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    Like with RE7 I'm a bit shocked at the lack of a Nioh topic. As I keep saying, I'll have to wait until I get home but there seemed to be a lot of hype surrounding it.

    It's been one of the games of 2017 that I was most anticipated for after playing the beta and all the reviews seem extremely positive so I can't wait to get into it. Playing as an Irish character is a small bonus!

    Who's been playing?

  • This game is amazing, and I love it, at least from the betas.

    I just SUCK at it, so I probably won't buy it. Like really suck, I could manage Bloodborne but not this one.

    I'd still count it as one of the best games of the year, so far.

  • I consider myself a veteran of Souls/Borne series and I got wopped ass in my first proper boss fight (not the tutorial boss). I hadn't played either of the alpha and betas because i didn't want the game spoiled.

    I am just surprised by the shear quality and amount of drops there are in the game. The game looks far more difficult then the souls/borne games which is great in my opinion.

  • I am LOVING Nioh so far. I'm currently in the third region of the game. If there wasn't a new Zelda and Mario on the horizon, I would be shouting "GOTY" already.

    As the Podcast bet shows, most of the discussion around the game involves comparing it to Dark Souls, but I feel like it's a tad insulting to both games. The two strive to achieve different goals, and succeed in them. Sure there are strong similarities in the mechanics and some design decisions - notably how stamina works, and the death system - but they have a very different flavor. Souls games are much more tightly designed, and are more focused on immersing you in the journey than they are on the "gameplay" elements (combat, leveling up, etc). Nioh on the other hand spends less time on tight level and enemy design, and more energy on crafting an incredibly engaging combat system with superbly rewarding "game-y" progression elements (leveling up, Diablo style loot, etc). Dark Souls are Nioh are as similar as Call of Duty and Battlefield are (you just get the comparisons because the subgenre of stamina management action games is much smaller than low health military FPS).

    Nioh is far from a perfect game - I'm not a big fan of Diablo style loot systems in general, the story is an absolute train wreck, and enemy design is severely lacking variety - but its just so damn satisfying to play. Not in the "you die a lot" kind of way (I've died I think around twice outside of boss fights), but instead in the sense that you need to be on the top of your game when you play Nioh. If you lose focus, you get wrecked. Hard.

  • I'm absolutely loving it too, didn't like the 2nd mission's area though thought it was rather dull (apart from the amazing boss), but the 3rd mission is truly masterful, had my first SoulsBorne moment with the lightning dog boss, adrenaline pumping and lots of shouting/fist pumping when I defeated it solo.

    After that I'm absolutely smitten, been helping folks out a lot in co-op and getting a ton of Amrita just for that, already Level 40 and just reached the 2nd region.

    If anyone fancies trying co-op together by the way hit me up on PSN: Blakey101.

  • It's so good to hear this about it. Really can't wait to play it. I hope the following track is still in the game as I really liked it in the beta.

    Youtube Video

  • Im in the 3rd region if anyone needs help or wants to coop my psn is Rhaspadoss666

  • Beat the game last night, apart from the story being very underwhelming I really enjoyed it.
    I really don't like the constant focus japs have on their own history set during this timeperiod (I because it's not particularly interesting, nor are the people they're hyping up actually anything noteworthy (like a dude that sacrificed his son, tried to marry off his daughter and doesn't care about her, killed his wife and more is kind of portrayed as a good guy because he won). All the vassals that have massive boners on their lord quickly start to sound like broken records as well.
    I personally think they should've focused more on the original characters like Nekomata (and make more new ones) along with focusing more on the development of the protag William (since he doesn't really say much and we never get to know much about him). The DLC obviously won't do this, so hopefully they'll do this for the sequel.

    As for the gameplay it was great. Sure there were some hiccups (like too few enemy types and the loot system could be further improved upon) but it was a joy to play. The combat (and level design) was well designed with a refreshing amount of depth and the enemies complemented it well. The result was that a death never felt cheap to me (like in say the Soulsborne games) but instead fair, if I died I did so because I messed up.
    It'll be exciting to see how they improve upon this in the inevitable sequel.

