and overall approach but at the time it was deeply moving to young me. To the point I nearly stopped playing because it was making me feel weird when Bastila was put in danger and flirted with the Dark Side, I had like actual heartbreak going on.

    Then there is Mass Effect and in particular Mass Effect 2. I went into that game thinking, if I have the chance I will romance Tali because she was my favourite crew member. Then two things happened. The first was Miranda and her many charms arrived on the scene and the second was I got it stuck in my head that if I romanced Tali she would die. This was because all the build up to Mass Effect 2 was around the Suicide Mission that ends the game and your choices across the whole game having an impact on that. I had been on a media blackout for the game and had only seen a couple of trailers so I had no idea of the full extent of the variables for the actual mission. So while I was playing and talking/flirting with Tali one day in the game the idea niggled its way into my brain. If I/Shepard get with Tali she will remove her armour or at least part of it, get sick and not be at peak performance for the Suicide Mission and therefore she would die. I decided then and there that I would not let that happen, I'd rather Tali be alive but without being involved with me than dead but with me briefly. So my attentions drifted to Miranda leading to that awkward moment were I had to let Tali down with my own reasons sort of supplanting the reasons Shepard can give her in the game. It was me adding my own subtext without realising it. Ultimately I was happy with Miranda and Tali was cool just being friends so it was all ok.

    Then the Suicide Mission happened.

    It went off without any major problems despite my heart beating furiously throughout the whole thing*. At one point after destroying the weird Human Reaper thing and the place starts collapsing Tali lost her balance and started sliding to her doom. I shouted at the TV for Shepard to grab her before she died, thankfully he grabbed her at the last second and we got out of there. However t turned out during all this action and drama I had woken up the whole house in the process because I was playing the game at 3am on a weeknight and being "really loud and emotional" (my soon-to-be future wife's words not mine), so nobody was happy with me the next morning. It was a true moment of drama for me not because I was potentially losing a love interest but because I nearly lost a friend. That friendship carried forward into Mass Effect 3 and when Tali and Garrus started their own romance I was thrilled for them because they found each other in the middle of all the craziness of life as we knew it possibly ending.


    So yeah....I can get too attached to the games I play but I enjoy the emotional roller coasters they put me on. I'm also a guy who wells up at particularly good animation not because it is an emotional moment but because it is something beautiful to look at. So I'm a bit of a hot mess of emotions when it comes to digital things.

    *Sidenote: my first playthrough of Mass Effect 2 and in particular the Suicide Mission is perhaps my favourite bit of gaming ever.

  • There are only two games that come to mind.

    • Stardew Valley. I romanced Penny because she's sweet and good natured. She's a little quiet but I find that rather cute.

    • Fallout 4. It had to be Piper. She's got a fire about her but she's always determined to do the right thing. She's my type of girl, even if she does call me blue!

  • @thenerdtheword The Suicide Mission is one of the best moments in gaming imo.. I still think about it to this day

    The only two series that come to mind are Mass Effect and The Witcher..

    In Mass Effect I always went with Liara because she was my favorite character. In 2 I went with Miranda because it felt like the more natural choice.

    In The Witcher 3, I would have picked Triss because I like her character and don't really care for Yennifer. Somehow I managed to screw up both romance storylines and ended up with neither.. that felt a little too familiar heheh

  • I'm a little disappointed no one mentioned the dating options in Hatoful Boyfriend.

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  • Serana from Skyrim is my bae. I dislike that word, but in case of Serana, there is no better word to describe her.

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  • In Witcher III my Geralt went with Yennefer. Sure, there was that super sweet moment with Triss as well, but eventually it didn't lead to anything. Besides Yennefer, though, Geralt ploughed every field, so to speak, because hey, it's pretty lonely out there for a witcher otherwise. So yeah, Yenn didn't seem to mind that so many other women fell for Geralt: Keira, Madame Sasha, Shani, Syanna etc.

    In Mass Effect 2 my male Shepard hooked up with Miranda. Yvonne Strahovski was propably the biggest reason for that. I do have some memories of a Jack romance as well, but could they both have been in ME2 in the same playthrough? Or was it then in ME3? Can't remember. Or maybe that was only something I always intended to pursue but never did.

  • Look at all the WESTERN FILTH in this thread. I was seriously expecting better from such a juicy topic name.

    There have been many romances throughout my gaming history in and out of visual novels, some canon choices presented through the game's systems, others simply headcanon fluff I've thought about while playing that influenced the way I played, but there's two in particular, one of each category, that are clearly above the rest.

    First off, my first gaming crush, a little lass named Ann from a game I played growing up called Harvest Moon 64.
    alt text
    Ann is a bachelorette you can date and eventually marry in the game. She loves animals and works on a farm.

    Much more notable to me however would be this one frail girl.
    alt text
    In Mabinogi there's a sickly girl named Ibbie who lives in Bangor, the blacksmithing town. She hangs out on a cliffside overlooking the town at all times. Her father is the banker there. There's no Ibbie questline. There's not any sort of special dialogue with Ibbie. If you stand next to her for awhile she might say something generic in a text bubble over her head, but that's really the most interaction you get with the character. She's a completely unimportant NPC that basically exists for the sake of fluff and world building, and I love her.

    Luckily, Mabinogi is a game where for reasons you can gift every NPC any item. Lots of NPCs have secret shops you can access after gifting them certain amounts of items they like or questlines that trigger from it. Ibbie has no such thing, and yet I still would go out of my way to bring Ibbie gifts every couple weeks to raise and maintain my pointless relationship with her. Why even bother when there's no reward in the game for doing this? My only answer is simply because I wanted to. I wanted to make Ibbie happy. Ibbie was my favorite NPC in the game, and I took great joy in my loyalty to and devotion for her.

    Years later the game introduced NPC titles that gave you stats you could wear that included a circular profile type picture of the NPC next to your in-game name, and of course I scooped up the worthless Ibbie title immediately and wore it proudly for the rest of my time in said game. It wasn't even hard to obtain, because the title did not give high stats and this NPC was never super popular. There were much more prevalent "waifu NPCs" introduced throughout the years with much more detailed character models and way more personality and impact towards the player. I never moved on from Ibbie though. I even won a forum contest one year for writing a poem or story about your favorite NPC, although the reward was disappointingly bad, but I didn't care. It was all about Ibbie.

  • @Mbun Ann's a good choice bu i preferred karen

    and in a wonderful life it was always luminia

  • @FF7Cloud Karen is top waifu in HM for sure