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  • Kind of fell off the SF5 train myself, can't wait for Injustice 2 now.

  • Anyone want to play some SFV? My CFN is OddMan11 and you can add me on steam at

  • Sooo...apparently capcom has shipped less than 100k copies in the last 3 months.-sauce-

    Someone at the capcom's hq needs to wake the fuck up,and start slapping some back heads cuz this shit will sink fucking deep.:disappointed:

    The last update before the cpt final,supposedly, will be urien's update..They better have something,otherwise shits not gonna change until the next announcement,which will obviously be at the cpt finals..COME THE FUCK ON!!

  • Their problem is that they think FGC appeal means mainstream appeal. NRS understands that fighting games should be for both casuals and hardcore people, which is why they've been embraced sales wise. Capcom is unrivaled when it comes to gameplay, but 5000 people signing up for one event a year isn't going to translate to sales.

  • @BatViking said in Fighting Games:

    Sad to see Killer Instinct is largely ignored. But I understand. It's matchmaking is utter trash, a horror show. A complete nightmare. Love the game, but gave up around silver rank when matchmaking gave me nothing but Gold and Killer ranked folks. Completely ridiculous. At least Juri is coming to SF5 soon, so I'll start playing that again.

    I was really "jazzed" for KI.
    I used to play KI Gold for the N64 a lot. But I don't own an XBox and I really tend to stick to one console per generation.
    So I kept waiting for the PC version.

    After windows 10, I had a lot of issues getting the MadCatz SE stick working with the PC and at this point the game's been running for a very long time - so it's very daunting to try and get into it. Also, I kind of tuned out after they introduced "RASH" - I don't know, but for me, some of the "guest" characters seem out of place.

    I'm happy they made it though, and I still get the OST going sometimes. :P

  • Beat hard survival with 8 characters,beat extreme with 1...And did everything else you need to do to earns fight money...And im still so far away from unlocking half of the stuff in there :confounded:

    I need urien...I need more fight moneys:persevere:

  • @Sleepychino69 Aye! That's messed up. I was able to get a night version of the waterfall stage with all the fight money I acquired from playing since launch. That's it. Bullshit I tell ya.

    I think I started survival hard twice with Necalli.'s just ggrrrrr. Hat's off to you sir. I simply do not have the required resolve.
    Why do we like this game again? Damn you Capcom!!!

  • They broke me and I bought the season pass. I had earned enough to get one character, deffo wanted Guile and Balrog and was interested in trying the others and got sick of the grind knowing any time i got a colour or stage it was setting me back.

  • Banned

    @Tiago-Ponte Playing Campaign gets you like 40k FM, amd Campaign + gets you another 15k I think. Individual story modes will get you a few thousand each go. Same for Survival. You can also get a good chunk from watching the tutorials and doing some trials. All in all you can get a big chunk of the available content without spending real money, and this is before they add Daily Challenges which should make it even easier to get stuff.

  • @El-Shmiablo I must have missed something then... cause I did complete all of that.
    Is it possible that completing the modes while offline locked me out of getting any FM?
    I remember playing the single player modes during maintenance windows...

  • Banned

    @Tiago-Ponte That would explain it.
    It even gives you a warning message if you tty to do that, saying FM will not be awarded for completed tasks if played offline.

  • @Tiago-Ponte
    The night/day stages mix cost sooo much fight money!

    I know all about survival rage,got to 96 on extreme today...And cammy went psycho on me -_- i wanted to flip all the tables in the 100 mile radius:grimacing:

  • Is anyone still having issues with "rage-quitting" in ranked?
    I feel like it's a bigger problem than it was with SF4. Maybe having that disconnect rate next to your name dissuaded some of that nonsense?

    I've even met players with the online Ids suggesting that they will rage-quit, lol.

  • Don't have any rage quitting in MKX, though the matchmaking itself in that game is infuriatingly unfair.

  • I'm reviewing KOFXIV and i am REALLY bad at it.
    I've got about a week to git gud, but it looks [Embargo] so far.

    Can't wait to do more of [Embargo]

  • @BatViking

    Kinda makes me wish sfv had a quitality like thing.

    Like if they ragequit, the screen goes 'KO' with the super flash effect and while the super flash is happening..A huge bolded 40002 error fades over the 'KO'...i can only dream.

  • @Tiago-Ponte I have been getting a lot of rage quits when I got to super and ultra bronze so I never got my points for wins and now I've fallen back down to Bronze again :(

  • @BatViking said in Fighting Games:

    Don't have any rage quitting in MKX, though the matchmaking itself in that game is infuriatingly unfair.

    You and I have been playing two totally different MKX onlines then. I'd get at least a ragequit every session I'd play.

  • Store near me has KOF I snag a copy, or wait for my collectors edition instead?
    Also Atlus is warning people not to post spoilers.....what could there be to spoil in KOF, a playable Metal Slug.......fuck just raised and slashed my own expectations

  • Urien,i need urien...I need to crush,kill and destroy

    And the fight money of course,so close to platinum trophy...