E3 Predictions

  • @seppo91 I don't know if it makes sense but it does in my mind! I feel like Nintendo may be compelled to release some content to tide over fans until the NX next year with a very barren release schedule and a lack of resources since they're likely busy with NX software.
    There's things they could do for this, DLC for existing games a lot of people own, HD remakes/ports or localisations of games never released in the west.

    It's something they've done a bit in recent years and with Mother 1 being ported last E3 and Earthbound already on the store it shows its a series on their radar. They joked about it in their E3 2014 claymation presentation thing, so they're aware at a company level that this is a fan favourite request.
    It seems like the ideal solution for pleasantly surprising fans with an announcement without actually spending a lot on production costs.

    Or they might announce nothing, I can dream! :)

  • New Star Wars Battlefront for the PS4, Xbox one, and NX.

  • Jak and Daxter is back! Let's not forget the concept art from the Naughty Dog art book. :relaxed:

  • @Markvdv I think I would be surprised if this didn't happen. If not another game, then a remaster. Those are pretty popular this gen.

  • Sony will announce a AAA VR exclusive first party game.

    That said I can't think which studio that would be but someone must be working on one

  • Zelda will not meet expectations, but GAF will be down for a week after gender selection and voice acting are revealed.

    A brief teaser for The Elder Scrolls VI will be shown. 2018.

    Either Sony, Microsoft, or Ubisoft will revive a dormant franchise. And I won't like what I see.

    • Crash Bandicoot will be at the Sony Press Conference
    • Resident Evil 7 will be shown as Night Time only
    • Konami will have 1 game shown during the press conferences
    • Sucker Punch's game will end the Sony Press Conference
    • Warner Bros.Montreal game will be teased not a Batman game
    • Monolith will announce a sequel LOTR game with a better nemesis system
    • There will be a 3 minute Red Dead trailer
    • Shenmu HD will be announced

  • @Oscillator I am so nervous about Zelda. I did not like Link Between Worlds as much as most, and the way they are talking suggest they are taking lot of ideas from that game.
    I think going to any dungeon in any order with any item makes for a very dull pace and no escalation in difficulty. It would make for an unmemorable Zelda.
    Voice acting is an easy thing to mess up
    This Wii U/NX situation is weird and probably means things were cut in both versions
    I am nervous

  • Am I the only one that thinks a Final Fantasy X-3 would be pretty sweet to see?

  • Two words: Banjo Threeie

    This is the year

  • @TheOhrenberger said in E3 Predictions:

    Two words: Banjo Threeie

    This is the year

    It probably won't be very good, seeing as how most of the Banjo crew is over at Playtonic aside from the director.

  • Have the allies talked about what new gear they are trying for the streams and a new set up?

  • @TheOhrenberger Isn't Rare working on that pirate game?

  • @Oscillator said in E3 Predictions:

    @TheOhrenberger said in E3 Predictions:

    Two words: Banjo Threeie

    This is the year

    It probably won't be very good, seeing as how most of the Banjo crew is over at Playtonic aside from the director.

    @seppo91 said in E3 Predictions:

    @TheOhrenberger Isn't Rare working on that pirate game?

    I thought we were believers here. Let the little Huber inside you out.

  • @TheOhrenberger Haha sorry man, I find that Im sometimes more of a Brandon :D

  • New Rayman 3D game! The dream is alive!!

  • I predict we will get a lot of trailers we've already seen this week :stuck_out_tongue:

  • I made a video with my own E3 predictions. Here's the text version:

    Bethesda Conference:

    -Quake V being announced (dream announcement for me)

    Microsoft Conference:

    -Xbox One 4k announcement
    -Xbox Live price cut
    -Red Read announcement

    Sony Conference:

    -Crash Bandicoot 5 announcement (or some Crash game)
    -Final Fantasy VII Remake Episode 1 (or whatever) release date
    -The Last Guardian firm release date
    -No PS4 Neo announcement (they might just mention it, like in the interview that came out today with Andrew House)
    -PSVR firm release date
    -PS4 price cut


    -3DS price cut
    -Wii U price cut
    -No firm date for Zelda or NX

    Here's the video for explanations on each prediction

    Youtube Video

  • Sony:

    • PS Plus extra bonus alongside the usual games/discounts

  • @TheFallen201 X-3 would be sweet, but my personal wet dream would be X-0 and really fleshing out the journey of Jecht and co. Not that I expect this to get announced probably ever, but it's something I've been hoping for ever since I first finished X back then.