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  • It really depends on how much you know you're going to play it for hours and hours on end. If you're that competitive. If you're more casual (which is fine as well), go with the fighter that has more to offer than just competing like Smash.

    I just don't like NRS's excessive balance updates that ended up really hurting MKX's competitive scene; they really didn't let players adapt to their characters I feel. I was at TFC 2016 recently and there weren't that many players competing in the game as in previous tournaments. I'm very reluctant on Injustice 2...I want it to be a success but, I'm not sure how the gear system will play in tournaments even though they said they'll take care of it. As well as again, excessive balance updates. Plus there was some nutty stuff; Batgirl & Scorpion come to mind...

    That said, I personally made a huge sacrifice to get the PS4 & SFV because, I know I was going to play this game more than anything else and I wanted to be in the tournament scene playing better players. It was hard trading in 30 - 40 games but, I've met alot of cool people and had some great experiences. It was worth it for me. So yeah, just depends on how far you'll go.

    @Sleepychino69 Thanks man, Alucard was super cool. And yeah, I got rekt hard by Damdai. That match-up is so bad for Gief in this game. He doesn't have much tools to deal with Ryu. Also, I did pretty well at a tournament on Saturday. I managed to make top 3 with Zangief. I think I'm finally getting to that point where I'm leveling up. After all the months of BS & struggle, starting to feel worth it playing Gief lol

    Anyway, here's the tournament replays; I start at midway lol

    Youtube Video

  • ^Gud stuff,u lvld up dude!

    got sum free time now..

    sees dark souls 3 dlc is out!
    alt text

    k,will b gon for a while :dagger:

    ...K finished the dlc.big world ,i think my character was too in ng++ tho.

    Oh well!
    alt text

  • SFV Redbull tournament stream live.:eye:

    redbull twitch link
    Capcom fighters link

    Edit:so....I guess shin akuma gon b in 5.

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    Akuma hyyype.
    His stage looks lit af.

  • Is it me or does the statute in Akuma's new stage look like the one from Tekken7? Guess a bit of corporate synergy is a good way to end Season 1.

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    @DMCMaster I thought it looked like the dojo from Gouken's stage in IV.

  • @El-Shmiablo
    Yeah that's probably what it is, although there are those 2 extra character slots people found in the files of the game (one of which is Akuma), so that leaves the door open for one other character to pop up to close out 2016.

  • @DMCMaster

    Probly sagat

    Errone been asking for the king,and a while back i think Ono tweeted a pic of a tiger beer can...And capcom wants to sell copies asap,so akuma and sagat would make sense.

    EDIT.found it
    alt text

  • @Sleepychino69
    True, they are fan favorites so it would make sense to get them out ASAP.

  • My friends and I have been playing alot of Under-Night in Birth. It's a great game that balanced with and 1 button auto-combo while allows every other button in "technical" so a player can use both the auto-combo button together with technical buttons to make varied plays.

    Tech moves are similar to Street Fighter with adding directionals with buttons. It also has 2 "gimmicks" that change plays alot.

    Edit: No idea how to do the thing others have done.

  • Sry,just quick news.New rashid stage


  • I have heard rumors of Sagat coming back as well...although that's not the crazy thing...

    Apparently, he won't be able to throw fireballs in this game...which is crazy and kinda pointless; might as well go with Adon instead if that's the case if you want a Muai Thai character.

    Also, I'm itching for a new grappler given how limited Gief is. I really want Q as I stated many times before but, I'd be pretty happy with Sodom. GREATO! lol

  • @-Solid

    Yeah Q, pretty much any character that has been missing for a while.And of course new fighters

    (still pushing for drunk irish boxer)

  • Wasnt there a thing ages ago where there was a version of the shadaloo lab with Sagat instead of Fang? i dont think it ended up in story mode either which was the speculation at the time.

    Has there been any more news about Akuma? Do ppl think he will be the first season 2 or and in between bonus??

  • @Spidarro said in Fighting Games:

    Wasnt there a thing ages ago where there was a version of the shadaloo lab with Sagat instead of Fang? i dont think it ended up in story mode either which was the speculation at the time.

    It is in fang's story,the second part.:smile:


    lolalt text

  • @Sleepychino69 Hahaha oh right... seems like that was such a long time ago! :blush:

  • So apparently no akuma or new character said ono...trolling or fo' real?

    If real...There will be a whole lot of butthurt :anguished:

  • @Sleepychino69
    We've seen Evil Ryu, Violent Ken, and Shin Akuma, now it's time for Pissed Off Dan.

  • @DMCMaster

    Uhmm,well his father does kinda have pocket fighters.

    alt text :laughing:

  • Sooooo by now I assume everyone has heard the rumor of MvC4 being announced at PSX......Thoughts?
    Personally I think it has a very, very low chance of happening, but if there is any announcement I would bet on MvC4 for 2018, with older MvC related titles being ported to PS4 during the course of 2017 (And maybe a physical retail release with everything on a disc)

    As for the rumor of it being PS4 exclusive, well the image is from a trailer that will allegedly be shown at PSX so there would be no reason to have a X1 or Switch logo on it, although I could easily see Sony having a easier time getting rights to various Marvel characters seeing as they kinda have a stake in the MCU now. Although that probably means w would be lucky just to see 1 X-Men or F4 character.

    Although if it does happen, here's hoping Capcom gets a deal that lets them patch the game without having to pay the various fees for the Marvel characters any time they want to re balance the game, or just get rid of bugs.