EZA Community Project 2

  • DM @JaredPOrozco in twitter if interested in helping fund the project. Details kept secret but readily available if you message me privately.

    Or you can Check it out on this website. https://ezaprojectkyle.wordpress.com

    Obviously, members of EZA should not click the link in order to keep the surprise. If you do not message me, you will not be credited

  • @JaredPOrozco is this the one I'm already in on, or is this another one? Lol

  • @TokyoSlim same one. You're good

  • @JaredPOrozco cool. Thanks!

  • Hey, this is cool and all, but you should really give more details if you're asking for peoples money. I know you've done projects in the past and they've turned out well, but this can come off as a scam really easily.

    Maybe even just some info on the previous project?

  • Contributed. Thanks again for the info! Super neat idea.

  • @Joetown Project 1 was DubyaLucha's belt. Details shall be given personally once I am contacted. I do not want to furnish them here to keep the surprise.

    Free versions will be made available in the future for people who cannot give money or who are untrusting for any reason.

    It's the same one I talked to you about in September, basically. Sorry for the vagueness. Absolutely right in calling me out

  • Global Moderator

    @JaredPOrozco I think even the way you went about it on twitter/twitch messaging seemed a little sketchy to people. There were some complaints and confusion about you messaging people too much and being too vague at first which lead to people thinking it was sketchy. Probably just could have been handled better as I know you have good intentions now.

  • @Kristen59 Oh yeah, definitely. In the beginning I was nowhere near as organized as I was now. Never made notes of people I messaged and ended up messaging people again and again. Absolutely my fault.

    Tried to reach out to everyone that had complaints, but I know a few slipped through the cracks and couldn't get to everyone. If there ever is a next time I have learned a lot of lessons from that.

    The project is done though. Pictures are available if anyone messages me and anyone can opt out of donating anything if they just want to buy a (not sketchy) item.

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    I think this project will be much appreciated by the allies! When I have seen what it lookes now I am so happy that I jumped along onto this project! Its really cool and I think its hard to know how much we dare to say about it just in case to keep it spoiler free haha.

  • I just wanted to post that I received one and I absolutely love it. To everyone who contributed to it, you did a fantastic job. I want to let everyone know you are extremely talented and I'm incredibly thrilled with the end result. You all rock.