What is your GOTY so far?

  • I don't want to derail this thread anymore, so this will be my last reply in regards to this argument.

    @Light said in What is your GOTY so far?:

    @suplextrain Ok, but you're argument is basically "I don't like these skills".

    No, it's about game design. Something being poorly designed. I already explained this and gave examples so are you intentionally just trying to start something by going with some red herring that isn't related to what I said? Or do you simply not understand what I've said?
    Go back, read what I said and at least come up with counter arguments as to why it isn't bad game design. It doesn't matter if something thinks playing it is fun (because you will always find people that like something, no matter what), it can still be bad game design.
    For example if a character is a melee assassin that wants their targets up close and no other character can beat it in melee... but he has a skill that kicks enemies away instead of having a skill that helps it get close since the character is otherwise very slow. There is nothing in the game to aid him in closing in the distance. Would this be good game design? A well designed skillset? No it wouldn't. Is it possible people could still find the character fun to play as? Sure.
    Do you understand?

    Obviously there are some issues with the game design in terms of balance but that is to be expected with any new multiplayer game. I've heard certain characters are too weak and some are too strong. That's par for the course and apparently patches are already rolling out fairly regularly. In terms of the actual design of the character skills being bland... It just seems like you had some insane expectations going into this game. People are loving this game and you're not. That's not really a good enough reason to call the character designs bad, objectively speaking. It's just not what you were personally hoping for.

    These problems feel like they could've been solved ages ago in the closed beta since a lot of them were so basic. The fact that they even wasted dev time on creating a seperate new pose for Tracer because of 1 person complaining on their forums is something they further lose my respect from. It might not have been a major change, but it told me where their priorities lie.
    Then we have such mindblowing stuff like the insanely huge Hanzo arrow hitboxes (you can kill people around corners despite not actually hitting them) and tons of other stuff that was intentionally designed that way during the development stage and they thought that was good game design. Then we have the entire networking aspect and what an utter mess that is. The list just keeps going on and on. A game that flawed and lacking is not a game I would ever nominate for GotY. The game is not a masterpiece. Even my diehard Overwatch fanboy playing brother and his friends agree.

    You think this is me just being a "hater" or something, that I'm upset people like this game or something? No, I actually looked forward to the game and had it pre-ordered. I was very optimistic and I enjoyed parts of it when I played it.
    This is me being frustrated with current Blizzard and Overwatch just perfectly showcasing the problems with current Blizzard. This is very dissapointing because they used to be one of my favorite dev companies.
    All I am doing is pointing out flaws in the game.

    I highlighted that this was a multiplayer only game for a reason. They don't need to include any context within the game if they don't want to.

    You're literally making excuses for a AAA Blizzard game for being lacking in terms of pretty much everything. No dev needs to actually do anything, but if they want to make a good product then you might want to.
    Evolve for example got shitcanned for this but because it's Blizzard it's ok? Is that it?

    The one thing however you need to consider when making a post is to not simply defend every single aspect of something, because that makes it hard taking you seriously since you come off a bit like a fanboy. Then again you haven't even played the game (much or at all, by your own admission) so you probably know very little and just go with assumptions. I did play it quite extensively however which is why I noticed all the pros and cons with the game. I can accept a few hiccups, but when every single aspect of the game is lacking it brings the entire experience down since you notice all the issues constantly.
    You're so far basically saying that what I'm saying is wrong and in turn that means that the game basically has no issues or the "few" they have are irrelevant.

    I think your problem with the game comes down to your own preconceived expectations about what this game should have been.

    I knew exactly how the game would play, what modes it would have, etc. What I didn't expect were all the problems it had. Now I don't know about you but I generally don't go into a game expeting tons of problems in a game, especially a AAA Blizzard game that they had about a year long closed beta for.
    I can promise you that most people that play Overwatch don't know what hitboxes, tick-rate and so on are. They will not notice the same things I do and get annoyed by it as much.
    People can play things at a different level as well. Some people like just jumping in, shooting some shit and then jumping out. I like to dig into the games I play and try and get good at the systems and understand them. So naturally I will pay attention to certain things and think about stuff more than others.

