Release dates: Yes or No?

  • I wanted to start a conversation about whether or not having a release date (or window if you prefer) is a good thing. Personally, I don't want a release date given unless it will ABSOLUTELY make that date. For example, Final Fantasy VII: Remake and Kingdom Hearts III are my two most desired games and I'm happy we don't have dates for them yet? Do I want them out? Yes. Would I like more info about them? Hell yes. But setting a date for me is a promise and expectation.

    A couple more examples: Uncharted 4 was delayed how many times before it came out? It was WELL worth the wait, but it REALLY bothers me when a game gets delayed for whatever reason. I want a game to be as great as it can be so delays in the long run can be good things, but DON'T put a date on it if that's going to be the case. God of War and Days Gone impressed me at Sony's presentation and the fact that we didn't get a date is good for me because I want the studios who are making these games to take as much time as they need. On the opposite hand, you have instances like Assassin's Creed: Unity and Battlefield 4 that launched SO broken just so they could make their dates and look what happened to those franchises: After their release, (while the next game was too far in development) the franchises took a step back to refine what they needed to and have potential to launch a quality game.

    I'm excluding Fallout 4 and its glitches because for some inexplicable reason, Fallout and Elder Scrolls get passes for being buggy. NOT taking away from each franchise's quality, but there MUST be some line that can be drawn that says "These bugs are unacceptable." Also excluding Batman: Arkham Knight because only one version of the game was broken as the console experience was fine (still shouldn't have launched without it being thoroughly QA'ed first).

    Overall, I don't like them unless you can commit. Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV? I hope that they dont' get delayed. I'm not like the scum who sent death threats to Hello Games and Sean Murray for No Man's Sky being pushed to August because its not that big of a deal. I just want developers to be more accountable and do that by holding off on release dates until they are ready to go into marketing.

    What are your thoughts and opinions? Just something I wanted to gauge the community's feelings on.

  • I think if a release date is put out there, a developer/publisher should stick to it, but stuff comes up and delays happen. In all honesty, delays don't bother me. I have a big enough backlog to last me years. Every game announced right now could be pushed back 5 years and I'd be just fine.

  • Delays suck. But they'll happen regardless, so I'd say give a release window and then a date when you're absolutely sure.

  • I made a detailed post in the Podcast thread.

    I say no release date until close to release.

  • Don't give me one unless you expect to make it, but I like having one to look forward to. Just, understand the expectations that come along with it. The closer it is, the more you should be willing to show at various points for the build up.

  • I like what Bethesda did with Fallout 4. Don't talk about your game until it's mostly done, and then announce it. Then a few months later you have it.

    Granted I am aware it's a special case, not every game can get away with not building hype years in advance.

    But it really is the perfect approach imo.

  • @Inustar Well with Bethesda games, the game ships in a super buggy state that they probably needed another half year lol.

    When I played Fallout 4, two of the possible endings wasn't obtainable because of bugs, so I was stuck doing what I didn't want to do. Really killed the game for me.

  • @Whoaness oh, I did not enjoy Fallout 4. It was buggy and did nothing to improve on Fallout 3.
    The best part of that game for me was just that they announced it with a release date and it came out on that date.

  • @Whoaness

    @Whoaness said in Release dates: Yes or No?:

    I made a detailed post in the Podcast thread.

    I say no release date until close to release.

    completely agree with this.

  • I'm totally in for release dates, but then the publishers and developers MUST hold to that. If you're in doubt when you can finish a game, just say "soon" or "when it's finished!"

  • In a perfect world, I love the concept of "announce game, show a little game play, release a few months later." I realize though we don't always get what we want and delays are inevitable. I'm generally lighthearted about delays but frustration does set in if you delay the game when there's only a few weeks left before it was supposed to release (looking at you No Man's Sky). Going purely off speculation here, they had to have realized well beforehand they had an issue that wouldn't let them release on time. I find it hard to believe your game is almost out and you suddenly need almost another two months; you knew ahead of time the problems you were facing and weren't transparent about it. If you give your audience ample time to digest the information and give real reasons why (not just "we are looking to improve the user's experience"), it's a lot easier to be a reasonable human being and not complain. The less time given and the less information provided, the more you're going to incur a backlash from your fanbase. It should go without saying though, death threats should never enter into the picture. In the end, it's still just a game we're clamoring for.

  • I personally like having a release date over not having one. I follow a lot of indie games and they normally don't give out release dates till its coming out within the month. What sucks about that is when stuff slips, there's no hard date they have to announce the coming or getting delayed.

    For example, I was hyped for Helldivers. The game didn't get a hard release date, just summer, but then summer would end, and there would be no update on when the game was coming out. Stuff like that annoyed me more. If I have a hard release date I can look forward to that, even if the game slips the devs normally will inform the public that its been pushed back by at least the day of release if not months earlier. Id rather know when the game is expected to come out and be delayed then just blindly getting hype and just waiting for any morsel of information on a release date.

  • Release dates are fine, but I hate "Placeholder" dates. Like when 4-5 games are announced and you look on gamestop and they're all "12/31/20xx".

    It's stupid to give games that are 2-3+ years off a date of any kind because retailers will try to get people to pre-order these games when they really have no idea if any of them are even actually coming out.

    I'd much rather companies say "In development" instead of "Winter 2017" Cause I know damn well that winter projection is a load of bull.