Grand Kingdom

  • Hello Allies, I'll be snagging my physical copy of Grand Kingdom this week and I was wondering if any of the other allies were thinking of doing the same, or if they happen to get the digital version last week.
    Game really looks to scratch that JRPG itch for me, anyone else looking forward to, or already enjoying this gem?

  • I had the "Grand" edition pre-ordered from february till they decided to delay it and not delay the digital I got the digital version last week and played through it on twitch.

    Good times actually, the game is pretty fun, though I was a little sad that the depth I perceived this game to have on the surface when I started it was much less so by the end of the game, it's definitely not Disgaea level min/maxing.

    The war component is a cool concept too, something I missed from a little known title called Grand Knights History by vanillaware, which I still suspect this game to have been modeled after.

  • Always wanted to try out Grand Knights but never really had the chance. I think some of the devs that worked on that moved on to this, but im not positive.

  • @TheMarcV Some of them did I think, I'm not sure on the specifics but the main artist and a few other key people from vanillaware are gone now.