The EZA Discord Bets Topic

  • Decided to make a topic to keep track of all of those bets we've started on the Discord chat. Or, rather, I've started, as of now.

    Bet #1 - Will Metroid be revealed at the Switch Event?

    Sparks: No, it will not be.
    Genki: Yes, it will be.

    Stakes: $20 Steam Dollars.

    Winner: Sparks

    Bet #2 - The Second of Game of the Square Enix/Marvel project will be based on the "The Avengers" as well.

    LimeyOtoko: Yes, it will based on The Avengers.
    Genki: No, it will not be based on The Avengers.

    Stakes: Has the Write an "Epic Poem" about the Winner's favourite Avenger.

    Winner: TBC

    Bet #3 - A CG or Gameplay Trailer during E3 for a Brand-New Metroid?

    Sparks: No, there will not be one.
    Genki: Yes, there will be one.

    Stakes: Creating a Cover for a proposed Metroid game

    Winner: TBC

    Bet #4 - Kingdom Hearts 3 will release in 2017.

    Fiercedeity101: It will release in 2017.
    Genki: It will not release in 2017.

    Stakes: Write or creatively create a summary of the Kingdom Hearts story.

    Winner: Genki

    Bet #5 - Xenoblade 2 releases in 2017.

    Adam (acz): Yes, it will be.
    Dipneuste: No, it will not be.

    Stakes: Loser has to role-play as a Xenoblade character for three days.

    Winner: TBC

    Bet #6 - Insomniac's Spider-Man releases in 2017.

    Adam (acz): Yes, it will be.
    Fiercedeity: No, it will not be.

    Stakes: Loser has to write a haiku about Spiderman.

    Winner: TBC

    Bet #7 - Xenoblade 2 releases in 2017.

    Adam (acz): Yes, it will be.
    Lunis: No, it will not be.

    Stakes: Loser has to eat a hat.

    Winner: TBC

    Bet #8 - A Non-Virtual Console, Smash Bros.-related announcement

    Adam (acz): Yes, there will be.
    WolfeFM: No, there wont be.

    Stakes: Wolfe needs to write and share an article about "Rextro Sixtyforus" being the best character in Yooka-Laylee; Adam needs to change his profile picture to "Sans" from Undertale for a month.

    Winner: TBC

    Bet #9 - A new Banjo-Kazooie at E3 2017 to be teased or announced

    Adam (acz): Yes, there will be.
    Jawa: No, there wont be.

    Stakes: Will have to stream Banjo & Kazooie Nuts & Bolts for two hours.

    Winner: TBC

    Bet #10 - A Battletoad will reveal itself

    LimeyOtoko: There will be a Battletoad.
    Fiercedeity: There will not be a Battletoad.

    Stakes: Will have to create a poster for a proposed Battletoads film.

    Winner: Fiercedeity

    Bet #11 - Is Ryce's Marvel vs Capcom Infinite leak real or fake?

    Genki: Real.
    Fiercedeity: Fake

    Stakes: Loser will have to use Dopey Chris Hunkfield as Avatar for one month.

    Winner: TBC

    Bet #12- Will Mark Cerney say "Knack" at the Sony E3 Press Conference

    Jawa: No.
    Fiercedeity: Yes.

    Stakes: Jawa has to stream an hour of Knack, Fiercedeity has to change his Username to "Fiercediety [Knack Gives Me Chills]" for 30 days.

    Winner: TBC

    Bet #13- Pokemon Direct will reveal Pokken for Switch, rather than a new mainline game.

    Genki: Yes.
    Mbun: No.

    Stakes: Loser has to draw Kyle Bosman as a Gym leader.

    Winner: No one. Both got revealed.

    Bet #14 - How many minutes of Star Wars gameplay will be at EA Play?

    Genki: 5 Minutes.
    AvatarContinuum: 8 Minutes.
    Pikagreg: 12 Minutes

    Stakes: Loser has to write a short poem (paragraph(s)) about Jar Jar Binks.

