Switch Day 1 Pre-orders. What have you got?

  • I was just wondering how deep everyone had gone down the switch pre-order rabbit hole (if you have at all)?

    I started off pretty light with just the console and the standard version of Breath of the Wild but that has slowly increased to the below after being able to pick up the UK special edition along with all of the Amiibo...


    So I am currently looking at around £425 from Amazon on day one...however I am having some severe reservations about picking up all of the amiibo's now and may reduce it to just 2 (Guardian and Archer). Anyone have any idea how easy/difficult these will be to pick up in the future?

    I also have a £30 voucher for GAME that I intend to put towards a case, if I can't find a case I like then I may pick up Bomberman R (dependent upon reviews). Would also like Fast RMX & Snipperclips from the eshop if they are available on release.

  • Haha, that's a lot of amiibo — I'm going to wait to see what they do in game before considering the purchase myself.

    I had pre-ordered a gray Switch, the base copy of Breath of the Wild, a pro controller, and I'll probably nab the expansion pass sometime between launch and June.

  • I bought:

    • Console
    • Pro controller
    • BotW
    • Link archer amiibo
    • BotW Collectors edition guide (Never buy guides normally, but I bought one for The Phantom Pain and adored it. Not for the walkthrough elements, that's all online obviously, but for all the artwork, item and character descriptions etc. I assume this one will be similar)
    • 200GB Micro SD Card (I'm going all digital and cards aren't too expensive)

    Total: £470

    Will also be picking up Hollow Knight, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Snipperclips, MK8 and Splatoon 2 when they release.

    @EvilMonk3y The amiibo are all sold out almost everywhere in the UK, so it might be worth keeping them, even if you just sell them on eBay or something.

  • Banned

    I'm hesitant on buying a Switch.

    With its outdated hardware AGAIN, I'm worried about 3rd party support AGAIN.

    I just have this gut felling telling me it's going down the same road as the Wii and Wii U AGAIN.

  • I would give a significant amount of my toes for this to be another Wii. And on that note, the Zelda game already seems loads better.

  • @Art I am buying the console knowing 3rd party support is likely to be minimal, I think if that is what people are after from the Switch then they are making mistake. I already have a PS4 & PC which covers most of the gaming spectrum however I can't play Nintendo games (now on-the-go) with those.

    One of the things that interests me about the Switch is that Nintendo seems to be chasing after the indies rather than the 'big' 3rd parties to bolster their first party games which I think is a pretty good strategy overall and will hopefully stop some of the Wii U game droughts that occurred.

    @Alex840 said in Switch Day 1 Pre-orders. What have you got?:

    @EvilMonk3y The amiibo are all sold out almost everywhere in the UK, so it might be worth keeping them, even if you just sell them on eBay or something.

    Yeah, this is the thing that is stopping me from cancelling them at the moment, they were pretty hard to get a hold of. I just know that when they arrive I will end up wanting to keep them regardless and it is a pretty big outlay.

    • Console
    • Zelda Limited edition
    • Bomberman Switch
    • 1 2 Switch (looks like fun to play with my drunk friends when i'm over at peoples house's)
    • Pro Controller
    • Carry Case with Screen Protecter
    • Deluxe Carry Case (the one that carrys the entire console inluding the dock not just the tablet)

    that's pretty much my pre order list although i'll probably grab a charging grip and just an AC adapter i can use later on for when i'm out an about so i can plug it into a wall and keep playing while in handheld mode while at work and stuff

  • @Haru17 I thought Wii U had much better games than Wii. Looking back outside of Galaxy 1/2 and Wii Sports, I had little fondness for the Wii.

  • I've gone for:

    • The Neon Red/Blue Console
    • Zelda limited edition

    and I've already bought a 200GB micro SD card, this one.
    And that's it!

    I'm going to see how much money I have on launch day and what my local Game has in stock. I know I want a carry case (hopefully a thin one that will fit in my bag) and 2 or so other games. I'm planning on being there first thing so I should hopefully have my pick of the non-pre-ordered games and accessories.

    I'm hoping to go mostly digital for the Switch so pre-ordering isn't a huge deal for me.

  • @thenerdtheword You can get a 200GB card on eBay for way less. I bought this one for £50:


  • @Alex840 I got my card when Amazon where doing a price promotion thing last month and with some credit I had with them so I didn't pay too much in the end.

  • I played it simple. I preordered the grey joycon console and Breath of the Wild. I'm really excited. The console release is so soon.

  • @Alex840 The Wii had a real Paper Mario game, a Metroid game period, and an amazing Zelda at launch. That's almost literally all that matters to me.

  • @Haru17 said in Switch Day 1 Pre-orders. What have you got?:

    @Alex840 The Wii had a real Paper Mario game

    nope. there hasn't been a real paper mario game since the thousand year door on Gamecube.

  • Just the system and a standard version of BotW, wanted that limited edition, but by the time it was up I was already asleep

  • I preordered the grey joycon version, Zelda and the pro controller. I still have not decided if I will keep it though. Currently I cannot play any video games because of health issues and the money is somewhat tight. I figured that in the worst case I can still return it to Amazon. And I also have got the feeling that I would find someone who would be willing to take it :-)

  • @Haru17 The Wii had 2 mediocre Zelda games.

  • @Alex840 The Wii had one mediocre Zelda game and a port of an incredible Gamecube one.

    We can keep stating opinions at each other all day if you'd like. This thread is innovating in that, it seems.

  • @Haru17 Apart from the dungeons, I didn't find them to be that enjoyable, but I get that they have their followings.


  • Just a grey Switch console and Breath of the Wild for me.