How long have you been an ally?

  • It's a tough one to answer as I'd always seen their reviews and watched shows like Hey Ash, Bonus Round, Annoyed Gamer and Pack Attack here and there.

    I definitely got into them a lot more when Bosman started his show. Then I started properly checking everything else out like the podcasts and TTA. I checked the streams as much as possible (tough being in EU so usually it was the Friday stream)

  • Easy Ally

    I think I found GameTrailers in 2008, and I would watch every single review they put out for the games I knew I would never play, so that I would basically have a fair understanding of what that game was all about. Did the Zelda Retrospective come out that year too? The final episode, the one that delves into the stupid timeline that I 100% bought into, left a real impact on me. Nobody was making videos like that.
    Anyway eventually I worked there and basically ran the company into the ground.

  • Around the Time "The Final Bosman" started.

  • @Bosman said in How long have you been an ally?:

    Anyway eventually I worked there and basically ran the company into the ground.

    I mean...I wasn't gonna say anything...:P

  • I started going to GT consistently back in 2009. Invisible Walls sucked me in.

    I remember the first time Kyle appeared on air. The same goes for Eylse, Ben, Huber and Ian.

  • I started watching GT probably in late 07 or 08 when we got broadband.
    I watched a lot of the reviews, the retrospectives and Bonus Round.

    Then years went by (school, college, life got in the way) where I'd only really watch the reviews occasionally. I missed the stuff like Final Bosman and Huber Hype and I didn't want to start watching them in the middle. Like I'd missed the boat.

    I watched the final stream and decided I liked these guys well enough and wanted to see where they went next.

    Then GT closed. I didn't realise for like 2 weeks, even though I visited the page ever couple of days. Only reading the Firewatch review comments made me notice.

  • @Bosman said in How long have you been an ally?:

    I think I found GameTrailers in 2008, and I would watch every single review they put out for the games I knew I would never play, so that I would basically have a fair understanding of what that game was all about. Did the Zelda Retrospective come out that year too? The final episode, the one that delves into the stupid timeline that I 100% bought into, left a real impact on me. Nobody was making videos like that.
    Anyway eventually I worked there and basically ran the company into the ground.

    Hey, don't be too hard on yourself, it happens to the best of us. I mean, who hasn't run one of the longest run video game websites in existence into non-existence. That's a Monday for me.

  • Jan 2016 - I am very new here (and to gaming) compared to all others. One day i stumbled upon the GT Time podcast in Youtube - and realized I have stuck gold. It was only a few weeks but i was sad to see them go under, but happy they are back again. :grin:

  • 2004 maybe? Whenever the first trailer for Battlefield 2 dropped

  • I watched GT reviews, AVGN, some countdowns way way back, some time in the early 2000s, but I wasn't dedicated. I didn't start watching regularly until last E3 (2015), then I caught up on all the shows, mostly on youtube. And then bam, shut down. I kept up with everybody and joined the patreon from the beginning.

  • I knew GameTrailers was a thing for a long time, but I didn't really get into them until I saw that first video Bosman made about his "Do's and Dont's For E3" and really got into watching The Final Bosman. I think I caught a few twitch streams from time to time around 2014, and then I became a twitch sub during the stream of Evil Within: The Consequence DLC...I think.

    Check the tapes! Whichever one it was where Huber kept getting killed by the spotlight lady...

  • Joined GT back in summer of 07, Although I'd been going since fall of 06 after stumblingly across the site by accident (Along with Joystiq) as for whatever reason neither site was blocked by my middle schools security.

  • Man, that's tough, I watched stuff on GT probably since about 09-10 around, maybe earlier. But it was quite a while until I really started knowing who the people behind GT were. I think I started listening to Invisible Walls a good 2 years before Shane left? Don't remember what year, though. But I knew them well enough to be devastated when most of the staff got laid off. 1UPs closure, escapist killing most of their shows and then GT laying off half the staff all happened in a where short timeframe. Dark times.

  • I always liked their video reviews with "that voice". They were the first one I would look up with any new game.

    What hooked me in for a weekly following then was one Kyle Bosman with his PlayStation 4 Dos and Don'ts video from February 2013, which then evolved into the Final Bosman, of course. The greatest show ever. That, however, remained my only connection to GT. (As well as the reviews.)

    Now, when Easy Allies then appeared out of nowhere, I was just so thrilled and decided to go all in! Now I follow the EZA group daily and have learned so much of all the guys during these past three months. Such a great bunch, really. I feel like part of something.

  • Heard of GameTrailers via Mr. Geoff Keighley and started watching some of their stuff but it wasn't until last year's E3 coverage that got me really into the group. Mr. Huber's reaction to Shenmue was/is the absolute best and ever since I became a big fan. Proud to be a Patreon supporter and look forward to many great things in the future.

  • I realize this is an essay, but I'm very passionate about this group, so if you can handle it, please bear with me!

    Back in the day, I Went to GT for reviews and trailers from the late PS2 era (2005-2010) and (like Kyle) I mostly followed 1-UP. When 1-UP finally went under, I felt pretty bummed out and largely stopped gaming. I was also getting older and gaining more responsibilities like trying to figure out what I wanted to really do as a career! Anyway, I did continue to follow the industry through NeoGAF and roughly 3 years later I stumbled upon a thread then titled, "Likable GT guy gets his own show". Through that, I first saw that awesome Playstation meeting do's and dont's vid, aka, the first unofficial Final Bosman.