    Winner: TBC

    Winners History:

    • 2017, January 13, Bet #1 - Sparks [RECIEVED HIS COPY from GENKI]
    • 2017, June 12, Bet #10 - Fiercedeity [RECIEVED HIS BATTLETOADS FILM POSTER]

    The Trial of Fiercedeity: Starting on this date, May 30th 2017, for a period of 30 days, User Fiercedeity#0715 will have a Sora profile picture -Grand Judge Sparks; Ends June 30th at 10:15 PM EST

    Picture in Question:

    Summary: In a world... where Winnie the Pooh and Sephiroth both exist at the same time, a gruesome terrifying war, "The Keyblade War" breaks out, fighting over the power of the Kingdom Hearts. When Evil triumphs over good, the real kingdom hearts are lost. In the future, an evil bald man, named Xehanort goes on a quest to create an X-blade, to try and get the Kingdom Hearts back so he could rule the world. To do this, he splits his apprentice in half to create two opposing hearts, one of darkness, and one of pureness. This led to two different characters, Ventus and Vanitas. They were separated, and Ventus was put with two others to train under a keyblade master, Eraqus, alongisde Terra and Aqua. Stuff happens, The X-Blade is created, and Xehanort splits himself into two, Ansem (his heartless) and Xenmas (his nobody). Ansem then creates the edgy group that only wears black, Orgnanization XIII. Years later, an anime boy named Sora, and his anime friends, Kairi and Riku, live on an island, where Sora is bored of his normal anime life, but little did he know, it would become even more anime than he thought. When a storm comes, it automatically teleports him to Square Enix's version of Clock town, where he is greeted by final fantasy 7 characters, claiming he is a Chosen one, as he wields the most impractical blade in video game history. After the destruction of Destiny Islands, the friends are separated, and Kairi ends up losing her heart or something, and Riku gets possesed by Ansem. Ansem wants Kairi's heart, and it happens to be in Sora (which is pretty gross), but of course, he is defeated. In a rated E game, to save Kairi, sora stabs himself, turning himself into a heartless, and then Kairi turns that heartless into two nobodies, Sora's is Roxas, and Kairi's is Namine. Even after their victory, they still lost, as Riku and Mickey Mouse sacrifices them selves to save everyone from all the heartless pouring out of the door to Kingdom Hearts (did i mention that?) Some confusing memory stuff happens with Namine and Roxas, and to make a long story short, Roxas 'dies' as his memories transfer to Sora. To shorten down Kingdom Hearts 2 even more, Xenmas has this machine that hes been feeding human hearts so he can use its power (whats with this game and hearts?). The machine destroys Kingdom Hearts, and then you do this amazing battle where you press triangle at least one hundred times. Power of friendship yadda yadda yadda add some time travel and other non-important kingdom hearts side stories and you have the Kingdom Hearts story (at least from my memory and a few reminders from the Internet)

    alt text

  • @genkivision Added bet between Adam and Fierce, May 22.

  • I can see only three outcomes to Xenoblade LARPing: disempowerment, an intellect debuff, or going shirtless.

    Also I'm glad the more recent bets have that kind of creative penalty. I always thought half the point of EZA bets was that they were without direct monetary cost.

    Also none of those games are releasing this year.

  • @genkivision Two new bets added from @Lunis and adam ccz

  • @genkivision said in The EZA Discord Bets Topic:

    @genkivision Two new bets added from @Lunis and adam ccz

    Is it bad that I kind of want to lose just so I can eat the hat?

  • @Lunis How are you going to eat a hat?

    Also, Bet #11 added.

  • @genkivision I'll get creative.

  • @Lunis Dan Rykert is suppose to eat a hat.

  • two more bets added today

  • alt text

    Bet #10 from @LimeyOtoko

  • Since the bet for Xenoblade did not specify a time for settling, I'm going to do it at the day of release and post it as a topic and as a post in this thread.

  • @Lunis Probably a good choice... cause not to be that person but there's still time for you to end up winning that bet. Though, no offense, I hope you lose 😊