E3 Predictions

  • @Servbot24 said in E3 Predictions:

    No Neo announcement.
    No Scorpio announcement.
    No NX announcement.

    Only Zuul

  • @Servbot24 said in E3 Predictions:

    No Neo announcement.
    No Scorpio announcement.
    No NX announcement.

    So your saying . . .Dreamcast 2?

  • the Zelda demo ON ITS OWN is Game of the Year

  • Hideo Kojima WILL reveal himself, wearing an Nakamura Red Jacket, announce that BOTH Snatcher and Policenauts are getting remastered for PS4. Then invite Del Toro on to the stage and talk about a new collaboration.

  • @Sieghardt Yes to your Sega Predictions! Those would give me my Huber moment.

  • Knack 2 will be announced by someone wearing a Crash Bandicoot hoodie.

  • Sony Conference:
    Neo a no show.
    Horizon gameplay
    Knack 2
    Kojima shows up, hints about new project (engine etc)
    Spider man PS4 exclusive game by Insomniac
    Indie lovefest
    Detroit new CG trailer with bits of gameplay
    3rd party shenanigans, such as COD and Watch Dogs 2
    10 minutes of VR talk and games
    Dead Don't Ride, Sony Bend's new game
    Devil May Cry 5 is announced at Sony stage, not exclusive
    God of War (Not named 4)
    Red Dead 3 (Not named Redemption) will have exclusive stuff and promotion for the PS4.

  • @Tsosie

    Now that is a strong bet, not weak like onimusha

  • WHAT!? FORUM!?

    OT: Would love a new Suikoden but.. Konami gonna konami.
    Jumping on the Crash bandwagon instead!

  • I actually think Nintendo will announce Mother 3 on their treehouse streams. I have reasons behind that prediction but I'll just let you all think I'm a crazy person!

  • @Traydor Dont be that guy :grin: Do tell!

  • @seppo91 I don't know if it makes sense but it does in my mind! I feel like Nintendo may be compelled to release some content to tide over fans until the NX next year with a very barren release schedule and a lack of resources since they're likely busy with NX software.
    There's things they could do for this, DLC for existing games a lot of people own, HD remakes/ports or localisations of games never released in the west.

    It's something they've done a bit in recent years and with Mother 1 being ported last E3 and Earthbound already on the store it shows its a series on their radar. They joked about it in their E3 2014 claymation presentation thing, so they're aware at a company level that this is a fan favourite request.
    It seems like the ideal solution for pleasantly surprising fans with an announcement without actually spending a lot on production costs.

    Or they might announce nothing, I can dream! :)

  • New Star Wars Battlefront for the PS4, Xbox one, and NX.

  • Jak and Daxter is back! Let's not forget the concept art from the Naughty Dog art book. :relaxed:

  • @Markvdv I think I would be surprised if this didn't happen. If not another game, then a remaster. Those are pretty popular this gen.

  • Global Moderator

    Sony will announce a AAA VR exclusive first party game.

    That said I can't think which studio that would be but someone must be working on one

  • Zelda will not meet expectations, but GAF will be down for a week after gender selection and voice acting are revealed.

    A brief teaser for The Elder Scrolls VI will be shown. 2018.

    Either Sony, Microsoft, or Ubisoft will revive a dormant franchise. And I won't like what I see.

    • Crash Bandicoot will be at the Sony Press Conference
    • Resident Evil 7 will be shown as Night Time only
    • Konami will have 1 game shown during the press conferences
    • Sucker Punch's game will end the Sony Press Conference
    • Warner Bros.Montreal game will be teased not a Batman game
    • Monolith will announce a sequel LOTR game with a better nemesis system
    • There will be a 3 minute Red Dead trailer
    • Shenmu HD will be announced

  • @Oscillator I am so nervous about Zelda. I did not like Link Between Worlds as much as most, and the way they are talking suggest they are taking lot of ideas from that game.
    I think going to any dungeon in any order with any item makes for a very dull pace and no escalation in difficulty. It would make for an unmemorable Zelda.
    Voice acting is an easy thing to mess up
    This Wii U/NX situation is weird and probably means things were cut in both versions
    I am nervous

  • Am I the only one that thinks a Final Fantasy X-3 would be pretty sweet to see?