    It was such a breath of fresh air!! What this guy was saying was sensible, insightful, creative, funny, but most of all, devoid of all the negative nagging pessimism and or loud ignorance just for the hits that now seemed to pervade the industry. I thought to myself, "my god, I agree with everything this fellow says because he's not an annoying disingenuous douche!!" Upon seeing this episode I was hooked as a casual fan. And this also helped re-kindle my interest in gaming and the upcoming PS4.

    Somewhere around E3 2015, I watched an episode that had some sort of in-show reference and I realized I had not really payed that much attention to the lore though! So, I revisited the (now titled) Final Bosman thread, and noticed I had missed more than I had thought! Shortly after E3, and my elation and reeling from the Sony conference had subsided, I went all the way back to the beginning and binge-watched the entire show.

    By doing this, I realized that GT had developed a lot of other personality driven content besides TFB, and, delighted at this discovery, I endeavored to catch up on as much of the other shows as well! I was in heaven having realized GT had become a spiritual successor of sorts to 1UP...However, as I caught up on the old episodes and other old shows, learned about the Defy acqisition and horrible downsizing that they inflicted, and then the move to that tiny studio even after the god-tier amazing E3 coverage..I began to really worry that GT wasn't just similar to 1-UP it was following exactly the same trajectory as well.... it WAS 1-UP, and seeing that tiny studio, Ian and others making (half)joking comments that Defy would fire them, and subsequently Elyse leaving drove that home in an increasingly alarming fashion.

    A lot of me still really wanted to believe that it was going to get better though, and by late January I was basically caught up on all the shows (except Tabletop) so I was finally watching most stuff as it was produced! I decided I was going to make an account in hopes I could actually get involved in the community and maybe even have the opportunity to interact with the actual crew on a stream or something.. Sadly, I had decided this the night before the closure in February. I came home from work, checked the GAF thread as always to see if any interesting comments had been made. Someone mentioned that Defy had decided to pull the plug a few hours ago and was letting everyone go.

    I didn't believe it at first, thought it was some sick troll, but I went on twitter and saw the message from Brandon that the final stream would happen that evening. I was just numb, for lack of a better word. It was so sudden, and I couldn't imagine how the team felt. It seemed like such an injustice had been commited, I had grown so attached to these guys due to their incredible chemistry and unique passionate genuine enthusiasm, that I felt like I knew them in real life-though of course-I had never met even one of them! That is how special this team is. So, I watched the stream, and then immediately reached out to the team on Twitter, expressing my sadness and regret that I had not been more active on the site, and I wished everyone luck in landing future endeavors. Over the next week, I noticed that Mr Michael Huber was streaming all on his own, and so I opened a twich account just to reach out and interract with him and the GT community. That definitely helped temporarily.

    When EZA was born though, I was so unbelievably excited I stayed up way too late, just watching the Patreon number rise rapidly and reading the new EZA GAF thread as everyone posted their amazement. When I finally got up the next day during the launch stream I immediately became a patron and subscribed on twitch. I couldn't be happier as we close in on three months later :grin: All the EZA content is fantastic, and I couldn't be happier as we are now barelling towards the sequel to the E3 of Dreams!

    I'm still catching up on TTA and refuse to watch TTE until Ive completed that other behemoth (Hogger and crew are hilarious, and love you Ben, you are a great DM!!)

    @Bosman never change :P , but that is one of the silliest statements you have ever made. It is obvious you are an integral and irreplaceable part of EZA! :D

    tl, dr version
    I'm an old codger now, having followed the industry and GT since early adulthood, and I am elated that due to the existence of Patreon, we fans were given (and took) the opportunity to save the ex-GT staff from 1-UP's fate. Lets keep it that way, and get them to that studio before E3 2017!!

  • I'm with GT ever since e3 2004! Dat Zelda Twilight Princess trailer...
    Never been active on the forums, though. I'll change that now, only 12 years late ;-)

    Here's to hoping this e3 will bring many new people and patreons to EZA!!

  • @Bosman Bro you are a national treasure. I would argue that you extended the lifeblood of GT, not run it to its death.

  • Discovered the site thanks to the nerd around 2007 I think, but back then I didn't like the style or focus of the content -winks- that GT was producing, so I didn't watch that many videos back in the day and stopped visiting.

    Then in 2013 I watched that PS4 presentation Do's and dont's video, and I was in. Started watching Final Bosman a few weeks later along with the countdowns and the Not Funny, GT videos and I saw a bunch of people wanting to do things in a different way, without that angry about everything attitude that was reigning on the media back then, with positivity and some humor so I felt that it was the perfect site for me, and it has been for 3 years now.

    I really like the group's energy and after all this time I feel that I have a connection with them beacuse of the many great things I have seen with them, all those amazing improvised moments on stream or some show and also because they have accompanied me in some really bad moments, and they always have been able to cheer me up, and for that I'm really thankful for finding them, for all the great things they've made over the years, and of course for creating EZA so we all can enjoy all their amazing personalities for a long long time.

  • I was pretty much always aware of GameTrailers, but I think I started visiting more regularly back in 2012 around the time of E3, mostly paying attention to Invisible Walls and reviews, but when Bosman did his first video in early 2013, I got properly hooked. Been watching as much as I can from these guys ever since.