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  • what do you expect from a trash game

  • @siegeh SFV is probably one of the most mechanically sound fighters of this gen, but Capcom really are going full retard with the bad decisions lately.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Seems obvious to me. I have a hard time thinking of many well known characters left that would fit in MK.

    Namco Bandai needs to step up. Support for Tekken as an e-sport has been bad. We give lot of shit for Capcom and their schemes on SFV but at least currently it's working somewhat thanks to funding from DLC sales and others(interesting to see how next year will go though with all negativity currently going on).

  • @tearju-engi
    Maybe Tekken team should look into doing stuff like the CPT DLC, $20 for a stage or two, and a handful of costumes with proceeds going to the prize pool.

  • Does anybody here remember "Def Jam: Fight for NY"?

    Youtube Video

    Man I loved that game back in the day on my xbox, playing with my brother. While I find Mortal Combats violent finishers to over the top and rather comical, I enjoyed the "gritty" and "down to earth" violence in Def Jam besides it silly and dumb premise But you could literally feel the pain with every punch, kick and grab. Also many amazing options to use the stage itself for special moves.

    Otherwise my experience with fighting games is a bit limited. I enjoyed Soul Calibur back in the day and also the Dead Or Alive series for all their "assets" cough. Never got into Street Fighter, Tekken or Mortal Combat to much. Tried and liked some of the Blaz Blue titles later and I'm now playing Smash Bros. Ultimate on my switch and loving it.

  • ^^geez,been a while since the last def jam game,i mostly remember the soundtrack from def jam-ny,games was fun tho...What if Harada from bandai namco made one xD

    Maaan,made my s4 combo vid,blocked in 241 country..this youtube copyright thing is nuts :/

  • Fight for NY has a legit side tournament at CEO each year.

  • CEO 2017 FFNY Side-Tourney made me realized how busted Pockets & David Banner are lol

    The guys that ran it, knew their stuff. As soon as they talked about frame data, I didn't have much of a chance but, went 2-2 so lol. Debating if I should come as a spectator or competitor this year but, be coming again for a 3rd time.

    Sorry I haven't been around here as much. I've just been getting bodied by life but, I'm trying to come back. Also, please announce Sodom for V already; I know Q ain't gonna be in it but, gimme another big body with Abby & Gief. Been 2 months now since Kage has dropped already lol

  • @solid said in Fighting Games:

    gimme another big body with Abby & Gief. Been 2 months now since Kage has dropped already lol

    Im guessing with the way things are going now ..We're gonna have to wait at least 'til final round for sumthin (expect nothing tho..)....and im still LACKING FIGHT MONEY!

    in the meantime,i'm trying to shrink my backlog..its quite relieving really :)