How long have you been an ally?

  • I'd known GT existed for eons but never really dug into it over the years. I only started looking into specific parts of it last year because people kept talking about this guy losing his mind over Shenmue III. After doing a quick skim I fell in love with Final Bosman and made it a part of my week to always keep up with it. Finally started branching out with GT Time, Huber Hype, etc. late last year and you know, just my luck literally the day after I finally catch up on the GT Time backlog GT closes up shop.

    But EZA exists now, and it's all grand. Haven't missed a single show from any of them since.

  • GameTrailers was always in the background during my childhood. Mostly my older brother would watch stuff from there, and I would sometimes be interested. Later on I started watching the Final Bosman really enjoying his show. It wasn't until last year that I became really invested. I began listening to old episodes of GT Time while I went to sleep. Once I began to know the personalities I started watching every show, podcast and review they did. Even though it sucks GameTrailers closed, I feel more appreciative of them now. I didn't know what I had until I lost them.

  • 2007, Halo 3 review, I was 13 at the time, 21 now and still loving it

  • I would say I came across GT in 2005 the first time. I've been a regular viewer/fan since... 2009ish? Maybe 2008.

    All I can say: I REALLY missed the guys while they were off the air.

  • I first stumbled upon GT around early 2005 and i have been a costant forum poster and consumer of there awesome content since. I saw GT go through revamping 3 times.

  • A highschool friend of mine showed me a Screwattack top ten and some AVGN videos on GT back in early 2007, and I just fell into watching everything else on the site via the "anything but homework" mentality. Somehow it's been over 9 years and I've never gone elsewhere - when GT closed down I made a twitter and followed all the GT people I could and just waited until they did something.

  • was on gametrailers since 2007 was in the top 10 for postcount almost made it to 30k before the site was lost

  • I started around 2005, when I was matriculating. In 2007 I used to download the trailers and retrospectives/shows weekly and take them to animation school where we'd watch them all on break (this was back when I was in South Africa, when internet sucked hard). Good times

  • @Budi oh man i miss pach attack. such a fun show

  • around 2003, when my friend and I were looking up Trailers for Games... went back almost every day since!

    The news of GT shutting down made me legitimately depressed for a while. When I saw that EasyAllies was happening I felt like a dream had come true!

  • I've been an ally since watching the Final Fantasy Retrospective. Honestly, I don't remember when exactly that was, probably around 2008 or so. Final Fantasy is my favorite series, so as soon as I saw that set of videos, I was hooked! Love this community, so great.

  • @sblomkamp Exactly! I'm glad he is doing Pachter Factor for SIFTD. Still a great guy to listen.

  • I saw the news about Game Trailers shutting down and checked out Easy Allies (The Allies Assemble video). I started the first podcast and I immediately got hooked. After just a few videos, I realised how much I needed their entertainment.

    The personalities and community are amazing. Thank you everyone.

  • @Gloop No problem. I am actually going through a really difficulty time in my life right now being unemployed and looking for work. EZA are the only thing that keeps me going day after day. They always bring a smile to my face!

  • I've frequented GT since 2003/2004, but ally? I became invested around the time of the murmurs surrounding the next PlayStation in december 2012. Been a fan since the very first episodes of The Final Bosman. I'll admit it took a while longer to learn to love ManUp. I did though. Kyle and Ian though.. Dreamteam!

  • @SIX2SE7EN Hey man, when worlds collide huh? I'm also unemployed and have been searching for a job for almost a year. I can't explain how much EZA as a whole helps me. I can really relate.

  • I don't know the exact time I started frequenting GT, but I believe it was 2006.

  • @Gloop Hope you find one. sending you good luck!

  • I remember scrolling past the Final Bosman thread on NeoGAF a bunch of times during the summer of 2013 and being weirded out at first because of my last name being in the title (so I didn't look inside). At some point I decided to check it out and basically jumped down the GT rabbit hole right after that.

  • I started with GT back when Screw Attack was still hosted on the site and then stopped watching some time in 2008 or 2009. Only got back into it through the 2015 E3 coverage.

    I'd say it's been a year of actual interest in what the EZA crew does and genuinely looking forward to each of their shows.