Dammit, Ben Moore. I was ok with PAX for the rest of my life, but you had to go and...

  • ...Talk up how amazing the Electronics Entertainment Expo is.

    It was my life's dream from about 1998 till 2011, to go to an E3. Until I finally experienced my first PAX.

    8 Pax's later, E3 was the last thing on my mind. Why bother? Especially when I have this Convention 1 hour from my house, and a few others around the country I can go to whenever I want.

    But NoooooooooOOooooooo!

    You had to go and talk about how amazing E3 is. And to ad salt to the wound, you had to use a story almost identical to my own. Re-kindling my deeply hidden urge and need to go to an E3 just once in my life.

    Damn you

    PS You owe me $250.

    PPS Love and Respect