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    @dmcmaster all these fighting games out here competing for who has the most disappointing final season pass character.

  • The Garou: Mark of the Wolves port for PS4, PC and Vita got rollback netcode now! I already got the game downloaded so there's no excuse for me to not play this game.

  • That's kinda out of nowhere

  • I'm seeing some familiar names in here. Long time no see.

  • Who are/were you?

  • Didn't post too much in the Fighting Games sub-section of the Gaming section but I was a super active person in General Discussion and General Gaming with the same name as here. Mostly between 2007 and the end.

  • Never mind it was a mistake

  • Rollback netcode's coming to Guilty Gear Strive! This bodes well for my fantasy critic league...

  • Apparently Fighting EX Layer is being updated with rollback netcode. I'm gonna give this game a try when it's on sale.

  • @bam541
    It's on sale right now I believe

  • @dmcmaster oh damn, it is! Just bought it, thanks for the heads up.

  • @bam541
    It's nothing, Soul Caliber and Tekken 7 are also on sale i think

  • I got a few online matches already with some dude from Hongkong (I'm in Indonesia btw), the connection quality meter kept fluctuating but I never really felt any noticable slowdowns or delays. My inputs felt pretty precise. It's so good, definitely better than any matches I ever had in SamSho, and Tekken 7 (I never managed to find a match in SC6). I'll be playing more of this, gonna find some tutorials first though. Sanane hype!

  • Need to give EX Layer a second shot, bought it, then had a bunch of crazy weeks at work

  • Slightly late to post the announcement but tomorrow at they will be saying something about the DLC for this season

    I really hope they don't do something stupid like announce the dates they will be announcing the characters or something like that. There are a lot of rumours out there about who the characters are and some are pretty convincing but I won't add them in case they are correct and people don't want them spoiled. Hopefully they announce all 5 and at least 1 is a guest.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I've really enjoyed SF5 so far (bought day 1), but im also kinda getting tired of buying all the newest versions to get all the new characters/stages. I'm torn, on one hand I'm glad theres still new characters to come but I'm also just kinda ready to just have the full game already, don't know about you.

  • @themarcv
    I mean the last version released was the last version, at least if rumors are anything to go by, allegedly there was supposed to be an announcement for Street Fighter 6 this year (still could be) but allegedly the 5 characters coming were meant to be part of SF6.

    That said
    Makoto, Oro, Sodom,Guy,Swada.

  • @themarcv honestly, I hated everything about street fighter 5 until very recently. I think I just always set my expectations too high. I have just reinstalled it and am hoping to get some games in long as the Mrs doesn't go into labour. I may go back to feeling the same but this time, I'm very optimistic to jump in with 40 characters that are basically all new to me as it's been several years since I last played.

    BUT I totally understand what you mean. Not necessarily for me but sf games overstay their welcome for many.

  • @dmcmaster Yeah, I mean I'm sadly use to this kinda stuff with SF but I think I've bought three versions of the game so far, standard, arcade and now champion. I was kinda hoping with Champion I'd have it all outside of pay for costumes but looks I'll have at least one more season worth of characters to consider now.

    I like your list, I'd be very excited if they finally added Hagar to the SF roster.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Think I was kinda of the opposite, I knew before purchasing the game was going to be limited with more stuff to come down the road and that kinda made me try out the Online. Now I've been playing Street Fighter since I was a little kid but I'm not very good at it so I never had any desire to play online. Finally doing so proved to be extremely enjoyable to me. I get beat now often but those matches that are evenly matched are so fun. All the new modes and stuff are nice and I've enjoyed going through the arcade mode to see the ending art but I've also just enjoyed how the game plays, I feel like it's easier to learn some decent combos and make a go of it.