What is your GOTY so far?

  • Overwatch, mostly because I haven't played any other games that have come out this year. I have been on a classic JRPG kick for quite a while.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Team Fortress already exist if you didn't know about it before Overwatch.

  • I'm not sure that I've found mine quite yet, but right now it's Fire Emblem Fates (Conquest). I anticipate Pokemon Sun and Moon taking that spot when it comes out.

  • I agree with above. overwatch should be half price or even F2P which originally was. its also very cartoony game too.

  • @Whoaness Tomb Raider already existed if you didn't know about it before Uncharted. Cheers though mate, the great thing about Game of the Year is it's completely opinion based. My game of the year was probably going to be Persona 5 but that got pushed back so... Overwatch for now, considering its depth, unique characters, insane replay-ability, and just overall good vibes. If I wasn't so worried about Final Fantasy 15/No Man's Sky, I'd say those are contenders... but only time will tell.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Tomb Raider before Uncharted is a different game than Tomb Raider after copying Uncharted.

    Poor comparison.

  • @Whoaness said in What is your GOTY so far?:

    @flower_arrangement A full priced multiplayer-only game without completed multiplayer features at launch and has terrible micro-transactions?

    I fear for the future of the industry if people tells publishers that they like this stuff. I also find Uncharted 4 multiplayer to be way better.

    I was mainly pulling your leg and I don't particularly feel like arguing over this as the topic is a question of personal taste, but man, games trying to be not very good movies is much worse for the future of the industry to my mind.

  • @Whoaness Two of the best games released last year were Splatoon and Rocket League. It doesn't matter if something's "multiplayer-only" if the multiplayer is that good. And I'd rather have no singleplayer campaign than a terrible, half-assed, only stuck on because people complained one.

    And I really want to know what you mean about "terrible micro-transactions," those crates are stupid sure but you can get one with like two-three hours of in-game play at most and it's all just cosmetic stuff that's easily ignored anyway.

  • @flower_arrangement Sorry, but Uncharted 4 scored critically higher than Overwatch, and Naughty Dog has cleaned house with GOTYs with their "not very good movies" games that everyone in the industry is only hoping to get some of their magic.

    And the reason why Overwatch is a poor role model for future releases is because it's a bare bones content multiplayer that also has micro-transaction.

    @DeweyDTruman Splatoon? eehhh... at least it had no microtransaction.

    Rocket League is great, but it's not going to win GOTYs when Witcher, Bloodborne, Metal Gear, Fallout came out.

  • @DeweyDTruman
    According to whom?
    In my opinion Rocket league and splatoon were the most FUN games last year, but that doesn't necessarily mean they were the BEST. Quality of a game is not determined only by how many hours is played nor how many people play it.

  • One thing relevant to what's being discussed is the fact Uncharted 4 has micro-transactions in its multiplayer. Proof. Now does that mean people shouldn't consider it their game of the year? Absolutely not. Micro-transactions don't immediately discount the importance of a game, especially when they're generally cosmetic, ie. Uncharted 4/Overwatch.

  • @Whoaness said in What is your GOTY so far?:

    everyone in the industry is only hoping to get some of their magic.

    Everyone in Hollywood wants to make Marvel movies, equally depressing.

    You clearly don't like Overwatch and do like Uncharted 4. Cool. When you say "I mean, is there even any competition?" - deliberate hyperbole aside - there are very clearly a lot of different games that people are excited for. Overwatch is one of them.


  • For me its between Cold Steel (came out this year in Europe) and Dark Souls 3.

  • @flower_arrangement The thread is asking for 'your GOTY'. There's no competition for me, personally, that UC4 is the best this year.
    And Naughty Dog has a record of sweeping GOTYs with Uncharted and The Last of Us across gaming media.

    And I love Marvel movies because I love the connected universe idea, but it's hard to see your point about how everyone in Hollywood is trying to copy it when it's really only possible in comics (only DC could copy them).

  • @DeweyDTruman I've put more than 550 hours into Splatoon, and I still play it regularly. I've found the value in a primarily multiplayer game thanks to this. So I can never say that Overwatch isn't worth the price of admission either. Splatoon at launch was bare bones, but after a few months of updates and free DLC, it became a full game, and now, a year later, is so radically different from its launch version. And if I recall, Overwatch will be getting the same treatment right?

  • @Hero-of-Lime Splatoon has a single player. That, alone, already makes it much more worth it, and people even say it's fun.

  • @Whoaness The single player is a lot of fun, but the multiplayer was definitely the main focus by a long shot. I've only gone back to the SP a few times, which was a blast, but the multiplayer is what got me hooked.

  • @Whoaness
    Sure it's asking for 'your GOTY' and it's nice that you tell your opinion, but the moment you add "is there even any competition?", no matter if rhetorical or not or if it's your personal opinion, you should expect that other people will contest it with their suggestion. This is forum after all. Comments and opinions are encouraged.

  • Who knew a topic about GOTY would cause an argument.

    I don't want to start, or continue, an argument but so far my GOTY is Overwatch. It may be bare bones, but I have had tons of fun and played it for ages. I also play it on console, so I haven't had something similar to it. The cost argument is a subjective one, but it's been well worth the cost.

    But I think Dark souls 3 is the leading contender right now. If Last Guardian is amazing (and isn't delayed) then that might have a shot, but otherwise it's likely just No man's Sky and FFXV in the running, for most people. I expect here I am Setsuna might have a good showing.

    But my next year GOTY is Persona 5, I already know that one.

  • @Whoaness said in What is your GOTY so far?:

    And I love Marvel movies because I love the connected universe idea, but it's hard to see your point about how everyone in Hollywood is trying to copy it when it's really only possible in comics (only DC could copy them).

    Ha! Tell that to Universal who is trying to make a connected monster movie universe, or to Hasbro trying to make a connected movie toy universe. Even Men in Black is crossing over with 21 Jump Street. Hollywood is actively trying to connect everything. Luckily, I guess, for video games the movies haven't done as well as a comic book movie, or transformers.