    I don't know what your problem with Blizzard is but I think that's a pretty good indication of where your criticisms are coming from. You don't like Blizzard, these character designs, the animated shorts... that doesn't make them bad. It just means you wanted something different. But nobody else is bound by your expectations and a vast majority of people seem to disagree with you.

    I didn't dislike Blizzard before or after coming into this game. Again ,you seem to think I'm some mindless hater. I mean I bought Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, played Heroes of the Storm, got Legacy of the Void, etc. and I looked forward to Overwatch. However with each game I noticed a pattern and just got more and more dissapointed with current Blizzard.
    As game devs they don't really improve, they keep making the same mistakes over and over. This is yet again frustrating because as I said I used to love Blizzard. This is why I kept giving them chances after chances.
    Also you yet again seem to think the character designs are a problem, when time and time again I have said that the problem is game design (amongst other things). As for the shorts I don't dislike or like them.

    Since you don't seem to actually know much about Overwatch you tend to focus on the same (honestly irrelevant and beside the point stuff) again and again, like character designs, the shorts and me being some kind of Blizzzard hater.

    I have actually been constructive with my criticism. I didn't just go "this sucks!". It should also be obvious that I know a bit about Overwatch (meaning I would have to have played it) so I really don't understand where you got this "hater" image from.

    But as I said, I won't derail this thread further with long rants about Overwatch.

  • This used to be a 'GOTY so far' thread.

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  • Fallout 4: Survival mode. lv 112 and still truckin.

  • I have already said that Uncharted 4 and DS3 will pretty much be the contenders for GotY.

    I think Uncharted 4 will get it though. While both series are presumably ending (at least by their original creators), I think Uncharted is going to get something of a lifetime achievement award with this year's GotY. When you look at all 4 games in context, there is a character journey. The humanity and growth that Nate goes through in his relationship with elena is going to be considered. Stuff like chapter 4 and the epilogue provide necessary context (see Bosman at Home's Kings of Context ep 4) and elevate the gaming genre to new heights.

  • @suplextrain I played the Beta for Overwatch on PS4. I don't really have any strong feelings towards it one way or the other. I think it's pretty obvious that you have a strong bias against the game and Blizzard in general. I'm not saying you're just a "hater". I'm just saying that you obviously aren't a fan of a lot of what Blizzard has been doing recently.

    You're pointing out the flaws with the game as if they are objective problems. That's the only thing I'm arguing against. Obviously a large number of people playing the game do not view these "flaws" the same way you do or they wouldn't be playing it as much as they are. You say that it's bad design to give a melee character an ability to push enemies away. Why is that inherently bad? Perhaps the logic behind it is to give the melee character a way to put distance between himself and the enemy when he needs to escape and refill his health? Maybe they didn't give him an ability that gets him closer to enemies because they tried that out and it made him too annoying to play against? You're implying that if these characters aren't designed how you would design them then they are flawed. It's pretty condescending to imply that everyone who enjoys playing as a character is wrong because you don't like the skill set (I'm simplifying). They're just "having fun" but completely ignorant to the "flawed design".

    Again... your expectations are not the basis on which quality should be objectively judged. You compare the lack of story to a game like Evolve and imply that this should not be acceptable for "AAA" games. What of games like Rainbow Six: Siege? It lacks a proper single player story as well and it has been lauded as a fantastic multiplayer shooter. Do you really think anyone buys a Battlefield game for their lackluster campaigns? Not to mention that Overwatch isn't even a full-priced release like Evolve or those other titles I mentioned were when they launched. I'm not making excuses for anything because I don't actually have any preconceived notions about what a "AAA" game developed by Blizzard needs to be.

    I'm sure there are tons of flaws with the game right now. You mentioned things like tick rates and hitboxes. I'm sure those need to be ironed out. Those are technical issues. I'm not arguing that these are insignificant or that they should be ignored. I'm simply pointing out that a lot of what you're saying is not comparable to a technical flaw with the game. But you're passing it off like it is while implying that most players that enjoy the game are ignorant to these issues or don't know how to spot them like you do. I don't particularly like the decision to allow every player to play as the same character at once. That's not a design flaw with the game. That's just a personal preference that I have.

