How long have you been an ally?

  • Around 2009 or so. Once I finally got good enough internet at my house to watch videos without having to wait for a while to get them to load, I really got exposed to so many gaming related video makers on the internet. My brother had talked about GT, AVGN, and Screw Attack, so I jumped in.

    GT was always a big deal to me, but I really fell in love with the site around the time most of the current Allies had become the main focus, along with all their awesome new shows.

  • First time I remember going to gametrailers was back in 2008. I watched Castlevania II:Simon's Quest Angry Video Game Nerd review on youtube and thought it was the funniest shit ever, so I wanted to find more of it. Then my friend told me that there are tons of more Nerd reviews on this site called (I distinctly remember Rambo being the newest AVGN episode at the time I first visited gametraiers.) After that, there was no going back. AVGN, ScrewAttack, Invisible walls and so on... good times.

    Afterwards I visited GT ON/OFF for years until the time of Kyle Bosman and his incredible show. Then I once again became a GT junky. When GT finally shut down I remember watching their last stream. Seeing Brandon Jones shed few tears at the end of that stream were one of the most saddest moments of my life. My early teens/young adult life was offically over.

    But in the end everything turned out fine. Easy Allies kicks so much ass I can't put it to words. Rock on mates.

  • I've been an Ally for a very short time. While Gametrailers was a website I visited quite often, it was only for the trailers and the reviews. It was infrequent and I didn't know any of the personalities there.

    I became aware of the Easy Allies crew last year when my "Shenmue" google alerts brought me a video of a few Allies losing their minds during the 2015 E3 Sony Press Conference. I laughed and was happy that there were people out there who felt my "No Shenmue III Pains". You'd think I would have jumped aboard then, but I didn't.

    It took a video called "Brandon Plays Pokemon" to get me to know a little bit more about the Easy Allies team. While it didn't get me to subscribe just yet, I am a subscriber of Funhaus. I saw Elyse Willems on Ian's Easy Update and got to know another Ally.

    I finally subscribed this past week when I started watching Easy Allies 2016 E3 of Dreams coverage. I loved every member of the team, their discussions were interesting, and their passion and excitement for games was contagious.

    TL;DR I'm a baby Ally compared to most here!

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    I started posting on GT's forum around 07/08. I was usually on there every day up until they shut the whole place down.

    Was it worth all the temp bans and perma bans? I'd like to think so.

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    Well my GT join date was some time in 2006 but I browsed the site before that.

    One of my favorite memories of GT was when they implemented the point system and I actually got a game with my points. Folklore for PS3 if I remember correctly.

  • I started following GT around 2012, first video i watched was the UC3 review.
    Good times!

  • Someone posted the now-famous Shenmue 3 reaction video on a certain website that will remain nameless shortly after the Sony press conference last year. I was still riding that high and the weird screaming guys got me even more pumped, so I went Youtube to check them out. I immediately got hooked on The Final Bosman and watched it religiously right up to when the site got shut down. I was so devastated that I camped out on the guys' twitter pages waiting for them to announce something. You can all pretty much guess what happened after that.

  • Well over a decade by now, I guess. On and off, really. I never was one for forums, so all I did with the site was.. well, game trailers. Only once they started pushing personality driven content did I tune in weekly to support them with views.

  • Probably followed GT close for 9 years. And now obviously Easy Allies.

  • Hmm, I don't think I was a full-blown fan until EZA became a thing. Before this, I had been a casual fan of GT throughout the years. Mostly frequented during E3 times and I loved watching the countdowns and retrospectives. I never got involved with community or familiarized myself with the personalities of GT, but back then, I was a g1/ScrewAttack fan, and I've never been one really to get involved with multiple fandoms of the same media.

  • I got into Gametrailers from their Top Tens back in I want to say 2006. I strayed off a few years later when their video player kept being complacent with my browser. I still kept up with some reviews from time to time but the shift to Youtube was already swinging.

    Actually don't even know much about EZA outside of some word of mouth. I just like fancy looking forums.

  • I cant really tell, I used to go to gamespot but suddenly the site change, I cant remember if they change the cast or whatever happened but I couldn't "dig it", so I began searching news and reviews somewhere else. I came up with GT by pure chance maybe it was like 05-07. I used to visit the site only for reviews, retrospectives countdowns and the screw attack stuff, a couple of years later I began watching the other stuff in the site like AVGN, Talking Classics, HeyAsh and a personal favorite Video Game Reunion.

