Most beloved franchise with which you have no experience whatsoever?

  • @Yoshi said in Most beloved franchise with which you have no experience whatsoever?:

    Final Fantasy. never actually played any of the games with Cloud in Smash bros being my only experience with the series.

    Same here, except I haven't even used Cloud in Smash. :P

  • @Oscillator what about in Ergheiz?

  • @TokyoSlim Nice. :)

  • @TokyoSlim I want to find and interview the person whose only knowledge of Cloud Strife is as a character in Ehrgeiz...

  • @J_K_Day That would be amazing.

  • There are a lot of big franchises I have not touched. There just isn't enough time to enjoy them all.

    -Gears of Wars
    -Call of Duty
    -Final Fantasy
    -Mass Effect
    -Fire Emblem
    -probably more I can't think of

  • I have several that I have never played a second of, or seen anything past maybe a trailer or overheard some chatter:

    • Dragon Quest - never played and have only seen Brandon play Builders for a bit
    • Silent Hill - no experience, actually maybe I've seen a movie?
    • Dark Souls - closest I've been is having played Lords of the Fallen and Bloodborne still shrink wrapped on my shelf
    • Persona - never played one, haven't seen anything past a trailer or two for 5. I do plan on playing Persona 5 this year though
    • God of War - nothing
    • Devil May Cry - nothing
    • Hitman - nothing

  • I've made strides on this one in the last few years but here we go:

    • Dragon Quest
    • The Witcher (although I am loving the shit out of the Gwent Beta)
    • Yakuza
    • God of War
    • Suikoden

    There are franchises I've played little of, but I do have some experience with them to some extent. These I've never even touched!

  • @TokyoSlim said in Most beloved franchise with which you have no experience whatsoever?:

    @Oscillator what about in Ergheiz?

    I can count the number of PS1 games I've played on both hands, and Ergheiz isn't one of them:

    Spyro 1
    Jet Moto 2
    Twisted Metal
    Tiny Tank
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (Demo)
    Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX
    Spot Goes to Hollywood
    Pong: The Next Level

    EDIT: Oh, and Crash Bandicoot 1. I disliked it so much, I blanked it from my memory. :P

    EDIT 2: And Crash Team Racing, which is actually the best out of the 9 1/2 games I've played. Goes to show you how uninteresting I find the PS1...

  • A few big franchises I haven't touched:

    • Gears of War

    • Mass Effect

    • Fire Emblem

    • Any game by Platinum

    I'm okay with not having played any of these games, I have no desire to.

    • Gears of War
    • Halo
    • Mass Effect
    • Resident Evil
    • most fighting games except Soul Caliber

    prepares to have rocks thrown

  • The term experience is tricky because if its simply watching and not playing, Fallout and Resident Evil (VII in particular) wouldn't count. However, if by NO experience what so ever, than that becomes harder.

    So I'll include not played and seen less than enough to form a valid opinion. Meaning: If I have at least played a demo (Dead Space, Battlefield) or seen a complete playthrough of (Red Dead, Resident Evil), they will not be on the list. It might be more entertaining to guess what I HAVE played/not watched. Also alphabetized for your convenience:

    Ace Combat
    Animal Crossing
    Chrono Trigger and Cross
    Dead Rising
    Devil May Cry
    Dragon Quest
    Elder Scrolls
    Far Cry
    Fighting Games EXCEPT SoulCalibur and Mortal Kombat
    Jak & Daxter
    Just Dance
    Medal of Honor
    Mega Man
    Metal Gear Solid
    MMOs EXCEPT Destiny
    Monster Hunter
    Ninja Gaiden
    Prince of Persia
    Professor Layton
    Saint's Row
    Star Fox
    Star Ocean
    Strategy Games
    Tales Series
    The Sims

    And I also want to welcome to you! This is an awesome place and I hope you get as much out of being here as you can.

  • @Brannox said in Most beloved franchise with which you have no experience whatsoever?:

    Star Fox

    Play Rayman 2, Star Fox 64, and Worms Armageddon. They are absolute all-time classics. Check the review scores if you doubt my claim.

  • There are too many to count, but I guess Zelda is the number one. I have never felt a need to jump into it and I don't understand what special it brings, outside of nostalgia.

  • Banned

    @Nillend Nothing, really.
    Other games have done the Zelda formula better than Zelda has been doing it for years now, but for some reason people still lose their minds over it.

  • Actually, what the fuck am I talking about. I have no experience with Half-Life. Well, when it came out our PC couldn't run it and I left it ever since!

  • @Oscillator By no means would I ever doubt your claim. I listed all that I did because each one of them has more than doesn't speak to me than stuff that does. I recognize a whole lot of what I haven't played are high-quality, fantastic titles. Most are just not for me. Of your three suggestions, I think Worms would be the most appealing, but I think I would get bored after about an hour or so.

  • @Brannox said in Most beloved franchise with which you have no experience whatsoever?:

    Of your three suggestions, I think Worms would be the most appealing, but I think I would get bored after about an hour or so.

    The amazing thing about Worms is the variety. If you get tired of one way of playing, there are dozens more waiting in the wings.

    You've got your normal schemes:

    Intermediate (the default scheme)

    Your more restricted schemes:

    Bazookas 'n' Grenades (BnG)
    Team17 (team game where you need to collect weapons)
    Fort (penetrate your opponent's fort)

    Your more "out there" schemes:

    Mole Shopper (dig tunnels to collect weapons)
    Holy War (try to land Holy Hand Grenades on small platforms)
    Hysteria (use the function keys to select and fire a weapon within 1 second)
    Supersheeper (fly Super Sheep to attack your opponent)
    Walk For Weapons (Worms, board game style)
    Big Bow 'n' Arrow (Big BnA - use the Bow to knock mines at worms or worms into mines)
    Darts (fire your worms at a target)

    And of course, your Ninja Rope schemes:

    Shopper (collect crates and fire them from the rope)
    Rope Race (use the rope to navigate a maze)
    Tower Race (use the rope to climb a giant tower)
    Proper (Shopper with a stricter time limit)
    Fly Shopper (use the rope to "fly" over the center of the map before attacking)
    WxW (Shopper, but with specific walls you need to touch before attacking)

    Those are the most commonly played, but there's plenty more where they came from...

  • @Oscillator The only thing I can say to that is: WOW.

  • @Nillend Should jump into one and see for yourself. Weird to call a franchise you've never played just nostalgia.

    @El-Shmiablo I'll admit Zelda gets lots of free passes at times and is generally overrated, but I can't think of franchises that have really done it's formula better than it. I hope you don't mean stuff like Binding of Issac which is entirely RNG and a roguelike. That will never compare to lovingly crafted Zelda dungeons. Not saying Binding of Issac isn't fun in it's own right, but they're quite different.