What is your GOTY so far?

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    @flower_arrangement Well The Last Guardian might be the only other contender. FFXV surely feels like it won't since Nomura left the project. Uncharted 4 was a game where it completely blows you away about how good it is that is hard to even think of anything else as good. Happened with Uncharted 2 and TLOU.

    I find the game mechanics (the raw pressing of buttons, input output, game play, whatever your preferred name for it) unappealing in UC and TLOU. I don't feel blown away and can easily imagine other things being as good or better, but I'm genuinely glad that it had such a strong impact on you. Two friends of mine were speaking in similar terms.

    Big franchises existed with the old Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, way before Marvel. Marvel movies existing isn't preventing creative movies to come out. But that's movie talk. We're talking about games now.

    I swear you are deliberately half reading my posts at this point. I specifically mentioned 70's block busters. Re studio output I'd recommend Jonathan Rosenbaum's Movie Wars if you've not read it, but sure agreed, enough movie talk.

    Fun is subjective. Putting a full price tag on bare bones content that should be F2P while piling on Microtransactions on top is objective. Let's make those two distinctions clear.

    The content of Overwatch is a fact, yes. The quality of that content is subjective. Should be F2P is an opinion. Whether Blizzard's release strategy is a positive or a negative one is also up for debate.

    @Inustar I'm just responding to people who are trying to say that Overwatch should be considered as my GOTY.

    No one is saying that. We're saying we're considering it our GOTY. We're saying there are games other than UC4 in the running. In response to your first post. Which you cleared up later. Then switched to a debate about objective GOTY contenders. You've got UC4. No one is trying to change your opinion on that.

  • It has to be The Witcher 3's Blood and Wine expansion.

  • @flower_arrangement If you want to nitpick mechanics, Overwatch has cooldown in an action shooter genre. That is, automatically, a turn off and poor game design to introduce a mechanic that counters the genre.

    And you're the one who replied to my post with an Overwatch gif, so not my problem. It's in my worst game list after what I played in the beta which is why I was very much obligated to respond.

  • @Whoaness
    Hm, it's no one's "problem". If there's any problem here it's that we're talking at cross purposes.

    I'm sure you will be very happy when UC4 sweeps the GOTY awards this year. More power to you.

  • for me it is definitely dark souls 3. I have played that game for 140 hours, and i still haven´t done everything there is to do in that game. I personally liked the lore, although i see a lot of people disliking it. The only thing that bugs me on the combat side of things, is the "removal", or downgrade of poise, especially in pvp, but they made such amazing boss battles and areas that i can totally look past that.

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    Easily GOTY for me.

    ITT: Random salty Overwatch person

  • This thread is fascinating because as it stands, its a two game race: UC4 and Overwatch. I don't like multiplayer only games (with very few exceptions and conditions) so between the two, UC4 is my pick. I like the fact DS 3 is getting some mention peppered here and there, but I believe its clear that the first half of the year has belonged to UC4 and Overwatch. Now I enjoyed DOOM and Ratchet & Clank, but Overwatch does MP better than DOOM and UC4 has a better campaign than either of those games. I know this thread is SO FAR but I would like to project: Gears 4, FF XV, CoD: IW, Battlefield 1, No Man's Sky, Titanfall 2 and The Last Guardian are going to get nods, but let's be honest: These two games will probably be the last two standing, so effectively, this IS the GOTY discussion.

  • @Brannox I disagree, all those games are going to be contenders and I don't think it's fair to count them out until we actually have them in our hands.

    Anyways, personally, I haven't gotten to many 2016 games yet, but Overwatch is my GOTY so far. One, because I've found it really enjoyable and fun, and two, just because of the experiences I've had with out while playing with friends. I don't expect it to stay there though, because I haven't gotten to Uncharted yet and I'm primarily pumped for the games later this year, like FF XV, Last Guardian, and the Batman Telltale Series.

  • I don't know if I'd call it a better game than Uncharted 4 or Dark Souls 3, but I honestly think the most fun I've had this year was playing Far Cry Primal. Maybe that sounds ridiculous to say, but there it is.

  • I'd have to go with Uncharted 4 right now.. but I may be biased because I blindly love that series

    I haven't played Dark Souls 3 yet either

  • @Jamicov True, but allow me to further explain my reasoning:

    Gears 4 will probably have a solid campaign and with Horde coming back and supposedly it being bigger and better than ever, but from I've played and seen, its another Gears game and while I am a die-hard fan of the series, critics will most likely penalize the tried and true formula

    FF XV is SOOOO anticipated and has so much expectation that, with all of the things we've been shown, I don't believe the game will get a fair lens in terms of what it will be as opposed to the mountain of expectation. Also, there is SO much spread out about this world that there could be potential for critics to decry lack of attention when there is a movie, an anime, and two separate mobile games. Personally, I think it will be great, but as good as UC4 and Overwatch have been proven? We'll see.

