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    @siegeh SFV is probably one of the most mechanically sound fighters of this gen, but Capcom really are going full retard with the bad decisions lately.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Seems obvious to me. I have a hard time thinking of many well known characters left that would fit in MK.

    Namco Bandai needs to step up. Support for Tekken as an e-sport has been bad. We give lot of shit for Capcom and their schemes on SFV but at least currently it's working somewhat thanks to funding from DLC sales and others(interesting to see how next year will go though with all negativity currently going on).

  • @tearju-engi
    Maybe Tekken team should look into doing stuff like the CPT DLC, $20 for a stage or two, and a handful of costumes with proceeds going to the prize pool.

  • Does anybody here remember "Def Jam: Fight for NY"?

    Youtube Video

    Man I loved that game back in the day on my xbox, playing with my brother. While I find Mortal Combats violent finishers to over the top and rather comical, I enjoyed the "gritty" and "down to earth" violence in Def Jam besides it silly and dumb premise But you could literally feel the pain with every punch, kick and grab. Also many amazing options to use the stage itself for special moves.

    Otherwise my experience with fighting games is a bit limited. I enjoyed Soul Calibur back in the day and also the Dead Or Alive series for all their "assets" cough. Never got into Street Fighter, Tekken or Mortal Combat to much. Tried and liked some of the Blaz Blue titles later and I'm now playing Smash Bros. Ultimate on my switch and loving it.

  • ^^geez,been a while since the last def jam game,i mostly remember the soundtrack from def jam-ny,games was fun tho...What if Harada from bandai namco made one xD

    Maaan,made my s4 combo vid,blocked in 241 country..this youtube copyright thing is nuts :/

  • Fight for NY has a legit side tournament at CEO each year.

  • CEO 2017 FFNY Side-Tourney made me realized how busted Pockets & David Banner are lol

    The guys that ran it, knew their stuff. As soon as they talked about frame data, I didn't have much of a chance but, went 2-2 so lol. Debating if I should come as a spectator or competitor this year but, be coming again for a 3rd time.

    Sorry I haven't been around here as much. I've just been getting bodied by life but, I'm trying to come back. Also, please announce Sodom for V already; I know Q ain't gonna be in it but, gimme another big body with Abby & Gief. Been 2 months now since Kage has dropped already lol

  • @solid said in Fighting Games:

    gimme another big body with Abby & Gief. Been 2 months now since Kage has dropped already lol

    Im guessing with the way things are going now ..We're gonna have to wait at least 'til final round for sumthin (expect nothing tho..)....and im still LACKING FIGHT MONEY!

    in the meantime,i'm trying to shrink my backlog..its quite relieving really :)

  • Sfv Characters reveal .
    Youtube Video

  • Poison? But why waste her in SFV?!?

  • This DBZF finals has been nuts.

  • @theultimogringo said in Fighting Games:

    Poison? But why waste her in SFV?!?

    They prob need some guaranteed sales for this game. As a combo lovin guy, lucia is quite fun to play many tools.
    Also no mahvel4 announcement :(

    -now watch this thread fade back into obscurity ._.

  • It's still alive.......alive.........alive..........

  • @Sleepychino69 Wait! There's more Evo to talk about.

    Dragonball Fighterz: glad to see Go1 get the Evo win, he seemed pretty pleased. And seeing Sonicfox not win every single thing is always good - no hate, just keeps things fresh.

    Soul Calibur 6: I've never played this game but the ending of grand finals looked ridiculous. Did he turn into a car?!

    BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle: Shinku, you freak. An American takes a BlazBlue game at Evo. And after getting pretty overwhelmed in the first set, he runs it back 3-0 to take it in losers bracket. Pretty damn impressive.

    Street Fighter 5: This was the first year I felt like finals day was wide open in this game. I expected Infexious to take it (and so did Evo organizers, I guess) after he looked so unstoppable on Saturday. It was good to see Bonchan get one after 2014 and it was even better to see him come back from down 2-0 to keep it in winners. Good show to all of the top 8 and especially Bonchan, Infexious, Big Bird and Machabo.

    Tekken 7: The best thing to happen to fighting games in the past year is Arslan Ash. The story of just his journey to Evo Japan is inspiring enough that even if he had gone 0-2 in pools, people would have talked about it. But since he showed up as a pretty much unknown and took out all the best players in the world on his way to becoming champ on no sleep, he became a legend. But that was just a fluke, he got lucky and the Koreans were off their game...except then he also won Evo - IN WINNERS. And he was the one who sent Knee to losers so he beat him twice anyway. Nobody knew who this guy was a year ago and now he's the consensus best Tekken 7 player in the world, so nuts.

    Smash Ultimate: I was done watching here but insane run by MKLeo through losers bracket to run it back and take the whole thing. I did watch a bit of Grand Finals and the last stock of the first game was preeeetty nuts.

    Samurai Shodown: Super cool looking game and comeback mechanics are available to both players at any time, that gets an upvote.

    MK11: didn't catch any of it but good for SonicFox for holding on to the belt.

    UNIST: Missed all of it. Any highlights of this tournament for anybody?

  • SFV was indeed enjoyable. So glad Bon-chan won because I really hate Rashido. His moveset are just insane that he really feels OP. Of course Big Bird played well as him but really. He has speed, aerial with that stupid tornado as a protective that is also great at offensive. That last moment when he did Critical Art and send the tornado afterward made me think in that instant the bracket was gonna reset. That Karin jump kick was clutch. Tekken7 was also great but that came made me bit nauseous. Not used to 3D fighters. Bit of Windjammers was nice but not liking sequel they showed. Catherine Full Body was also amazing. Such a good versus game.

  • Seth is back..kinda ,sorta.
    Youtube Video

  • Well that's certainly a design

  • This is the most dumbfounding character yet. Even with the rumours, I never believed Seth was coming. Nobody has asked for this character. Even people who played him (them) in 4 have to know he (they) can't play anything like he (they) did in that game. And everybody else remembers how he (they) played in that game so wants nothing to do with the character. Super weird choice by Capcom. I'm not complaining, just extremely shocked. It honestly feels like a troll.

    Move set wise, I'm not really interested. It all just looks like standard fare - except CA, that looks top tier.

  • Seth has 925 health & stun so, I fully expect the character to have an absurd amount of shenanigans.

    It's going to be an interesting (final?) season for SFV. Will continue to play Gief, Abby, G, Honda, & Falke.