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    I mean Kof13 EVENTUALLY made it to PC.... sooooo I guess it's just a waiting game?

  • @OddMan11

    The pro scene is doing fine and is visibly getting bigger n better. there's plenty of ppl in fgc not thinking and sponsors out there to ''help'' it.

    If this pro tour dlc bundle was 15$ or even 10$.I can assure you capcom would make way more bank than selling a few for 25$.Not to mention most who dont follow the pro tour(which there is plenty),these consumers arent exactly thrilled to be paying 25$ of dlc after paying 60$ for an incomplete mess of a game.

    I love sf,and want the best for it.Thing is capcom has been shooting themselves on the foot since the beta,and now capcom has practically no legs to stand on :/

  • @OddMan11 but isnt the pro tour being funded by a load of that sweet sony money aswell? i have no prob supporting them but the price point is just too high for such a flimsy justification

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    @Musou-Tensei said in Fighting Games:

    Not big on fighters these days but I just saw the story trailer for KoF14 and liked what I saw, and it also has around 50 characters right on the disk and don't seem to pander to the pro censorship crowd like Capcom does. Definitely trying out the demo that comes tuesday, apparently with free dynamic theme as well.

    Oh yeah. Capcom is all about the censorship...

  • @El-Shmiablo

    Yeah,that's one reason why some ppl are confused about the mika/cammy cam change,mika's super ender change and cammy's missing nips.

    When u can just point at laura and go ''so why bother even censoring''...After the whole espn costume change,i have a feeling capcom is still gonna do some of these useless changes,since it seem like their priority is to please an audience who doesnt even play the damn game :fearful:

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    I think their priority is to make it big in the world of esports, and I don't think ESPN get as excited by butt shots and nipples as the mouth frothing weebs do.

  • @El-Shmiablo

    That's great n all,but when ur sales don't meet expectations because of all the in-game issues and overall bad rep...And u start charging overpriced dlc to gain back money loss and do a poor job a communicating with your consumers. Appealing to esports isnt exactly gonna make anything better.

  • @Sleepychino69 exactly, all they are doing is driving away the potential new ppl and pissing off the people who payex for a season pass by adding more dlc when the game didn't even have everything it originally should have had in the first place.

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    @Sleepychino69 its sold about two fifth what IV sold over 8 years across 5 platforms, had nearly twice the turnout of any other game at EVO, and had great ratings for its first showing on ESPN.

    Considering Sony is footing the bill for development, I doubt Capcom is losing sleep about what a few weebs who are more worried they can't oggle Cammy's nips anymore than how the game actually plays on a competitive level have to say.

  • @El-Shmiablo
    Where do you get those numbers?So far i know espn had good vewing over 240k,but the sale on sfv???Last i checked,capcom said it didnt meet their 2 mil. Goal with both ps4 and yea ,unless u got a link?

    Also,weebs rly?..Didnt know ppl still said that.

  • GG Solid,if we play more you'll get use to laura's shenanigans :p

    Next time,we should play with charater select option.I wanna do some random select,trying to git gut with err1 ;D.

  • @Sleepychino69 Yeah, not sure what happened. I just set it to first to 5 and was surprised there was no stage or option select.

    Even more so when my pad stopped working for no reason. I'm sure you could have tell something was wrong when Gief was jumping excessively lol

    I'm testing it now to see if it was my pad or adapter but, it's working fine now...maybe the connection had something to do with it possibly? It was strange; I use the Brooks & SFxT pad and this never happened to me...

  • Im playing with the ds4,wonky at first.But a few runs with it and its not bad.

    Hope ya fix dude.

  • @Sleepychino69 Yeah, it stopped working again...I'm using a timer to see when it stops...

    Strange. It worked fine yesterday...maybe the new SF update had something to do with it...

    EDIT: Turns out I have to update the firmware since it stops working after 8 minutes. There's a fix for the adapter so yeah lol Next session Sleepy, it'll be better =D

  • ^Coolio!

    U down for tonight?1st to 3 with character select...Btw solid u got a sub main?

  • Yeah, I'll do it tonight. But, I'm gonna play with the default PS4 pad instead as I have to use another PC to fix the issue. My laptop's USB doesn't register USB devices (long story).

    I've been trying to find to get used to a secondary. Alex, Boxer, & Birdie to name a few. But, I'm gonna start practicing with Alex even though he feels...kinda weird in this game ya know? lol If Q gets announced, oh boy, I'm playing him like crazy lol

  • Coolio:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Alex would be a good fit for you tho,good rush n quick stun.

  • Yeah. Especially with that classic Bomber Jacket alt coming back. THANK THE GAMING GODS! I just need to practice his combos, set-ups, and fundamentals with him...

    Also, let's play online another time. Just got some things to do while watching Doug on Hulu lol

  • @-Solid

    It's cool dude ,till next time.i'll be waiting.
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