Most beloved franchise with which you have no experience whatsoever?

  • I'd be very surprised if this hasn't been done already, but hey. No harm either way.

    So, I just watched the (quite excellent) Dragon Quest VIII impressions video, and realised that prior to that point I had never played, touched, looked at or thought about a Dragon Quest game in my life.

    With the ridiculous bounty of games available today, have any other allies managed to accidentally avoid any interaction with some of the big names?

    (Also, hello. First non-introductory post.)

  • I have at least tried pretty much all major franchises, and plenty of more obscure ones, but that's just me being relatively old and been gaming enthusiast since I was 4. Only series that I really want to try out more is Yakuza, but currently only devices I have for gaming are my PC and my DSi, so I can't play those games. I have played the first Yakuza game back in the day, and I did like it, but I haven't gotten around to play any other game in the franchise, which is pretty sad.

    Also, Welcome to the Forums, hope you like your stay :)

  • Final Fantasy. never actually played any of the games with Cloud in Smash bros being my only experience with the series.

  • Never played any souls games besides Bloodborne. (Which is not technically a souls game)

  • I've played a little of them, but Zelda remains a largely unknown franchise to me, and to be perfectly honest Breath of the Wil that has actually managed to gain a lot of interest from my part, might get it for Wii U if it turns out to be an ok version.

  • Dragon Quest. Only played builders demo. Looking forward to XI.

    Yakuza. I want to pick it up.

    Zelda. I've played small chunks briefly.

    Super metroid. Know nothing about it really, and still don't see it as interesting.


    Pretty much everything on Xbox system.

    Some of the the point and click adventure games by sierra and Lucas arts. Always loved these games but find it hard to want to go back and try all the ones I never played,

  • I probably have more than most... but a lot of beloved games that I haven't played personally I've at least watched others play. Dragon Quest is one of the few franchises I have almost no interactions with. I suppose Persona fits the bill too but I've at least watched a bit of 4 and have a vague knowledge of the franchise, definitely one I'm sure I would love if I got into it.

  • Yakuza and Disgaea are probably the big ones. There are a few RPG series I haven't got into, but none that are all that big.

  • I'm probably cheating since I'm adding a few series where I've played maybe thirty minutes of one game or even just a demo on this list, so series I've had either no or extremely limited experience with would be (off the top of my head, I'm sure there's others):

    Far Cry
    Tomb Raider
    Call of Duty
    Resident Evil
    Silent Hill
    Crash Bandicoot
    The Witcher
    Dragon Quest
    Anything by Blizzard except Overwatch (and Hearthstone, which I didn't like)

    Also honorable mentions to the Souls series and Final Fantasy since I've played more into both of those than everything else on the list combined but still not much (the only FF game I put any real time into was 4, and I at least put a few hours into Demon's Souls before moving on to other things, but that's still nothing compared to actually playing through a few games in the series.)

  • Does watching LPs or watching someone in real life playing it count as experience?

    • Dragon Quest: planning to remedy this sometime this year by getting VIII for 3DS
    • Silent Hill: unless P.T. counts?
    • Call of Duty: the more futuristic it gets, the less it appeals to me. If the next one is set during WWII or Vietnam or something, I'll probably give it a shot.
    • GTA: played the very first one, and the one on DS, it's not a series that appeals to me at all.
    • Paper Mario: hopefully GameCube Virtual Console helps me erase this mark of shame.
    • Persona: I assume I won't be able to escape the EZA hype whirlwind for 5 though.
    • Warcraft/Starcraft: just not a big PC gamer, but a new Warcraft could probably sway me.

  • While I have no history with Dragon Quest, it's not a hugely beloved title. It's got a hugely loyal fan base though, especially here. It's just not widely loved.

    But in terms of beloved EVERYWHERE, it's Zelda.

    Almost every other beloved franchise I have played at least something of. Zelda though, never played any of it. It just passed me by as a kid. I only had the NES, and never got the first game and then after that I moved on to Genesis and PS1.

    One day though I will pick up the Switch, and Breath of the Wild might get me to break this streak.

  • Lots of those franchises I've been recently going back and playing, so I've eliminated most the ones I could name. The ones that still come to mind now are Rhythm Heaven (unless playing a demo counts), PaRappa the Rapper, F-Zero, and Devil May Cry. Might update this post with others if I think of any good ones.

  • Most horror games and franchises. Horror doesn't scare me and that usually means bad controls and gameplay. Only exception is probably Resident Evil (only 4 and 5, tried the earlier ones but I didn't like them), Dead Space and Evil Within, all of which I enjoyed.

  • I'm ashamed to say I haven't played SO MANY of the beloved gaming franchises. A lot of people my age (22) have probably played even fewer and so that's potentially alarming.

    • Age of Empires
    • Starcraft/Warcraft
    • Castlevania (I MAY have played some of SoTN as a kid)
    • Metroid
    • Dragon Quest
    • Silent Hill
    • Baulders Gate (except for those wicked brawler games on PS2)
    • Planescape
    • Anything before N64 and PS1 except for a few Genesis titles

    My goal this year is to beat everything I own on PS4 and haven't finished, then go into the RE series, Silent Hill, then play Suikoden, finish Persona 4, then build a Raspberry Pi 3 and play SNES and everything else I've missed.

  • @Yoshi said in Most beloved franchise with which you have no experience whatsoever?:

    Final Fantasy. never actually played any of the games with Cloud in Smash bros being my only experience with the series.

    Same here, except I haven't even used Cloud in Smash. :P

  • @Oscillator what about in Ergheiz?

  • @TokyoSlim Nice. :)

  • @TokyoSlim I want to find and interview the person whose only knowledge of Cloud Strife is as a character in Ehrgeiz...

  • @J_K_Day That would be amazing.