Favorite YouTube channels?

  • OTHER than Easy Allies, that is.

    To try and keep discussion focused, please pick just your absolute favorites that you watch consistently, not ones that you merely have a passing interest in.

    AutomaticGainsay - Reviews and demos of analog synthesizers old and new. The liveliest keyboard demo channel around.

    FamilyJules - Metal video game covers, with an emphasis on Nintendo. Tends to stick close to the original arrangements.

    Furious Pete - Jolly, friendly competitive/stunt eater.

    Todd in the Shadows - Even if you hate Pop music, you gotta watch this guy. Really intense reviews of new and old Pop songs.

    Techmoan - Detailed breakdowns and context of old, unique audio/video equipment.

  • Geek and Sundry A bunch of tabletop and D&D stuff.
    Sailing La Vagabonde Young, attractive people sailing around and living lives way cooler than mine.
    Chainsawsuit Original Movies with Mikey is brilliant.
    Collider Movie news, Star Wars, Comic Book stuff, and Shmoedown trivia.
    Tokyo Stree View/Japan The Beautiful 4k videos of Japan. I miss it there.

  • raocow - my #1 let's player and I would even go as far and say #1 youtuber, I always watch his stuff, a day without his LPs is incomplete. I used to watch many LPers but he is the only regular one that remained.

    Rob Dyke - my #1 in horror, mystery and WTF with my favorite show being WWYPTOTI. I also love his Zombie Horse channel, especially his crappy pasta readings with his friend Justin, that playlist is always running when I want some background noises while working on my game or whatever.

    Chris Ray Gun I'm subbed to many anti SJW youtubers like Sargon of Akkad, Undoomed, Kraut & Tea and Bearing but he is the only one I watch everything he uploads, I love his style. He is also a musician.

    Jontron I love the AVGN but imo Jon's humor is better and so many skits he does are gif worthy, his videos also have a good production value, which is why there is maybe one per month.

    IHE mainly for his Search For The Worst, I always eagerly await a new episode of that series, but his other stuff is great too, great humor. Another playlist I sometimes use a background noise.

    Red Letter Media My favorite movie reviewers, and personally, I love their humor.

    Secureteam10 Yes, I'm a believer, but Secureteam is the only UFO related channel I always watch. Of course not everything he shows is legit but imo the best UFO channel on YT with almost daily content.

    Censored Gaming My #1 source for censorship news, they just state facts without opinions. Saved me a lot of money in the past.

    TabiEats My favorite food related channel, I used to watch many of them like KBDProductions and Wreckless Eating but this is the only one I still watch. 2 very sympathetic english speaking japanese guys.

  • Lazy Game Reviews - LGR has to be one of my favorites, as that channel is pure old PC stuff, weird peripherals, (mostly) PC games and Thrifting. And he has one of those voices I can listen to all day. I do prefer Brandon's voice overall, but Clint is not bad substitute while waiting for more EZA vids. Also, he recently launched his food channel which makes me hungry.

    Ashens - "The sofa reviewer" with snarky british humor and endless supply of tat and other interesting stuff. His videos on consoles and other devices are usually spot on. While I do disagree on some of his points certain games, he often does have a point.

    TotalBiscuit - One of the best PC-gaming authorities on youtube, though he is (The) Cynical (Brit) about everything. Also, he hosts the only podcast outside of the EZA that I listen to regularly, so I approve of that. Also, his comments on the whole CS:GO gambling scandal were on point.

    AHOY - Again, one of the voices I can listen to all day long. His documentaries are some of the best on youtube. What I mean by that is that they're high enough quality to be shown on Prime Time TV.

    ProtonJon - One of the better Let's Players, who tries his best to show everything on his playthroughs. I mean the depths he went on his Yoshi's Island LP were pretty much insane.

    And lastly but not least:
    Silfir - His LP's on ADOM are legendary in my books, and I hope he does come back from his soon 2 year hiatus to make the post game stuff of his latest ADOM LP.

  • Jerma985 - Simply put, he makes jokes and plays video games. Never fails to get me to laugh.
    Red Letter Media - Reviews movies, whether they be blockbusters or some 80's schlock, but always in a humorous, not-totally-serious kind of way. Probably best known for their Plinkett reviews of the Star Wars prequels.
    kaptainkristian - Video essays on various pop culture topics, ranging from TV shows to songs to graphic novels. While the information presented typically isn't anything you couldn't find on a wikipedia page, and the analysis is usually kept brief, the production and editing is so well done that you could probably watch one of his videos muted and it would still be interesting.
    Kilian Experience - Kilain makes two types of videos: Ones that use video games as a medium for telling jokes (such as his Crusader Kings 2 video) and ones in which he takes a look at a game in the form of a review, guide, or recap except it's full of jokes and not meant to be taken seriously (such as his Super Mario Sunshine review).
    Numberphile - Math is cool, so a guy talks to math professors as they explain various interesting mathematical topics.

  • I also jump on the RedLetterMedia train, they're my "EZA of movies". Love their humor and the fact that they're just actually really good at what they do. They know their shit when it comes to movies.

  • People have already mentioned LGR, Ashens, RedLetterMedia and IHE, and those are all some of my favorites, so I'll post two others.