    @tokeeffe9 said in Nioh - (PS4):

    I hope the following track is still in the game as I really liked it in the beta.

    Yep, but I recommend not listening to it on YT anymore since it was re-used maybe a tad too much. But there are still some really good tracks in the game, some of which are not even in the game (maybe in the DLC?) like the one below.

    Youtube Video

    @FF7Cloud said in Nioh - (PS4):

    Im in the 3rd region if anyone needs help or wants to coop my psn is Rhaspadoss666

    It's funny, but I pretty much played through the entire game offline. I didn't really think that the online elements really added anything to the game, it played and felt like a singleplayer game to me.

  • After playing the Alpha I knew I would love this game, and I was right. It's fucking brilliant. The vibe of this game is incredible, with brilliant level design, interesting enemies and some amazing boss encounters.
    The fact that a lot of historical figures and creatures from Japanese folklore are the basis adds another level of interest for me personally. Plus, the visual direction and soundtrack is sublime. There are moments where you just want to stand still and seep in the atmosphere.

    Mechanically, Nioh contains quite a few elements that are its own, and the ideas that are taken from Souls are given a new interpretation. Also, Nioh explains a bit more about its mechanics and the fighting system allows you to intuitively figure out what type of fighter you are best in a way that I found more tricky with Souls.

    However, I do find that there is too much bloody equipment and dealing with it all can be a chore. Also some of the repeated sub-missions don't always have the same edged as it feels like you've done a lot of it before. I don't know if it's me, but I feel that it's a tad easier than the Alpha and Beta. I'm fairly sure there are fewer enemies on certain levels.

    Even so, Nioh is incredible.

    As for my build, I mainly focus on spear kusarigama along with onymo magic, and I'm still using Kato due to the Ki recovery. What are other people's builds?

    The story is pulpy but fun enough. I love Japanese folklore and history so when it ties in those different elements it's really interesting to see.

  • I'm having a tough time with the water boss have died at least almost a hundred times. I beat the other bosses first 1-3 tries. Other than that I have been having a blast.

  • @Farsendor said in Nioh - (PS4):

    I'm having a tough time with the water boss have died at least almost a hundred times. I beat the other bosses first 1-3 tries. Other than that I have been having a blast.

    I had a lot of trouble too until I realized that I am oblivious. The trick to beating it is below in spoilers:

    The boss is incredibly weak to fire damage - you basically do no damage without it. The reason you are supposed to light the three fires in the actual level before fighting the boss is because it turns on three flames in the boss arena which you can go up to and put a fire buff on your weapon as many times as you would like

  • @Galaxy40k said in Nioh - (PS4):

    I had a lot of trouble too until I realized that I am oblivious. The trick to beating it is below in spoilers:

    No idea how this spoiler code works at all, I've tried to get it to work for 5mins, so...


    You can also leave the fires be and they will prevent smaller enemies from being able to join the fight.

  • Cant get spoiler tags to work spoilers for Nioh


    when he does his one hit KO beam attack if u dodge it and attack his core it does major damage

  • Using spoilers is mentioned in the charter. Just start a new paragraph with '>!'

  • @tokeeffe9 so just at the start ?

    sweet thanks man

    @Farsendor did you manage to beat him?

  • @tokeeffe9

    You actually get a static theme if you pre-ordered the game and this is the music that plays on theme.

  • First 4 hours of my time with the game last week:

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    And defeating Tachibana:

    Youtube Video

    If anyone fancies a watch :)

  • so did koei screw up and not print enough copies i havent seen any anywhere

  • @Galaxy40k

    Sorry for the late reply but this helped me out a lot.

  • @FF7Cloud Sony published outside Japan, but yeah seems they didn't print enough discs, were out of stock for a while but seem to be back in stock on Amazon UK at least.