How long have you been an ally?

  • I remember vividly, I was in my first year of the university, the year was 2007, on some class and my friends introduced me to both and during one of these classes that each person had a computer.

    Before that I thought blogs sucked and I was oblivious to trailers.

    I was immediately hooked on both. GT was my place to go for trailers, I watched everything. But over time my interest waned a lot, and I stopped going to the website all together... But when Final Bosman released its first episode I went back and started watching GT again, and the more the allies started appearing the more in to it I got... Now a week can't go by without me watching (and re-watching) every show. I used to listed to GT Time and now EZA Podcast 2x a week hahahah.

  • Since 2007! I did not become active on the forums till 2012 but i was a daily user since high school

  • I'd been following GameTrailers on and off since it first appeared but really got into everything the crew was putting out when the Final Bosman started. Signed up for the EZA Patreon as soon as it went up :)

  • Like some of the other people in this topic, I think it was probably back in 2006, which would make it about 10 years at this point :) Wow, that's a long time.

    Just to check, I went back to the Internet Archive and looked up what the website looked like back then. Here's a quick screenshot:

    Gametrailers 2006

    Who can still remember this? :)

  • I've been around since back in the IW days but I never actually joined the conversation/forums until Bosman was around.

  • I wasn't familiar with GameTrailers until last year. I was very much a lapsed gamer when I saw the fantastic news Shenmue 3 had been confirmed at E3 and, amid all the celebrations for that, the wonderful GT reaction video. You don't see that enthusiasm and appreciation for something and forget about it so from there I started to follow their output. Honestly I didn't watch everything and didn't know everyone on the staff, but I liked watching what I did and appreciated knowing I could check in from time to time and see people so passionate, intelligent and entertaining discussing the gaming world.

    When GT got shut down it kind of took me aback how sad I was. I liked knowing these guys were about and it sucked they were out of work and many more of you were denied being able to watch them. When Easy Allies was announced I was so pleased for everyone and happy to contribute my little bit to the Patreon. It has been good to get to know the Allies more and I am genuinely so pleased it has worked out well and they are doing such great work. If I am happy for that I can only imagine how all of you who have been around even longer feel.

  • Discovered GT around 2007 from watching the AVGN.

  • Almost a year, I started watching their content after seeing Huber's reaction to Shenmue 3. I watched The Final Bosman a month after the 1st episode debut, but I wouldn't consider myself an ally at that point.

  • I was an avid visitor of the site back when they were partnered with ScrewAttack, but didn't really get into GT as a whole until about two or so years ago when I discovered The Final Bosman by chance in a NeoGAF thread (maybe it's been three years?). From then on, I was hooked to that show and over time began to start dabbling in the podcasts and such, which led me to find that I really really enjoy this particular crew. There's something wonderful about the lack of unwarranted cynicism that I feel is lacking from almost every other outlet out there. At this point, I've pretty much stopped following any other games journalists (aside from a few that specialize in longwinded critical YouTube analysis) because they all pale in comparison to EZA.

    I also remember loving the site because it was so much better to download trailers and gameplay demos as raw video files instead of suffering quality loss through streaming.

  • I joined GameTrailers back in 2009, and enjoyed the final years of its golden age per se. When GT was holding its ground against YouTube for user generated content. The forums were bustling with activity, and factions/blogs provided additional hours of entertainment and discussion. I left after the 2011 redesign, and came back about 2 years later. To which I stayed with what remained of the community until the very end; when IGN shut down GT. And made every GT link redirect to the YouTube channel.

    Just under 40 of us still communicate with each other in a chatroom on another site.

  • been going to GT since 2006, started making amv's when that shit was super popular, then mostly used the factons, then used the normal forums, then shed a tear when the site went down....

    fucking just found out tonight from brandon they had a damn forum...

    damn, feels good to see this all up and running.

  • I joined GT back in 2008, this was really when i was just starting to get into gaming more. I was quickly hooked and would watch almost every video that would be uploaded to the site. But i was most consumed with the original shows like Countdown and of course Retrospectives. I loved the Retrospectives, i never realized that gaming had such a rich and storied history and it quickly introduced me to many franchises i had little interest in before.

