How long have you been an ally?

  • I want to boost this post because Morgan Mohalla on a recent Cup Of Jones asked if there was something like this -- a sort of history of fan engagement with EZA. That question was in turn inspired by the L&R comment a few weeks where Ryan F. (sp?) detailed his own journey with EZA. So, I'm guessing there's a desire to know others' histories with this group that we all dearly enjoy.

    I'm very curious to read any updates to the entries that already exist and maybe see some new ones in this thread.

  • Woops, looks like this is one I never answered.

    I was certainly using the GT website before I started watching any of the content they produced. AVGN, Screw Attack, and Keith Apicary for instance kept me coming back. I started to dig in a little deeper when I watched my first episode of Invisible Walls, right after the release of Resident Evil 6. Although Shane ruined that discussion by basically telling everyone they were wrong for not loving Resident Evil 6, I still found some interesting opinions out of people like Ryan Stevens, so I stuck around and kept watching. Once the shift to the "Bosman era" happened, I fell madly in love with everything they created and started watching as much as possible.

    I was at a real low point in my life when GT closed and it felt like I had lost the last bit of sunshine I had left in my world. Luckily, I kept fervently checking the Twitter feeds of all the fellas and one fateful day while using the bathroom at work, I saw Easy Allies was formed. I've never shouted with such happiness in a restroom before.

  • From the beginning I think. Was upset when game trailers shut down. Some hero told me thry were creating easy allies and I was on board. Joined the forum in 2016

  • i started watching Gametrailers around 2009

  • I was a Inside Gaming / Funhaus fan for a long time, and when Elyse started working at Funhaus and they covered the whole GT closure I wanted to check it out. So I looked up the GT on YouTube but couldn't get into it. After a while, I saw a few mandatory updates and I was hooked. So, I wanted more and went to the EZA channel and watched Huber's full Rez Evil 7 playthrough, and I've been watching ever since.

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  • @leprosyx If you liked Manups, have you seen the Not Funny GT stuff they did? lol

  • @minamik There is so much content from GT, I haven't had the time. Will check it out! Any standouts?

  • @leprosyx Well, if you like Elyse, then maybe this one. Youtube Video

  • My GT account was made in August 2007 I believe.

  • I first discovered GT in 2007. Joined their forums late 2007/ early 2008. Though I wish I could have sub to their twitch the day it started

  • I learned of GT through GT/Spike TV's E3 coverage., which I watched their coverage of E3 from 2010-14. I occasionally watched other broadcasts that GT showed in the Viacom era (the GT stream player hosted MTV's coverage of San Diego Comic Con in 2013, that was interesting). In 2015, I didn't watch their E3 coverage, but I watched some shows around that time (Huber Hype, Final Bosman, a little bit of Mandatory Update). I found out they shut down right before E3 2016, so my first EZA experience was E3 2016. I became hooked to their content ever since, and now I watch everything that they do! The Allies are awesome!