    I will always make time for a new video podcast by OSW Review and I couldn't recommend them highly enough if you're interested in pro wrestling.

    I'm not a full-on skeptic or anything but I love watching videos by Captain Disillusion since they're always high quality, have some good humor and do interesting dissections of how the videos being discussed were most likely created.

  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - short and informative educational videos about everything science
    CrowbCat - funny, gaming related montage videos
    DigitalFoundry - great technical analysis videos, retrospectives and more on video games
    LastWeekTonight - political satire with John Oliver (produced for HBO)
    NakeyJakey - rap reviews about video games and more. Seriously, CHECK IT OUT
    Noclip - video game documentaries
    Rushnerd - gaming events "In a Nutshell"
    yung maestro - funny gaming montages and everything Dark Souls
    videogamedunkey - funny gaming videos

  • BTW, while I don't watch his whole channel, Suede has a great series going on now called Suede's Pokémon Journey, in which he reviews every episode of the first season of Pokémon. Episodes are released weekly, and you can watch them early over at Channel Awesome. They'll really give you a new perspective on the show! :)

  • I generally only heavily follow one Youtube channel at a time.

    Years ago my favorite was Joystiq. I just loved the personalities they had there and their group dynamic. Not technically a Youtube channel but they streamed a lot and had archives. I was sad when they shutdown.

    After Joystiq was gone I got really into MFPallytime and TGN Squadron, mainly because I had just started playing Heroes of the Storm with some friends. Watching pally helped me learn the game and how all the heroes worked before I was able to play most of them. I continued following just because I liked pally and his streams, especially when he duo queued with someone. I eventually just stopped because while I'm not great at the game by any stretch of the imagination I felt like I had nothing else to learn from watching him play anymore, and I found EZA.

    Rapid fire!
    CarbotAnimations - Comical animated series for Blizzard games. I only watch the HotS and Overwatch videos because those are the games I have any experience with.
    Mark Brown - Game Makers Toolkit videos and Boss Keys, where he talks about game design and dissects Zelda dungeons
    Jontron - I like his humor and his videos that aren't clearly sponsored by some mobile game
    Game Grumps - I started watching long after their inception because I heard about the Sonic 06 series. Loved it. Watch everything from the beginning up until shortly after JonTron left. While I don't think its bad now I mainly liked JonTron so I stopped watching after I gave it a shot

  • Cool Ghosts- A great English Channel & Website that has a similar easy going community. Their in depth analysis & humour is distinctly British.

  • I enjoy Funhaus quite a bit, it has Don and Elyse! I'd love to see Lawrence and Ben work on something together at some point too!

    Noblewomen laughing is of course amazing

    DanielFromSL is some hilarious trolling in games

  • I don't watch all of his content, but I should mention Arlo. He's basically a Nintendo-centric Easy Ally in puppet form. Great production values.

  • Continue? is just a group of 3 dudes that play a game for about 20 minutes and make jokes over it. That doesn't sound great on paper but I've been a fan for about 4 years now and each year, I make it a point to run-through all of their episodes because of how hard they can make me laugh. Just the right mix of lowbrow humor and some real intelligent jokes thrown in as well. If anyone feels like hopping in, I'd recommend this as a starting point, as that's when Josh joins the crew and they really find their voice. Fun fact: The first episode I saw with these guys, I absolutely hated because I had no idea what was happening but once I let the insanity seep in... too good.

    Ace Waters is my favorite cover artist on YouTube, doing some great video game and 'nerd' show re-imaginings. I first found him due to his Undertale covers but all of his songs are gold - even when they come from a franchise I don't care for.

    Jim Sterling (despite being seemingly disliked in this forum) is an essential part of my video game intake. Whereas Easy Allies represent the positivity in the industry, I feel Sterling is much more critical and balances me out; combined they are my yin and yang. He's shown just how awful Steam Greenlight is in a series that shows games I would never have even known existed.

    SoloTravelBlog is my way of exploring Japan without actually being there. He'll experience all sorts of various bits of culture over there and his way of speaking is... buck wild.

    Honorable mentions : IHE, Game Grumps, Force Gaming, Good Mythical Morning.

  • Shut Up and Sit Down I love board games, and these guys are the best for humorous and fair reviews.

    Game Grumps I love Danny. I also love the animations other people do. I also like how different the let's plays can feel.

    HISHE How it should have ended is soooooooo much fun. I especially love the superhero cafe bits.

    OutsideXbox I don't even OWN an Xbox, but I love the hosts. Now they even have a sister channel for non Xbox games.

    Cinema Sins Sometimes it's fun to poke fun at movies you love, or to mock ones you hate.

    Mr Sark Sark is funny. Add him with Seananners, or Vanoss or whatnot, and I usually end up laughing. The videos he did with Funhaus playing Verdun, had me in stitches.

  • @Inustar Sark is amazing. His edits on videos are pure gold. I regret leaving him out of my post.

  • Mega64 - Video game and current event skits, weekly podcast, and weekly video game stream/Radio show hosted by Garrett Hunter.

    Rooster Teeth - An online show network featuring game shows, weekly podcasts / talk shows, producers of RWBY, vlogs, game streaming, and much more.

    Frank Howley - Creator of the show Neighborhood Game Club, which includes interviews, showcases personal video game themed collections, and occasional skits.