Need feeback about subtitles and translations

  • Hi, I'm the guy who's been doing the English and Spanish subtitles for the reviews. Mostly I wanted to know how many of you actually makes use of them (in either language) and if you have any complaints or suggestions regarding the whole thing.
    If you use subtitles, why do you use them?
    Would you like me to subtitle the game audio in the reviews as well?
    Do you know anyone who uses the subtitles in any language other than English?
    Would they understand the review without them?

    Any type of feeback will be welcome.

    Also, I'd like to know if people are interested in subtitles for the other shows or podcasts, and whether you'd be interested in me posting an alternate translation of the reviews here in the forum. This alternate translation wouldn't be limited by the format of the subtitles, which have to be adjusted to a certain length and duration.

    One last thing, if you use the subtitles for languages other than English or Spanish, would you say the subtitles in your language are well formatted, translated, and punctuated?

    That's all, thanks in advance!

  • I do appreciate your work, even though I don't use subtitles myself. Maybe once my hearing goes so bad I won't hear Jones's soothing voice clear enough to make out what he's saying, I'll start using subtitles.

    That said, when it comes to having subtitles for game audio during reviews (and whatever videos you do subtitles for), you would have to separate it from the review audio for example:
    Whatever Jones says in the review as in normal subtitles
    [game audio within brackets and/or in italics to clearly separate it]

    That would make understanding the subtitles much easier. But whether or not to start doing subtitles for game audio, I think you could do a strawpoll or something to get a clear vote for what people in here at least would want.

  • @jipostus
    I can't use italics, unfortunately. YouTube's subtitle format is very limited. I don't think I can change the position of the subs, either (for example, putting the game dialog on the top of the screen). Thanks for the feedback!

  • admin

    @DavidFCG said in Need feeback about subtitles and translations:

    I can't use italics, unfortunately. YouTube's subtitle format is very limited. I don't think I can change the position of the subs, either (for example, putting the game dialog on the top of the screen). Thanks for the feedback!

    If you do them, I wouldn't worry about game quotes unless there's a break in Brandon's VO, and in that case I would put them in brackets. That said, I don't think it's all that necessary, but curious if anyone would want them.

    I do know that while there are people that use them, the number is fairly low. So it could be hard to get substantial feedback.

  • @Bloodworth Yeah, and there may not be much overlap with the people who frequent the forums. But I guess it'd be useful to keep the thread around in case someone does a suggestion or something.

  • I know this thread is a few years old, but I have been thinking about this a lot recently. I watch videos a lot in places where I can’t have the volume up or don’t have headphones and captions have always been a life saver. I’m a hearing person, but I’m sure there’s some deaf or hard of hearing community members out there that would appreciate accurate captions. I know YouTube changed their guidelines regarding community submitted captions, but is there some way we can submit captions still? The auto generated captions don’t cut it for me and some of the older videos don’t have captions at all. I’d love to help if there is a way.

  • admin

    @kibblebits Alexander Zyryanov has continued to do captions on all the reviews. He just has to send me the files to upload rather than editing them directly on YouTube.

    I've also purposely limited caption submissions to scripted videos both because they're shorter and because I have the direct scripts to give to whoever's doing them and to compare afterwards. When things are more conversational, it's hard to pick up exactly what everyone's saying, people may be speaking at the same time, and the videos tend to be much longer in general. So even if someone else is doing the subtitles, it becomes a huge time-sink just to review them to make sure they're correct.

    Alexander's got the reviews down to a science, doing English and Russian subtitles, but if there's another language you can help with or if you think there are more scripted vids out there that you'd like to do subtitles for, just let me know.

  • @kibblebits If you need some production tips, here's how I do subtitles now. Also feel free to ask me any questions.

    Youtube Video