How long have you been an ally?

  • Been an Easy Allies member since day 1 :D
    Following Gametrailers from real late 2014 early 2015, accidentally ran into a show called Final Bosman!

  • I visited GT a lot a long time ago, but only for trailers and occasionally for reviews. It was not until after E3 2014 I stumbled across The Final Bosman when visiting GT after a long period of "not needing to go there". Bosman got me hooked on all of their original content and been here since.

  • Seven years for me too. I remember telling my cousin about this game that I wanted, but I wasn't sure if it was good. He told me about this site called Gametrailers and their reviews. He knew about it because he use to watch AVGN there. I need to thank him for bringing me to this great community!!

  • @Ruaidhri18 said in How long have you been an ally?:

    Seven years for me too. I remember telling my cousin about this game that I wanted, but I wasn't sure if it was good. He told me about this site called Gametrailers and their reviews. He knew about it because he use to watch AVGN there. I need to thank him for bringing me to this great community!!

    This is the How Long Have You Been an Ally thread, not how long have you been an edgelord. :p

  • @Minamik Edge lord for life!!

  • I don't remember a date but I remember watching AVGN on GT so I've been watching them for awhile but it wasn't until around 2010 that GT became my go to for video game content

  • I discovered GT in about 2008/9 through Bonus Round. After a while I started to make a point to seek out the other content on the site like IW and Pach Attack I also remember GT hosting the first series of Penny Arcade TV

  • I discovered Gametrailers in my first year of college! So that would be... counts on fingers 12 years!!.... holy moley!
    Watched the show grow and I honestly felt like a piece of myself died when GT announced closure.

    BUT EASY ALLIES IS NOW HERE!! And I am a very proud Patron. Just wish I could give more, but I need to adult =/

  • I guess I started going to GT when I was 15 in 2006. The first video I can remember watching was the review of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter on Xbox 360. I waited well over an hour for the video to buffer in HD, but it was the first time I watched an HD video online and it blew me away. I left that window open for days (it was a terrible time before tabs existed) and would watch it over and over. A few weeks later I got a 360 and spent countless hours with that game and Oblivion. At the time I thought they were the most amazing looking games I'd ever seen. I remember exclaiming to my friends on occasion that "Xbox 360 looks better than real life!" That review and the other videos coming out at that time got me more hyped for the future of games than I ever thought was possible. I went to GT practically everyday from that point on, watching all the reviews and shows. And while the business side of things obviously didn't agree, I thought the Final Bosman era and onward was when the most enjoyable content was coming out of GT. I was thrilled when EZA was announced and will continue to support this crew as long as they are around. Even as I get older and have less time for games, these guys still manage to make me feel the same joy and hype for games as I felt back then. God bless you Allies, every one.

  • 5 years!

  • Though I'd encountered GT before, I didn't go hard until, sadly, December before the collapse. YouTube recommended an episode of Final Bosman (I wish I could remember which one) and I was hooked. I started watching every upload that came out and followed both Final Bosman and GT Time back to their beginnings. The intensity of the binge (had been laid off myself and basically watched old GT content all day) made the collapse hella painful.

    Though my time with GT was relatively short, I love that they've been able to stay together and I'm a proud patron of Easy Allies.

  • I don't remember when I first started following GameTrailers. It was definitely during the Viacom era. I used them as a resource, but didn't LOVE them until they moved to Defy. There were so few people left it was easy to find a reason to love each one. I was distraught when Defy closed the company... I was extremely bummed because these guys would all find jobs elsewhere and not all work together again... Except... They decided to stay together! And I was elated! So from Day One I've been a supporter of Easy Allies. I love these guys and I love even more we're able to keep them together. <3

  • I remember vividly, I was in my first year of the university, the year was 2007, on some class and my friends introduced me to both and during one of these classes that each person had a computer.

    Before that I thought blogs sucked and I was oblivious to trailers.

    I was immediately hooked on both. GT was my place to go for trailers, I watched everything. But over time my interest waned a lot, and I stopped going to the website all together... But when Final Bosman released its first episode I went back and started watching GT again, and the more the allies started appearing the more in to it I got... Now a week can't go by without me watching (and re-watching) every show. I used to listed to GT Time and now EZA Podcast 2x a week hahahah.

  • Since 2007! I did not become active on the forums till 2012 but i was a daily user since high school

  • I'd been following GameTrailers on and off since it first appeared but really got into everything the crew was putting out when the Final Bosman started. Signed up for the EZA Patreon as soon as it went up :)

  • Like some of the other people in this topic, I think it was probably back in 2006, which would make it about 10 years at this point :) Wow, that's a long time.

    Just to check, I went back to the Internet Archive and looked up what the website looked like back then. Here's a quick screenshot:

    Gametrailers 2006

    Who can still remember this? :)

  • I've been around since back in the IW days but I never actually joined the conversation/forums until Bosman was around.

  • I wasn't familiar with GameTrailers until last year. I was very much a lapsed gamer when I saw the fantastic news Shenmue 3 had been confirmed at E3 and, amid all the celebrations for that, the wonderful GT reaction video. You don't see that enthusiasm and appreciation for something and forget about it so from there I started to follow their output. Honestly I didn't watch everything and didn't know everyone on the staff, but I liked watching what I did and appreciated knowing I could check in from time to time and see people so passionate, intelligent and entertaining discussing the gaming world.

    When GT got shut down it kind of took me aback how sad I was. I liked knowing these guys were about and it sucked they were out of work and many more of you were denied being able to watch them. When Easy Allies was announced I was so pleased for everyone and happy to contribute my little bit to the Patreon. It has been good to get to know the Allies more and I am genuinely so pleased it has worked out well and they are doing such great work. If I am happy for that I can only imagine how all of you who have been around even longer feel.

  • Discovered GT around 2007 from watching the AVGN.