Playstation VR impressions thread

  • So many best buys have Playstation vr demo stations this weekend. Has anyone had the chance to try them out yet? figured we could have a thread for impressions.

    I happened to go to one in seattle by chance and there was no line at all. Basically you go sit down the dude puts the headset on you and headphones and asks you to pick a game. The headset itself was pretty comfy and you can use it with glasses. The only issue I had was I felt like the screen could have been a bit more close to the face because i could still see the outlines of the headset. Im not sure if this is the case with other VR since this is the only one I've tried.

    The demo i got to play was Eve Valkeriye since Ive heard its one of the best games. But the first thing you notice is that woah its blurry. The graphics are definetly a step down and you can notice it a lot. I think Brandon said the same thing in the E3 impressions, but it was very noticeable. But past that the game was great, you feel like you are in a cockpit and looking all around is amazing. The demo itself is pretty short you follow a ship and then enemies warp in and you dogfight for a bit. I think i was able to get to the end of the demo where there is this huge death star like ship that blows everything up. Id say overall this game is gonna be amazing and if it has multiplayer, oh boy its gonna be great.

    Overall though I enjoyed it but I didnt feel blown away. Maybe my expectations were too high but I still felt like I was just wearing a headset. Maybe I need more time with it or need to try a Vive or Occulus but I'm not sold yet. Especially for the price. What I learned at this demo is that the PS camera is required for VR so most people are looking at a 450 investment. And since that doesnt come with a game the $500 VR bundle is the only choice you really have. For that price I just dont know yet.

  • I can chime in on my first experience, and it was when the machine was still called Morpheus.
    I had tried a demo at E3 2014, rushed to the line at the opening to get an appointment ticket for four hours later since everyone rushed for it.

    They didn't have too many demos, so I got to try the shark demo where you're in diving cage and a shark attacks. It was blurry at first, but I was into it. The first moment that really got me into it was when I was just checking out all of the details around me, took a look to the left when the shark disappeared. All of a sudden, the shark was in my face to my right and I literally freaked out. It felt so real. I didn't need to be convinced anymore.

    I'm going to get PSVR, but I'm just seeing how the economy goes since all of the Brexit shenanigans and the Canadian economy taking a dump this year. Maybe it won't be a launch thing, but I'll definitely get one. And maybe the Vive and Oculus are better quality headsets, but they don't have the games like Sony does.