    I'm only coming across as overly positive because I'm trying to balance out your negativity towards this game a bit. Your distaste for this game seems very guided and I'm merely trying to point out that a lot of what you're criticizing is not as all-encompassing as you make it sound. You are mentioning specifics and giving arguments for why you think certain things are designed poorly... but then you give broad statements like "lacks in pretty much everything" and go on to talk about the standards a AAA Blizzard game should be held to. That seems pretty indicative of your mindset when judging Overwatch and I'm not sure you'd ever enjoy a game going into it like that. It just seems like you've reached a boiling point of some sort and this is the hill you've chosen to die on.

  • @ZombieProof Even though it's not up for GOTY, that really shouldn't be overlooked. Fallout 4's survival mode completely changes the game with how you have to handle encounters and item management. It seems like it was planned from the start with how smartly water bottles work and how perfectly-placed beds (save spots) are in the world: you always have to look for them, but never for too long.

    I had to quit my perception / luck rifle build around level 40, because it just turned into one-shotting dudes, but I'd be super interested in finding new character builds when Nukaland comes out. People love to hate on Bethesda games nowadays, but it shouldn't be understated how right those first person mechanics feel.

  • Uncharted 4 is my GOTY. I knew it would be since announcement in whatever year it happened to release in.

    Th biggest surprise for me though, is that my number 2 and 3 are titles that I didn't even think I would end up playing: Overwatch and The Witness.

  • So far, Zero Time Dilemma or Fire Emblem Fates. But the last have of 2016 looks pretty exciting so we'll see if that stands.

  • May end up being either Uncharted, or the Destiny Rise of Iron expansion. Simply because those are the only games/expansion that came/coming out this year I plan on purchasing before the year ends.

    All depends on what my bank looks like come holiday sales on what I can purchase.

  • You'll see my previous answer was "none so far".

    I have one now.

    Pokemon Go.

  • @trugs26 I remember last year, so many people discounting Fallout 4 because of all the bugs and glitches. It was a mess when it came out, like most Bethesda games. However, there has been one game recently released that somehow is filled with way more errors and glitches... Pokemon Go!

  • So far Doom is my GOTY. It's pure, unadulterated action. Doom wastes no time getting started. No BS, just punch a demon in the face and go.

    I'd like to give Rocket League an honorable mention too. Rocket League came out last year on PS4 and PC, but it came out this year on Xbox One which is my gaming platform of choice. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite games of all time! I don't like to throw around the word "perfect," but Rocket League is a perfect video game.

  • It's really weird that two of my GOATs, Twilight Princess and Skyrim, are both getting rereleased this year. Even odder since the first port apparently sucked.

    Nonetheless, Monster Hunter Generations is my now real GOTY. I always knew it was going to be and—barring some Last of Us stuff—Final Fantasy, The Last Guardian, and Gravity Rush aren't going to unseat it. The new elder dragon is excellent, aerial great sword is super fun with it's SSB4 Link dash attack shit, and the music and weapons designs are flat out excellent. Capcom is just the best in the biz for realtime combat systems.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Sure does! But I'm still having a blast with it. Another motivating factor for me choosing it as GOTY, is that it's not just your run of the mill amazing game which wins GOTY. It's a game that is making a huge impact on society. I think a game making this kind of impact is a winner in my books.

  • No GOTY noms for me yet, but hopefully The Last Guardian.

  • Uncharted 4 is the best game I've played in a long time so even though we're only in July, I have a hard time imagining that another game will come along and leave me feeling the way that I did after finishing Naughty Dog's latest masterpiece.

  • I keep looking at this thread intending to write my GOTY but I'm always daunted by it as it's already been such a great year.

    Feels like a long time ago now when The Witness and Dark Souls 3 came out.

    Let me mull over it a little more :)

  • If I could enact a universal law, I would declare that everyone has to play Monster Hunter Generations to hunter rank 7 before voting for GOTYs (or just in general).

    I think that would make the world just a little bit of a better place. Especially if Monster Hunter got even a fraction of the Pokemon Go zeitgeist.

  • So far Uncharted 4 and Firewatch, by the end of the year probably No Man's Sky and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided!

  • @Haru17 Perhaps monster hunter deserves GOTY, but I wouldn't know since I never played it. But I also don't intend to buy another console/platform just for a single game, no matter how good the game itself is. The console/platform needs to be reasonbly priced and have a constant supply of great games to be viable.