    CoD: IW is yet another CoD game and despite whether or not people love or hate the series, odds are good that the game will review very well. The demo shown on Sony's stage did a great job of selling the game, but every game is just an iteration of the last. Has a CoD game won an overall GOTY? If so, could it be CoD 4: MW? I can't remember.

    Battlefield 1 has a great thing going for it: Its return to the past. If EA and DICE can capitalize on how well it looks and plays WITH its aesthetic, it could make a serious run. My feeling is that, much like CoD, it must overcome its stigmas: Not a good campaign in previous installments and I THINK Bad Company or Bad Company 2 had serious GOTY contention. With the story telling prowess of UC4 and the multiplayer design of Overwatch, I don't think it will win out.

    No Man's Sky is in the same boat as FF XV: SO much expectation. Of all the games I've listed, I believe this has the best chance of topping UC 4 and Overwatch. However, we've seen both too much and not enough of the game. Meaning: We've seen its look, but not enough of its systems. Thankfully this will be known in about 6 weeks.

    Titanfall 2, coming from the architects of Call of Duty would become is a bit too similar so dependent upon campaigns and a fair bit of what's in each game's multiplayer, I think the games will cancel each other out.

    The Last Guardian. Yet ANOTHER game that has so much anticipation. Much like FF XV, I don't know if the game will be seen skewed in a lens of a vacuum. From what I've heard, the game plays A LOT like how Ico and SotC, so people who hate the controls will need to be astounded by its story. What goes against it (unfairly may I state) is that its a niche game. Because of this, there is a certain way the game will be looked at and that may not be a great thing.

    Finally, thank you for your disagreement! I considered leaving those games off for the very reason that they are not out yet, but its difficult because that these reasons are just what I believe. In six months, we've got a lot of great games to play (Personally, Gears 4, FF XV, and Titanfall 2 actually grabbed my attention), its just hard to believe that UC4 and Overwatch won't carry the bulk of discussion.

  • So far Gravity Rush Remastered I love the world and characters and I love how the game feels.
    (this is a game that makes me love games)

  • So far for me is TMS #FE, I'm absolutely loving this game.

  • Has to be Dark Souls 3 by a country mile for me. There are a bunch of games I haven't gotten to play yet, like Rise of the Tomb Raider, Quantum Break, and Doom, but it'd take a miracle for them to top DAS3 in my book.

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    So far for me is TMS #FE, I'm absolutely loving this game.

    I am playing through this right now, and I adore it. It's the first JRPG I've played since Persona 4. I know there's lots of options, but this is the first one that caught my attention and was on a system i have.

    Similar to me with Persona 4, I spent like 5 minutes looking at the menus.

  • So far, DOOM and Overwatch.
    Strangely enough I really enjoyed The Division as well.

    Future contenders will be Forza Horizon 3, Cuphead, the XBO version of Hyper Light Drifter (pre-ordered the Collector's Edition and still haven't played it yet), or Dishonored 2, depending on how that goes.

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    @Danjin44 said in What is your GOTY so far?:

    So far for me is TMS #FE, I'm absolutely loving this game.

    I am playing through this right now, and I adore it. It's the first JRPG I've played since Persona 4. I know there's lots of options, but this is the first one that caught my attention and was on a system i have.

    Similar to me with Persona 4, I spent like 5 minutes looking at the menus.

    I know right!!! The UI in this game is fantastic and the combat is sooo damn satusfying.
    It's really shame that some people might brush this game off because it's not SMT X FE crossover they thought it would be.

  • Nights of Azure so far, enjoyable love story with a badass leading lady, really great style and music too, just wish there was more character interaction.

    Gravity Rush Remasterted and Valkyria Chronicles Remastered are amazing too but since they're remasters I'll discount them.

    I feel like Yakuza 5 deserves a mention too, it came out too late last year to really get any GOTY talk but it was a solid month of enjoyment for me

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    Uncharted 4? I mean, is there even any competition?

    I would say for me that Uncharted 4 is the best game of the year but others come very close for me. Doom, Ratchet and Clank and Dark Souls 3. My thoughts on Overwatch it is an awesome game and it isn't the only online only game out there.

    I wish people would consider that not everyone hates online multiplayer only games.

  • Currently it is definitely between Fire Emblem Fates and Dark Souls III, honorable mentions so far would go to Uncharted 4 and Doom. Then there are some other games coming later this year that are on my radar like I Am Setsuna, No Man's Sky, Final Fantasy XV, and Dishonored 2.