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    @Spidarro said in Fighting Games:

    I have put a good bit of time and effort over the years into street fighter, try to learn the ins and out of eact character for my own sake but i find frame counting and data kind of takes the magic out of things when you just get down to number crunching.

    Alright fair enough, I just never know what to fully expect when people start talking about frame data, since there's reasonable gulf between theory and practice. But it never hurts to know a little bit to hone your instincts against what might be reckless play

    @-Solid said in Fighting Games:

    I do approve of this thread and yeah, that was an awesome section we had in GT. My PSN/XBL tag is LeonHartEX

    I want more people to get in and just have fun. I'm trying to represent Gief in V now despite his setbacks. Especially in tournament like this recent one with me on Stream =P

    Youtube Video

    Holy shit, Solid, that was freakin' beautiful xD XD XD

  • @Ochi Dude, I surprised myself when I V-Skill'd Guile's roundhouse lol

    I'm learning something new almost everyday with Gief so, I'll keep pushing. I made top 8 that day but, I was honestly expecting top 3. I got destroyed by Mika shortly after; she's so scary given her dumb playstyle lol

    Anyway, I'm just glad I'm making people hype! =D

  • I got whomped by @Tiago-Ponte last night, i need to get more dedicated again haha!
    Fell out of practice after loosing my super bronze title to a load of cheap kens, time to step it back up.

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    Careful with that word "cheap". :P

    That said, Ranked is definitely a pretty ugly enviornment to play in. The moment I hit silver I stopped playing ranked, as beating gold players tended to make them rage quit and any loss to a super or ultra bronze tanked your BP.

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  • @Ochi

    Yeah i know i just sound mad and i can admit that honestly i was!

    The same combo over and over that i couldnt even get up from, then the fights i did win and the really cheezy ones didn't even give me my 2 out of 3 so i needed a break from it.

    I just recently found out i can earn fight money from casual so i might just play that for a while.

    I might be playing too many characters, i kind of have 3 mains and want to learn another 2.

  • Yo, I'm always down for some fightans! I see some old faces from GT

  • Hey guys, don't be discouraged too much with online in V. Believe me, it is ROUGH and people taunting you can be adrenaline-pumping at times...but don't give up! Just focus on getting better =)

    Karma story: Played a UK Ryu player by the name of VolcanicViper. Lost to him and he taunted and he was a gold rank. Next day, the guy lost nearly a 1,000 points from losses LOL

    @Sleepychino69 YO SLEEPY!

    My bad I didn't tell you about this forum over on PSN. =(

  • @-Solid

    It's cool dude.glad there's a gt forum 2.0 :p

    Oh and if anyone wants to fight vs a random select,im ya boi! PSN. sleepychino69

    I just wished random select would remember the last color i picked like sf4..

  • @Sleepychino69 Yo Sleepy!!! (Firkraag here from GT 1.0 forums)
    Welcome back...

    I already have your PSN ;)

    P.S.: Don't underestimate this fool's random select - it's legit.

  • @Tiago-Ponte

    Oh u * blush * :p its been a while huh. tho i rly need to get better at v ,cuz so far im only doing k with laura.

    And tiago,bet u went nuts when Portugal won heh? Xd

  • Need to hop back into 5 at some point, messed around with Ibuki for a bit before going to work but thats been it so far (Also WTF her Tsumiji and Neck Breaker were removed)

  • @PhantomZhu

    Waha from psn?


    Need to hop back into 5 at some point, messed around with Ibuki for a bit before going to work but thats been it so far (Also WTF her Tsumiji and Neck Breaker were removed)

    And her air kicks thingy too.Thats the one i miss :( Gief lost green hand,but at least got his air spd back.
    EDIT:actually ibuki got a bunch of new kunai tricks now,with her v-skill and trigger adding to the list.

    The ones i miss the most are mikas original specials and her dumb supers xD
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    I think neck breaker exists only as part of another move? I could swear I saw it somewhere, there's just no more sliding part

  • @Ochi

    Its her back throw one of mika's old special throw,it just got cut in half and is now a normal throw.

    Which is k ,if u compare it to alex's throw animations,no ddt or chokehold :(

  • @Sleepychino69

    Oh yiiiiis
    We have a fighter community on PSN, it even has some other people from GT who aren't even here.

  • @PhantomZhu

    Yea boi!Spread the word babey!

  • For anyone interrested, add my psn: wahaadnan, you can find the community on my friend page

  • a background,3alts and a new color scheme for everyone ..oh and 2 titles = 25??

    Even if a % of the money goes to cpt,thats way to damn high :weary:

  • All the premium dlc is too expensive imo, 5 quid per premium costume is just gouging tbh. That the price of a character ffs