How long have you been an ally?

  • It was in 2004 (12 years old) when I would check the site frequently.

    24 now, and still can't get over great they became. Proud Patron!

  • I'd donate to them if I could, but unfortunately I cannot. I will not consider myself a full "ally" until then. Though the ad revenue from me watching, and liking all their videos could equal an adequate sum of cash. Dunno.

    Still, I've been with these guys for a long time. One day either in 2010 or 2011 I downloaded the GT app on my PS3, and was immediately sucked into it. I've seen them around before that, but have never acted upon that interest until that day. I've been with them ever since.

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  • Well, I don't remember when I had found GT, but I do remember that I became a member sometime in 2007 when I saw how awesome the community was. Been following the members for the most part ever since.

  • I was always a vague on again off again follower of gametrailers, but it wasn't until EZA that I started following the guys religiously.

  • I'd say I started coming to the site around 2010 just for trailers and the occasional show/E3 coverage. Probably around 2012 or 2013 I started really watching their shows. Been with them ever since and am a Patron for Easy Allies!

  • I started going to GT in like late 2006-early 2007 I think. I followed everything on there religiously until about mid-2013. Then some RL stuff had to be taken care of, came back about a year later. EZA patron since day one 3.21. :-)

  • I used to be troll/meme trash on GT back from 2007 - 2011. I currently post a lot on the IGN forums, and to some degree on NeoGAF, but I'll be posting here as well.

  • I caught them late, right before their move to defy. Started out watching the trailers and reviews then one day watched an episode of the final bosman. Became immediatley hooked after that, started binge watching as much content as I could find.

  • I first visited GameTrailers around 2007-8 ish. I mainly just stuck to the trailers and a few Screw Attack things but would visit occasionally.

    Then I became a full-time ally last year during the E3 coverage, and quickly got myself up to speed with past shows and successes.

    EZA, is honestly the best gaming channel around without a doubt.

  • I was a regular member and frequent poster of the GT forums since 2005.

  • I've been following/lurking/watching GT since 2005 :D

  • I was long time GT member and was very popular there. untill GT dead

  • I became a fan of the guys during the E3 of 2015, 'cause I found the video of the crew freaking out over FF VII and Shenmue III. Got instantly hooked and never let go.

  • I became a patron yesterday :) but ive been watching since the 1st year of GT

  • Since June of 06.

    Good times.

  • @Nillend Same, but have gone back and watched every Final Bosman, Huber Hype, GT Time and many other vids. These guys have overtaken the Giant Bomb crew and Kinda Funny guys for me, personally. I've never enjoyed an E3 as much as the past one with EZA, felt like chilling with buddies.

  • @Alex840 Absolutely agreed.

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    If we are counting GT years so i guess 10 years. I started in 2006. Dang i feel old. aHAHAHA ^_^

  • I was always a background fan ever since they were hosting Angry Video Game Nerd, so I guess I've been visiting GT regularly since around 2008, but I didn't make a GT account and started commenting until about 2014, I think.