How long have you been an ally?

  • I watched GT for a long time. I remember my old account was made in 2004, but I can't recall much more detail than that. I do recall watching stuff on the site for a while before making that account. I do remember watching the first episode of The Bonus Round on the day it went up, and being really impressed to see a program like that.

    I did drop off watching the site between 2010 and 2013. I watched stuff every now and then, select shows like The Bonus Round, but not much more than that. I came back when Kyle made that PS4 announcement video, and it was unlike anything I had ever seen in the gaming space before. Insightful, intelligent, yet really really really charmingly weird. To find that that wasn't an entirely fictious version of himself, and that he got his own weekly show out of it, was enough to keep me watching from that point onwards and eventually discovering that the rest of the crew were also intelligent and insightful, and that they had such great chemistry together. Watching the slow decline of corporate support alongside the increase in quality output was an interesting thing to witness, but here we are! Now, I watch every show and most streams. It's a lot of viewing, but I also have a lot of grinding to do in FFXIV!

  • Got familiar with them when they were partnered with ScrewAttack, though back then all I watched was GT Countdown. Got deeper into them when Pop Fiction launched, then began watching GT Time just after the move to Defy.

  • GameTrailers was my first exposer to games media, it must have been at least 5 E3's ago. I have so much to thank them for. It was nice to here people talk about video games because they loved them, instead of trying to find the opinion that would get them the most popular. I made my youtube account solely to subscribe to them. I've been proudly supporting them ever since : )

  • At least since 2005 because i remember going there before i starting University. But i can't remember when i started before that.

  • My brother showed my episodes of Final Bosman and insisted I listen to TTA for years, but I only started really becoming a fan a month or two after E3 2014. Didn't really start interacting with the community until a couple weeks before the shut down.

  • I discovered GT in 2005, it's what got me into editing making fan made music videos at the time. I followed them to the end, then found EZA
    through GAF.

  • GT was one of the first sites I used to come to, usually just to lurk, watch trailers, AVGN, retrospectives, screwattack and reviews. But I think it was 3-4years ago that I actually started to watch more of GT's original content. Been an ally since.

  • Had to be around 2005. Was definitely in high school and went to GT for HD trailers. Stuck around for the original content though.

  • Discovered it in 2007 I think, through AVGN. Been lurking around since, never contributed to the community in any way.

  • I know I was watching GT in High School so sometime before 2005.

  • I'm pretty fresh. Been under a year. I didn't really follow E3 but someone I followed on Twitch was doing commentary over giantbomb's coverage. So I watched giantbomb's videos on E3. Then I searched and found GT's coverage of E3. Watched all their commentary on the conferences. Then I saw a show called "Final bosman". "The last episode of a show? I should watch that." I thought. Little did I know it was not the last of this glorious show. Then it moved over to podcasts, their other shows and then watched more or less the majority of their backlog on YouTube. Now I'm here. Good stuff.

  • I was introduced to GT when a friend linked me to Monty Oum's (RIP) Haloid and Dead Fantasy videos, so around 2007. Had a site account but was mostly a lurker and casual trailer watcher. GT became a regular on my browsing gauntlet when their original shows started up and been hooked since. Here's to the ride never ending L & R.

  • Started downloading and watching Invisible Walls prior to episode 200. Watched reviews then as well, did not start watching things constantly till Shane and Beer left.

  • Been watching stuff on Gametrailers since forever, but really started to watch the Shows content these guys produced when someone on NeoGaf posted this video about a weird but incredibly likable guy doing the Do's and Don'ts of Playstation Meeting 1 or 2 weeks before the event happened.

  • I've only been following the site since 2014, when I fell in love with The Final Bosman. Been a loyal follower ever since!

  • I got into GameTrailers because of The Final Bosman. I saw the PS4 announcement pilot episode Kyle did when it first came and thought it was pretty good, and then found out it got turned into a show after he had maybe like 10 episode, and started watching weekly. I mostly just watched that and gradually started checking out more stuff occasionally. The E3 of dreams coverage got me more acquainted with the rest of the guys and I started looking at more of their streams once in a while, but didn't really know how much I appreciated all of them until GT shut down. Since EZA started I've been way more into it and watching streams more often, catching the podcasts, and following more shows. The first episode of Table Top Escapades even made me go back and binge watch Table Top Adventures.

  • Since 2007 or so I think? Valkkyria Chronicles had just been announced in japan and I wanted to talk about it and was searching for a good forum

  • I'm quite new to Gametrailers crew. I think it was 2013 when Pachter brought me to Gametrailers and then started to watch everything they were doing, Bonus Round, Invisible Walls etc.

  • The first thing I ever watched on GameTrailers was the E3 2003 debut trailer for MGS3:Snake Eater. I was on Gamefaqs MGS2 boards when someone linked GameTrailers and I remember thinking the video quality was so good. Afterwards I fed my Neopet.

  • I've used GameTrailers since about the time the Xbox 360 was coming out and I was watching all the Perfect Dark videos. I remember it having the Quicktime player that you could leave it downloading and freely move back and forth the video after it completely loaded. Went there every day watching all the new videos that came out. I also remember watching some the User videos and discovering Haloid and watching that on repeat. Ever since then I've always gone to GT for the video reviews, the E3 live shows, and then later on was even more hooked by the shows like Huber Hype and The Final Bosman.