How long have you been an ally?

  • I visited GameTrailers daily since, jeeze... I don't know. I remember Bosman's first show, Annoyed Gamer's first show, EpicBattleAxe, new episodes of HeyAsh going on GT's site first, AVGN, the reviews with the bumpers in between sections of the reviews, Level, Backtrack, early episodes of, I'm old.

    I remember being excited for because I'd get to watch GT on my TV in addition to the Internet.

    And now I'm a backer and I watched their announcement stream live. First real Twitch experience. I found this website and forum before the announcement. I spread the word on Reddit. I adore EZA. I'll be jazzed about everything they do.

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    Woah.. not exactlly sure when it all started. What I know for sure though, are that GT helped me through high school. Daily pleassure and "The Voice" (Love you Brandon) that always made me feel good. Even if my english wasnt super good at the time (and still isnt), I watched reviews of games I was interested in. AVGN had some finger into it as well to bring me to GT. I also watched every E3 since like 2009/10 on GT and they have never let me down!

    I never really were active on those forums, but I watched the videos and I must have watched some of the retrospectives a hundred times. I kinda stoped coming for a while, but when I found Bosman and his show around the PS4 announcement episode, I came back.

    I was there on the closing twitch stream and I genuinly felt sad - So when EZA emerged I shouted in Joy! and here I am.

  • I've been watching GT for a long, long time. Probably since the beginning (or close to). But basically ever since Kyle Bosman (his Playstation Do's and Don't's), and the evolution of GT since him, I've been a big fan of the site. It became a site full of personalities that I could relate to. I became an EZA patron day 1.

  • Watched GT and lurked the forums for a few years before joining in 2009.. I was pretty active in the forums and held out until the very end before migrating to a new site with some of the survivors.

    Like many, I found them by searching for game reviews. I still think they're the best game reviews out there. Glad to have them back!

  • I found Gametrailers back in the day through Screwattack with their Video Game Vaults and AVGN somewhere in 2007. Then when I got more interessed in which games to buy I always came first to gametrailers for their reviews and that was kinda off it. I didn't even know they did other things besides trailers and reviews. Until I think it was around E3 I can't remember which year. But Bosman got a segment in it somewhere. Which later evolved into the final bosman and through that got me hooked to all the other stuff at the gametrailers site.

  • Around 2006-2007 I think videogame nerd lead me to this site, or something similar and then the reviews capture me.

  • I feel bad because I only found out about them when I heard the news that GT was closing down.
    As downbeat as the stream was, I really enjoyed their personalities, so I was really glad when EZA was announced!

  • I don't quite remember the year(wanna guess mid-05) but some of my earliest remembered activity was adding FFXII to my watch list, and signing up for the old forums. Only ever did one or two posts, one of which was a rambling Dragon Warrior 8 review :P Never really watched much besides trailers and top 10s until 3 or 4 years ago. Was really bummed when they shut down, and took me a good month to realize they had returned as Easy Allies... Insta Patron.

  • I stumbled upon to Gametrailers when AVGN started to show up in there, somewhere around 2007/2008. So I came for the AVGN, stayed for the GT staff.

  • I can't really remember too well but I know I was at least watching a few of their shows in 2012 (mainly invisible walls and the occasional other show like annoyed gamer and pop fiction). I'm pretty sure I only got really into GT around the time Final Bosman started (2013?) and been with them ever since.

  • Since about 2003 or 2004? I never posted too much, but I frequented the Gametrailers forums since just before the PS3 came out, when the hype for that was starting to grow.

    I remember the heights of that era of console wars pretty fondly - today is pretty tame by comparison :smile:

  • I'd known GT existed for eons but never really dug into it over the years. I only started looking into specific parts of it last year because people kept talking about this guy losing his mind over Shenmue III. After doing a quick skim I fell in love with Final Bosman and made it a part of my week to always keep up with it. Finally started branching out with GT Time, Huber Hype, etc. late last year and you know, just my luck literally the day after I finally catch up on the GT Time backlog GT closes up shop.

    But EZA exists now, and it's all grand. Haven't missed a single show from any of them since.

  • GameTrailers was always in the background during my childhood. Mostly my older brother would watch stuff from there, and I would sometimes be interested. Later on I started watching the Final Bosman really enjoying his show. It wasn't until last year that I became really invested. I began listening to old episodes of GT Time while I went to sleep. Once I began to know the personalities I started watching every show, podcast and review they did. Even though it sucks GameTrailers closed, I feel more appreciative of them now. I didn't know what I had until I lost them.

  • 2007, Halo 3 review, I was 13 at the time, 21 now and still loving it

  • I would say I came across GT in 2005 the first time. I've been a regular viewer/fan since... 2009ish? Maybe 2008.

    All I can say: I REALLY missed the guys while they were off the air.

  • I first stumbled upon GT around early 2005 and i have been a costant forum poster and consumer of there awesome content since. I saw GT go through revamping 3 times.

  • A highschool friend of mine showed me a Screwattack top ten and some AVGN videos on GT back in early 2007, and I just fell into watching everything else on the site via the "anything but homework" mentality. Somehow it's been over 9 years and I've never gone elsewhere - when GT closed down I made a twitter and followed all the GT people I could and just waited until they did something.

  • was on gametrailers since 2007 was in the top 10 for postcount almost made it to 30k before the site was lost

  • I started around 2005, when I was matriculating. In 2007 I used to download the trailers and retrospectives/shows weekly and take them to animation school where we'd watch them all on break (this was back when I was in South Africa, when internet sucked hard). Good times

  • @Budi oh man i miss pach attack. such a fun show