    I remember how GT change, Brandom came in front of the camera, the first Final Bosman Episode came in, I became one of the "fellow babies" of Mr. Michael Pachter , Laugh out loud with the angry gamer and I dont know why but i hated Mandatory Update.
    Some time pass and Manups became my favorite show and here is funny fact, I was on of the crazy people who said "They should give this guy his own show and maybe call it "Huber Hype" (I'm not saying it was my idea but there are some of us who asked for it in every video he appeared on).

    I know the latter years where the hardest on the crew specially for Brandon, but they where my favorite. When GT closed I was truly devastated, I went trough some really hard years and one the things that helped me week by week was the site. When they announced the patreon I was scarred, I feared that maybe they couldn't reach the minimum, and maybe the worst part was that I couldn't even donate (currently I'm in a bad bad spot), but to see how things turn up and even the unexpected Damiani's return gave me such a good vibes for the Allies' future .

  • Found gametrailers the year it started 2002 i think, cause I needed a place for trailers and wasn't a fan of gamespot and ign ( back in the day). Around 07 or 08 I went to the gt forums lots and did a bunch of signature banners for people and myself.

  • Wow, it's really been a long time. I had a Gametrailers account (blank26) from 2006 I believe. I remember watching the reveal trailer of Killzone 2 after E3, when everybody was freaking out on whether it was CG or in game footage.

    Loved Invisible Walls. Loved all of Gametrailers coverage, even back in the Shane Satterfield days.

    So glad that the Allies are going strong and proud to be part of the Patreon!

  • Since like 2005-6. I was 11-12 back then, time flies man.

  • I actually started watching EZA once they became Easy Allies. I was slightly familiar with Brandon and Kyle from previous videos I had seen them in. When Brandon appeared on Kinda Funny's podcast and announced that they were going the independent Patreon route I was really intrigued.

    Since then I have come to appreciate and respect all of the allies. All of them provide something great and interesting and as a group their dynamic just works.

    TL;DR - I came to EZA for Brandon & Kyle. I stayed for Ian's cynicism, Huber's hype, Damiani's prolific gamer insight, and much more.

  • I started going to Gametrailers in 2006, but it was the Final Fantasy Retrospective that got me to create an account. I spent a lot of time in the forums, mainly one particular Metal faction. In that faction I met a lot of great people that turned into friends. After the factions got shut down we (about 20 of us) started a chat on facebook and we still talk to this day.

  • Been watching GT reviews since Assassin's Creed. I had been reading reviews up to that point, but I really valued that the video review could show me particular issues in a game whenever the reviewer brought them up. Never got into the rest of GT's offerings until The Final Bosman started. I've tried listening to other gaming podcasts, but never enjoyed them, until EZA. You guys bring the hype and that's what we need right now.

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    I've been been going to Gametrailers since 2006. What brought me there in the first place was the Zelda Retrospective. A friend showed me the video and I stuck around the website. Looked at partically all the videos. Plus when Screwattack joined them for a bit I frequented the website even more. Since I was an active community member on the Screwattack forums at that time. I loved Screwattack as much as I love Gametrailers. Sadly I did not stick with Screwattack after they parted with Gametrailers. That was however when I stuck around Gametrailers. I even tried to sign up to their forums but man it was a jungle in there. The minute you posted a new topic it got buried. I only checked out the forums a couple of times but never returned. I stuck to mainly watching the videos and occassionally posting a comment. Before their Viacom days came to an end. Thats when I started to get familiar with the GT staff other than the voice of GT Brandon Jones. I loved such shows as "Thanks for Playing" as it featured the GT staff talking about various games. Also that was when I started watching "Final Bosman" who I though was a goober at first but he ended up being hilirious. I also tuned in for "Pach Attack". After the Viacom days I stuck around and watch every Twitch stream they did if I was able to. From there I entered one of the best video game communitys out there. I'm a fan for life thanks for hearing this guy sing the praises of one of my favorite websites as it continues its run as something new.

  • I heard about GT going out of business. Then I heard about them opening up a new channel and I've been a viewer ever since, I just love how they are not negative, other channels are always making fun of and being negative about certain things like game taste.