How long have you been an ally?

  • I saw the news about Game Trailers shutting down and checked out Easy Allies (The Allies Assemble video). I started the first podcast and I immediately got hooked. After just a few videos, I realised how much I needed their entertainment.

    The personalities and community are amazing. Thank you everyone.

  • @Gloop No problem. I am actually going through a really difficulty time in my life right now being unemployed and looking for work. EZA are the only thing that keeps me going day after day. They always bring a smile to my face!

  • I've frequented GT since 2003/2004, but ally? I became invested around the time of the murmurs surrounding the next PlayStation in december 2012. Been a fan since the very first episodes of The Final Bosman. I'll admit it took a while longer to learn to love ManUp. I did though. Kyle and Ian though.. Dreamteam!

  • @SIX2SE7EN Hey man, when worlds collide huh? I'm also unemployed and have been searching for a job for almost a year. I can't explain how much EZA as a whole helps me. I can really relate.

  • I don't know the exact time I started frequenting GT, but I believe it was 2006.

  • @Gloop Hope you find one. sending you good luck!

  • I remember scrolling past the Final Bosman thread on NeoGAF a bunch of times during the summer of 2013 and being weirded out at first because of my last name being in the title (so I didn't look inside). At some point I decided to check it out and basically jumped down the GT rabbit hole right after that.

  • I started with GT back when Screw Attack was still hosted on the site and then stopped watching some time in 2008 or 2009. Only got back into it through the 2015 E3 coverage.

    I'd say it's been a year of actual interest in what the EZA crew does and genuinely looking forward to each of their shows.

  • Was using GT since 2005 been following them ever since.... was so sad to see GT shutdown but i'm so glad they all decided to regroup as Easy Allies :)

    I spent most my of time on the GT forums in the Final Fantasy Section with Naaros, Cweeny, Talax, Sheria, Adventurer and everyone else who posted there, really missed out on discussions with those with E3 annoucements since the GT forums were shutdown just before that and I refused to join any other site until EZA forums appeared :D hopefully we can continue a similar group on EZA forums :o

  • I've always watched GT reviews on youtube but i became a fan after seeing the Bloodborne musical, my insane hype for the game led me to that awesome video and I was soo happy to found a journalistic crew that was stoked about BB and Souls in general like me, from there GT became my go to site and naturally my first (and probably only) patreon pledge went to EZA !!!

  • Around 2009 or so. Once I finally got good enough internet at my house to watch videos without having to wait for a while to get them to load, I really got exposed to so many gaming related video makers on the internet. My brother had talked about GT, AVGN, and Screw Attack, so I jumped in.

    GT was always a big deal to me, but I really fell in love with the site around the time most of the current Allies had become the main focus, along with all their awesome new shows.

  • First time I remember going to gametrailers was back in 2008. I watched Castlevania II:Simon's Quest Angry Video Game Nerd review on youtube and thought it was the funniest shit ever, so I wanted to find more of it. Then my friend told me that there are tons of more Nerd reviews on this site called (I distinctly remember Rambo being the newest AVGN episode at the time I first visited gametraiers.) After that, there was no going back. AVGN, ScrewAttack, Invisible walls and so on... good times.

    Afterwards I visited GT ON/OFF for years until the time of Kyle Bosman and his incredible show. Then I once again became a GT junky. When GT finally shut down I remember watching their last stream. Seeing Brandon Jones shed few tears at the end of that stream were one of the most saddest moments of my life. My early teens/young adult life was offically over.

    But in the end everything turned out fine. Easy Allies kicks so much ass I can't put it to words. Rock on mates.

  • I've been an Ally for a very short time. While Gametrailers was a website I visited quite often, it was only for the trailers and the reviews. It was infrequent and I didn't know any of the personalities there.

    I became aware of the Easy Allies crew last year when my "Shenmue" google alerts brought me a video of a few Allies losing their minds during the 2015 E3 Sony Press Conference. I laughed and was happy that there were people out there who felt my "No Shenmue III Pains". You'd think I would have jumped aboard then, but I didn't.

    It took a video called "Brandon Plays Pokemon" to get me to know a little bit more about the Easy Allies team. While it didn't get me to subscribe just yet, I am a subscriber of Funhaus. I saw Elyse Willems on Ian's Easy Update and got to know another Ally.

    I finally subscribed this past week when I started watching Easy Allies 2016 E3 of Dreams coverage. I loved every member of the team, their discussions were interesting, and their passion and excitement for games was contagious.

    TL;DR I'm a baby Ally compared to most here!

  • Banned

    I started posting on GT's forum around 07/08. I was usually on there every day up until they shut the whole place down.

    Was it worth all the temp bans and perma bans? I'd like to think so.

  • Banned

    Well my GT join date was some time in 2006 but I browsed the site before that.

    One of my favorite memories of GT was when they implemented the point system and I actually got a game with my points. Folklore for PS3 if I remember correctly.

  • I started following GT around 2012, first video i watched was the UC3 review.
    Good times!

  • Someone posted the now-famous Shenmue 3 reaction video on a certain website that will remain nameless shortly after the Sony press conference last year. I was still riding that high and the weird screaming guys got me even more pumped, so I went Youtube to check them out. I immediately got hooked on The Final Bosman and watched it religiously right up to when the site got shut down. I was so devastated that I camped out on the guys' twitter pages waiting for them to announce something. You can all pretty much guess what happened after that.

  • Well over a decade by now, I guess. On and off, really. I never was one for forums, so all I did with the site was.. well, game trailers. Only once they started pushing personality driven content did I tune in weekly to support them with views.

  • Probably followed GT close for 9 years. And now obviously Easy Allies.

  • Hmm, I don't think I was a full-blown fan until EZA became a thing. Before this, I had been a casual fan of GT throughout the years. Mostly frequented during E3 times and I loved watching the countdowns and retrospectives. I never got involved with community or familiarized myself with the personalities of GT, but back then, I was a g1/ScrewAttack fan, and I've never been one really to get involved with multiple fandoms of the same media.