    I was always keeping a close eye on the site and have seen it go through many changes. Some good years, some lows. And i remember when Shane left and Brandon took over as editor in chief. Many GT fans left after this time but to me it was when the site would begin its transformation to the group that is now EZA. It began to become much more genuine and we got to see and hear the opinions of all the employees. Sadly the journalism market was changing and dedicated video sites were not needed, and even though i thought the shows were getting better, viewers were leaving. When GT was sold to Defy and i saw so many loose there jobs right after E3 i was crushed. It had nothing to do with me, but i really felt for each individual that lost a job. It really sucked to see people go through this. (I think everyone that was left would go on to start EZA with the exception of Elyse and Matt) The reaming employees pushed on and continued to make some of the greatest shows and streams the site had ever seen. I loved everything i saw more than ever and was sharing it with all my gaming friends, which isn't a lot unfortunately. Sadly Defy mismanaged them really badly. I knew that GTs brand of Comedy, Hype, Pure Love of all things Gaming and the best community in the business, people would really enjoy what they had to offer. But unfortunately that was not what defy was looking for, they wanted viral wacky gaming with high views. That stuff is fine but buying GT, and giving them no ability to grow was just stupid. They had no business being under the Defy umbrella. Defy just made bad decisions with GT, like firing Damiani. Pop Fiction easily had the highest views of any GT show, why would you fire the only man who could pull that show off? When GT was officially shut down early this year i was just sad. I expected it eventually, but i was none the less upset. I was sad to see everyone loose the jobs they clearly loved and i was sad to know that i would no longer be able to come hang out on streams with them and laugh at an episode of the Final Bosman, or get hyped with Huber or watch the best review in the business. I honestly felt so lonely, and it certainly did not help that i was having a really rough start to the year.

    But i was glued to twitter waiting for any shred of hope of a new venture from the boys. And when i saw everyone post 03/21/16 on twitter. I almost lost my mind! I was so excited i could not wait. When the Patreon dropped I immediately donated and watched the Jolliest stream i have ever seen, all day long. It was glorious. When the patreon numbers would just not stop going up i was floored. And now its about 40k. That is unbelievable! I am so excited to see where things will go from here. I still watch every video and all the shows produced and i know now that EZA is independent that it will grow and grow to be a massive success. The EZA community will always be the best, strongest, kindest and most positive community in gaming. I am so happy the Brandon, Blood, Kyle, Huber, Ben, Brad, Ian, Don, Damiani are all back together and i know that they will have great success in the future. Thanks so much for all of your hard work guys, i can't express how much this means to me. Sorry this got a bit on the long side, i just had a lot to say i guess.

  • @RetroPS4 That was really well said and i think you perfectly expressed the emotions of many of us at the closure of GT

  • @marcel
    Ahh man, the memories

  • I visited GameTrailers daily since, jeeze... I don't know. I remember Bosman's first show, Annoyed Gamer's first show, EpicBattleAxe, new episodes of HeyAsh going on GT's site first, AVGN, the reviews with the bumpers in between sections of the reviews, Level, Backtrack, early episodes of, I'm old.

    I remember being excited for because I'd get to watch GT on my TV in addition to the Internet.

    And now I'm a backer and I watched their announcement stream live. First real Twitch experience. I found this website and forum before the announcement. I spread the word on Reddit. I adore EZA. I'll be jazzed about everything they do.

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    Woah.. not exactlly sure when it all started. What I know for sure though, are that GT helped me through high school. Daily pleassure and "The Voice" (Love you Brandon) that always made me feel good. Even if my english wasnt super good at the time (and still isnt), I watched reviews of games I was interested in. AVGN had some finger into it as well to bring me to GT. I also watched every E3 since like 2009/10 on GT and they have never let me down!

    I never really were active on those forums, but I watched the videos and I must have watched some of the retrospectives a hundred times. I kinda stoped coming for a while, but when I found Bosman and his show around the PS4 announcement episode, I came back.

    I was there on the closing twitch stream and I genuinly felt sad - So when EZA emerged I shouted in Joy! and here I am.

  • I've been watching GT for a long, long time. Probably since the beginning (or close to). But basically ever since Kyle Bosman (his Playstation Do's and Don't's), and the evolution of GT since him, I've been a big fan of the site. It became a site full of personalities that I could relate to. I became an EZA patron day 1.

  • Watched GT and lurked the forums for a few years before joining in 2009.. I was pretty active in the forums and held out until the very end before migrating to a new site with some of the survivors.

    Like many, I found them by searching for game reviews. I still think they're the best game reviews out there. Glad to have them back!

  • I found Gametrailers back in the day through Screwattack with their Video Game Vaults and AVGN somewhere in 2007. Then when I got more interessed in which games to buy I always came first to gametrailers for their reviews and that was kinda off it. I didn't even know they did other things besides trailers and reviews. Until I think it was around E3 I can't remember which year. But Bosman got a segment in it somewhere. Which later evolved into the final bosman and through that got me hooked to all the other stuff at the gametrailers site.

  • Around 2006-2007 I think videogame nerd lead me to this site, or something similar and then the reviews capture me.