What is your GOTY so far?

  • @Tegs well logic says that if you play the game every year, and no other game is better then yeah, it'll always be your GOTY.

  • So Far: Dark Souls 3 and XCOM2 but only by default. No PS4 to play UC4.
    Secretly Hopes Will Be But Probably Not: No Man's Sky sigh

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    @Black-Cell that's just how good it is. don't question my logic.

    well i found dark souls to be very overrated. the PC version show xbox button prompt prove how lazy developers are while handling PC port.

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  • Witcher 3 second time in a row! Because of the DLC ;P

    If that wouldn't be counted I'd say Xcom 2. It's crazy how fresh it felt after the previous one, which is one of the greatest games also. Too bad the sequel ran really bad even on high end computers, don't know if it has been fixed. It's the only thing making it worse compared to first one.

  • Yeah, it's Souls 3. I am savoring it.

  • @Nillend I need to watch this ManUps. Do you remember which one it is?

    Edit: think I got it.

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    Runner up is Blood & Wine.
    And inb4 "It's just a DLC" it's longer than most other full games, better than most other games, and it feels entirely fresh. So I think it should be eligible. They could have easily slapped Witcher 4 on it and no one would have even noticed it wasn't a new game.

  • @iconmaster You've got it :D

  • I can't ever pick just one GOTY. I just know that I enjoyed Overwatch, Uncharted 4 and Dark Souls III a lot so far. I'll pick up Fire Emblem throughout the Summer, that might be giving me feels as well probably.

  • Dark Souls 3 , can't wait for the dlc's, Doom was also surprisingly amazing.

  • @Whoaness

    A full priced multiplayer-only game

    $40 on PC, the multiplayer is the only part of the game promised and delivers.

    without completed multiplayer features at launch

    But it does? Full list of 12 maps + 21 characters, with a SEASONAL competitive mode and no chance of paid DLC characters or maps, and delivering on that seasonal product. It launched with the promise of 3, 3 month seasons per year with the first season starting in the summer.

    and has terrible micro-transactions

    That are purely cosmetic and you can earn every single thing by playing the game. They are for people who like the game and have disposable income. Literally no effect on gameplay or non microtransaction players' experiences.

    I fear for the future of the industry if people tells publishers that they like this stuff

    We are telling them we like polished, competitive and unique multiplayer shooters with no gameplay DLC or microtransactions. We are also telling them that cosmetics are great for microtransactions because they impact the game 0%.

    I also find Uncharted 4 multiplayer to be way better

    That's totally fine, but the vast majority disagree with you so this can't be used as any kind of argument.

    Team Fortress already exist if you didn't know about it before Overwatch

    This comparison is always made and just isn't applicable. Are modes similar? Sure. Are 4 or 5 characters in Overwatch comparable to Team Fortress' ENTIRE CAST? Yea, they are both role-based shooters. The thing is that OW offers 10 times the variety of TF2, and a new community and growing game. TF2 has been flopping for a long time now, especially since F2P and crates that are unlockable for $2.50 and have different attributes and gameplay effects than the base weapons. Silly microtransactions, what are we telling developers?

    If you want to nitpick mechanics, Overwatch has cooldown in an action shooter genre. That is, automatically, a turn off and poor game design to introduce a mechanic that counters the genre.

    This is just insane. The game needs to be balanced while till giving players powerful abilities. This mechanic is in no way counter to the genre, it adds a depth to when you use abilities, especially ultimates. If you don't like it that is fine, but as a statement of fact you are completely incorrect.

    It is totally cool that OW is not your thing and you hate it. That isn't what I am disputing. It is just that the reasons you provided are short sighted and not at all indicative of someone who has knowledge of the game, or its business model, or its content.

  • @Tristan Sure Overwatch is 40 on PC, but it's on 3 platforms and on majority of the platforms it costs 60 bucks. So 40 on PC isn't excusing the price. And ranked play hasn't been in launch, so that very much is a lacking multiplayer feature. Sure they are adding or already added(?) it in. But other games like Splatoon for example got flak for "barebones" release even though free updates were promised and delivered. And it atleast had a singleplayer campaign, from what I've heard it was even good.

    And while I pretty much agree that cosmetic only microtransactions don't bother me. It does affect the whole reward system they have in place, it makes it much more grindier than it would otherwise be. But i'm sure they will add dailies at some point like they have in Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. That would make the grind more bearable. And correct me if I'm wrong, only played the BETA. But people can't pay for what they want, only lootboxes? Gambling isn't the best way to do even cosmetic microtransactions. Dota still does microtransactions best to my knowledge. Game is absolutely free, every hero is free, you can buy invidual sets and items.

    Edit: I do think the game is really good based on my time with the beta. While I don't find the gameplay to be extremely unique and orginal, the artstyle and character design stands out to me. I like it.

  • @Tristan Well continue to enjoy your nickel and dimed reward experience.

    I recommend watching Jim Sterling's take on it.

    Edit: Oh yeah, I should also make the point that by paying $40, you effectively paid $40 equivalent of MTX. In comparison, League of Legends makes you buy new champions, which is easily done with earned currency, but the game is free. Cosmetics can be paid for, but there's a new feature that allows non-paying players to earn mtx for free.

  • Well, it was Bravely Second and Star Ocean V tied, but having played a good chunk of it today, Zero Time Dilemma has shot to the top.

  • @Sheria will be playing this all day tmoro!

  • @Krauser said in What is your GOTY so far?:

    I can't ever pick just one GOTY. I just know that I enjoyed Overwatch, Uncharted 4 and Dark Souls III a lot so far. I'll pick up Fire Emblem throughout the Summer, that might be giving me feels as well probably.

    The feels will be inescapable. But regardless, I hope you enjoy it!

  • @Whoaness said in What is your GOTY so far?:

    @flower_arrangement A full priced multiplayer-only game without completed multiplayer features at launch and has terrible micro-transactions?

    I fear for the future of the industry if people tells publishers that they like this stuff. I also find Uncharted 4 multiplayer to be way better.

    This is a really close minded way to think about GOTY. Games don't need to complete an arbitrary checklist to be considered for GOTY. A game needs to be good. If anything the checklist mentality is ruining gaming. And you're wrong about the micro transactions.

  • Uncharted 4 for me at the moment but there is still a load of games coming out this year so it could change.

  • @TheOhrenberger Except it's not a checklist, it's an incomplete, content-light, multiplayer-only competitive game with gated content in the form of microtransaction.
    Players can have all the fun they want, but it's only going to take them so far before they're sick of the repetitive, unrewarding, non-progression gaming.

    And I'm right about micro transactions. They are currently the only reward you can get by leveling up characters, and that reward is RNG based on whether you get stupid one-liner dialogue, spray paints, or some decent skin. This gacha system can actually feel like a penalty if you're constantly opening up boxes with no value. If you want something very specific, like a cool skin for that character you like, this gacha system will not only test your patience, it will break it so you either buy tons of crates with money to get that skin you want or quit the game in frustration towards the reward system.