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  • @El-Shmiablo Yeah agree, he was clearly in good shape without being beefy plus character wise using psycho power means he wouldn't necessarily need to be very physically strong

  • @El-Shmiablo
    While I do agree, I have a feeling his redesign is for another reason, either as part of prepping for a second story mode (doubt it but would be interesting), or whomever was assigned to work on Ed's model just felt like giving him a new look.

  • @DMCMaster said in Fighting Games:

    either as part of prepping for a second story mode (doubt it but would be interesting).

    I wish they would,i have almost no fm left..And i beat all of the survival modes with every character(except for extreme mika :( ),got all of the cast over lvl30 and did ALL of the challenge to get fm and it still super not enough :/

    Game NEEDS a new way to earn some decent fm.I CANT GET ALL THE NEW COLORS CUZ THATS OVER 2 MIL!!! [salty af] so yeah, a new story mode would be neat.

  • I wish there were a few more challenges each week to get FM, I also wish that even a loss would grant a small amount of FM (like 15 or 25) Also why is there no system in place to grant or multiply FM earned. Like say get 10 consecutive wins get a small multiplyer added to what you earn

  • @DMCMaster said in Fighting Games:

    Like say get 10 consecutive wins get a small multiplyer added to what you earn

    Im not sure,but i think the 1st beta had that.Cuz i got around 3mil fm just fighting online for 2 days..My beta fm. :’(

    Getting a multiplier fm anything,would be great

  • I decided to make an own thread for Tekken 7, so here.

  • So Who's picking up Injustice?
    Going to try and go to its midnight release after work (Although I probably shouldn't, haven't been getting much sleep the last few days)

  • Gonna skip it at this point and wait for some Ultimate Edition (because Tekken's coming). Huber and Kyle are playing through Injustice 2's Story Mode later this week. I'm reeeally tempted to watch that, but on the other hand then the whole thing is kinda spoiled. Ok, it's not the main thing in a game like this, but still it's been good fun in NetherRealm's games since MK9. Hmm. Maybe I'll watch them play it and forget most of it by the time I finally end up getting it in a year or something.

    Edit. Wait, that I2 stream is now gone. It was in the schedule still on weekend at least. Can't remember which day it was supposed to happen. Bummer.

  • @DMCMaster got the digital version pre installing right now so ill be giving it a go. Bought MKXL on sale the other week and got me thinking about it again so im looking foward to trying it.

  • Also finally tried out Kolin and Ed in the CFN beta, Kolin is really great and id like to play more of her but i think im just gonna get the pass when the price goes down eventually.

    What did ppl think of Ed? Easy inputs aside i think he has to much advantage over other ppl, great normals, his v trigger is practically another super the snare thing seems unblockable (not sure but i know it has a littler start up). i think hes a great idea but when you put him in the hands of ppl who really know their stuff he will just dominate.!

  • Made a EZA guild for Injustice 2
    ID is WSDZS

  • @DMCMaster There's also one Huber already made. He showed it on Tuesday's group stream while they were playing the game, people joined in live.

    And the Story Mode playthrough is on, even though it disappeared from the schedule for a while. It's on Saturday. However, I've been hearing good things about it, so I'll leave it unwatched at this point and enjoy it later myself. A bit shame, as watching the first game's story run with Huber was fun, and now there'd be Kyle too, but that's how it goes.

  • @Sentinel-Beach
    Didn't know, I'll have to see if I can join it assuming you can join more then one guild.
    Story mode is great, minus a difficultly spike with Brainac towards the end (he has a move that does like 45% in one hit, and god forbid he combos into it)

  • @DMCMaster @Sentinel-Beach Is there still room for the guild? I was planning on buying the game this weekend.

  • @DMCMaster cool will have a look for it once my game goes live.

  • @DMCMaster my brother is looking for a guild to join so I'm gonna give him the code, his psn is onyx635

  • OK, I've basically adding everyone who sends a application.

    Anyway just under a week till the Iron Fist returns.

  • So ed is tomorrow,along with the improved(lets wait n see) cfn ,classic vega's stage ,gameplay patches and free 50k fm...

    Will they ,somehow, fuck up tho?
    alt text

  • Free fight money?

  • @DMCMaster

    Yeah,they're giving away 50k of fm if you log in cfn within may 30(now) to june the 13th.

    Edit:well,sf5 is in maintenance for 24hrs may 31 i guess.