Favorite average games

  • So what are the games that don't score great and are deemed average by most players, but you love anyway? or at least have a fondness for
    For me its

    The Punisher (ps2) loved the interrogation mechanics and brutal nature of the game. They really got the character right. and even though the shooting wasn't great i still had a lot of fun playing that game.

    spartan total warrior (ps2) Just a fun game. Crap story and shallow combat, but it felt good beheading ten enemies at once.

    Batman Begins (ps2) Borrowed a lot of elements from other games. I played all the way to the end and had fun. Not much to say about this one but hey for a movie tie-in it wasn't bad.

    The Bourne Conspiracy (ps3) I really love this game. It did a great job in recreating the iconic Bourne moments. The combat made you feel like Jason bourne, unleashing that full adrenaline meter to swiftly take down 3 enemies so so satisfying. And the driving segment controlled great and didn't feel shoe horned in it at all.

    So here a just a few of my picks. i'd love to hear your guys picks.

  • That's a hard one. Most games that are considered average I either skip or don't finish.

    I will always defend SWTOR, even though it's looked down on by most most with unfounded criticism.
    I also really liked Ryse: Son of Rome. While not most exciting game, tho story and visuals proved to be enough to hold my attention.

  • The Order 1886
    Lords of the fallen
    Tales of zesteria
    dragon quest heroes

    I have a few more but i'm not sure how they was rated like Watch Dogs and Amazing Spiderman 2.

  • @afroinens
    I also loved the punisher game. Couple of mine are Warhammer 40K: Space Marine, Enslaved and Afro Samarui just to name a few.

  • Great question. I have two that spring to mind.

    Far Cry Primal. I was looking for something new to play right when it came out, and even though it was getting pretty solid 7's, I figured I'd give it a shot. Maybe it was that my expectations were low, or maybe it was that I'd never played a Far Cry game so wasn't sick of the style, but I ended up loving it. I thought it had great progression, and come on, you get to be a caveman. Hurling a spear into an enemy's face just feels good. And you get to ride fucking sabre-tooth tigers!

    Tokyo Jungle. Big PSN flash sale a couple years back, and I bought a ton of games for cheap. I almost didn't bother with Tokyo Jungle, based on the kind of meh reviews I'd read. So glad I got it. Played it easily for over a hundred hours, and my girlfriend and kids fell in love with it as well. All for $.99.

  • @Mortambulist Loved Far Cry Primal!

  • My friend bought me Viking: Battle for Asgard a couple years ago because he found it for about 2 bucks. That game is nothing special, but I played the hell out of it until I beat it. I have no idea why I enjoyed it so much.

  • Super Paper Mario- Generally speaking this is the odd Paper Mario out. I agree that we don't need the rest of the Paper Mario series to be like it, but I'd really like a Persona-esque side series of Super Paper Mario games. It had my favorite story in the series, I love all the Merls and the Pixls, plus I love Bowser in this game. He's great, 10/10 Best Bowser.

    Nintendo Land-I think it gets brushed aside for being the game that came with the Wii U, but honestly it's one of my favorites on the console. It's the epitome of Nintendo polish and really a love letter to its IP's. Not to mention, it's a blast whether you're playing at a party or on you're own.

    Carnival Mini-Golf- Yeah, I don't really have a defense with this one, chock it up to nostalgia. I did a math project on the schematics of each course when I was in 6th grade. That's how much I loved this game. I played so much that I could do a 100% run without looking at the screen.

  • Dynasty Warriors - really any of them, it doesn't matter because they're all so similar. It's so average it hurts but I guess that makes me a masochist since I just can't get enough. Pang Tong alone is worth the price of admission.

  • Hmm. I always give games a chance, if at least the art or some story elements seem interesting, and average is sometimes actually really nice for wasting some hours or having mindless fun.

    The Order 1886
    Nier (at least based on review scores, because I know lots of people like it a lot)
    Final Fantasy XIII-2, which somehow scored less than XIII, was definitely my favourite in the trilogy. I quite liked the other two as well, they were good fun.
    Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes
    Resonance of Fate
    Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters

    And some otome games with which I've had silly fun:

    Amnesia: Memories

  • The Order 1886 is a great game if you you where to put a cheaper price on it. Its beautiful and has superb animations with a great lore. It just needs to flesh out the gameplay to give the player a bit more freedom.

    I totally forgot about Enslaved, such a great spin on that classic story and Andy serkis was fantastic as monkey.

  • @afroinens Oh yeah, Enslaved! I love that game. Lost of fun platforming and a story that was pretty interesting as well.