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  • Well things is,most of the same cast is back (just with new skins).that probly helped speed up their work.

    Kinda hoped for leon or ada to be the RE character..might still happen tho.

  • @Sleepychino69
    I think Leon is a strong possibility, especially if RE2Make gets announced for next year.

  • Forgot about remake2 for a minute there,i hope capcom didnt }:(

    But yeah,hopefully it's not just reused assets.GIMME GENE DAMNIT !!!!!

  • @Sleepychino69
    And Asura

  • I doubt it will be reused assets. The fidelity of the most recent models is miiiles ahead of 3.

  • @El-Shmiablo
    By re-used asset i dont mean how they look.

    I even said

    @Sleepychino69 said in Fighting Games:

    Well things is,most of the same cast is back (just with new skins).

    Changing the model over an existing 3d skeleton while keeping a lot of the same movesets is re-using old assets.

    As an exemple,just look at ryu's animation and combos strings
    Youtube Video

  • @Sentinel-Beach That's awesome! In the GT forum days they set up a tournament for Tekken 6 I think it was? I came in second place. That's not to say I'm very good or anything but better than average for sure.

  • @Texmin Well damn, now I feel threatened already. :) I'm only a Sunday driver when it comes to fighting games, but Tekken's still clearly always been my favourite series. Single player mode's the main thing for me, but these days why not some online matches too. And sorry, I've forgotten to add you. My PSN is SuomiVille-FIN- in case I still can't remember.

  • @RóbertOrri I love TTT2! Do not get too comfortable with how it plays though as T7 does away with juggling for the most part which was a big part of TTT2. I would practice the free Tekken Revolution more since its single player and the tagging/juggling aspect is removed for practice or do single play only for TTT2.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Single play is usually where I'm most comfortable as well when it comes to Tekken. I only play unranked matches when I do go online because I can't stand to have a record in ranked that has a lot of losses if I end up losing a lot since it can't be changed, which is the point of having a ranked match I guess. I think I only played about 13 or 14 matches and had 2 or 3 losses and I think I got 2 of those losses in a row when I decided it's too intense for me so that's why I like single play or unranked matches the best. I recently had a fond memory at a tournament at a gaming convention with Tekken where I took on two guys who were clearly great players and saw that each of them used their weak characters against most of the competition. I knew this because when they played against each other they always picked particular characters. I forced them to have to play with their best characters after I beat them and they of course destroyed me but I'm glad I made them use their best lol. Any who I'm not as good as I'm making myself out to sound so don't feel threatened but I definitely would like some tough competition to help me better my game seeing as that I'm only really good with 1 player.

  • Gundam Versus is getting a western release?

  • Just wanted to know what's your most hyped Fighting game for 2017. MvC, T7 or I2. For me it's Tekken 7. I've been waiting for a good Tekken game with a good story since Tekken 5. (I didn't like tekken 6)

  • Ed
    alt text

    Definitly gonna use whatever the story alt will be

  • @Sleepychino69 Hahah i instantly thought the same thing, i really hope he gets one of these suits cos the're really rad! Dunno why they dropped the hoodie look cos i really liked it, hopefully that will be his story costume.

    alt text

  • Was kinda hoping he would be less jacked. He was very lithe in Balrog's story.

  • Huber's doing an Injustice full playthrough in less than two hours. Pretty excited about that, actually. Haven't played that game in three years now. Unfortunately it'll be the middle of the night here (as usual), but I'll watch the archived stream on Monday then. He has a five-hour time slot for the whole thing. O_o

  • That was a fun playthrough, took four hours. The game appeared better than I remembered, got me excited for Injustice 2. I'm just not gonna get that anytime soon, as I'll buy Tekken 7 instead now and I2 as a Ultimate Version (again) later with all the characters etc.

    Huber was also playing the Ultimate Edition now, shame he didn't see Scorpion there. Nice reactions from all those stage transitions, however. :) In Arkham and with Darkseid, for example.

  • Ed was revealed, sounds like he kinda plays like a Tekken character from SFxTK

  • @Spidarro said in Fighting Games:

    Dunno why they dropped the hoodie look cos i really liked it, hopefully that will be his story costume.

    Tada! story alt it is :)

    @El-Shmiablo said in Fighting Games:

    Was kinda hoping he would be less jacked.

    Yeah,me too ._.