Whats Everybody's Thoughts on Exclusives?

  • I watch Youtube videos quite a bit and, whenever im watching a video on a Video Game that's Exclusive to a platform theirs always a group of people who complain of its exclusivity. What are your guys thoughts of exclusives?

    I have no problem with them my self, i always thought of them as reasons to buy a certain console why have 3 consoles if there are no exclusives. IF theres a exclusive title on a system i dont have that i wanna play, I guess ill have to buy that system.

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    I like Microsoft's way of doing exclusives where they span multiple pieces of hardware, but still use Windows.

    I hope it catches on.

  • They suck unless it is a necessity for the sake of the game, such as DS/3DS games that heavily make use of the clamshell two screen design and wouldn't work as well without it or Super Mario Maker, the only game that properly justifies the Wii U Gamepad.

  • They don't make all that much sense. I get why they happen, but overall exclusives feel like an artifact of a time gone by that everyone's afraid to drop out of.

  • Buying them from third parties doesn't make a lot of sense, but the exclusives made in house I have no issue with.

  • In a "perfect world" you would only need 1 system to play all your games on, but that's not a world we live in (or probably ever would want to live in).

    Exclusives gives people a reason to get a certain system, having multiple systems creates competition between companies, competition is good for the consumer (drives companies to be better). Even just the simple thing of a game being exclusive can push the company to try and support the game to make it better than what it would've been normally (since they basically need strong system sellers).

    So at a glance exclusives might seem like something bad, but in the grand scheme of things it's actually a good thing imo.

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    Literally the only reason to own one console over another.
    If Nintendo didn't have their exclusive titles, what would be the point of owning their consoles at all? Same for Sony, and to a much lesser degree Microsoft.

  • @El-Shmiablo

    well the point would be, at least with the Switch anyway (not so much all the other Nintendo consoles), is that you would be able to play third party games both on the tv and on the go which you can't do with the other consoles.

    you could argue that the Vita can do that but then Vita is also a completely separate system you have to buy on top of that money you already spent buying a PS4.

    the Switch having that 2 in one factor is totally a gimmick for sure, but it's a gimmick that makes ALOT of sense at the moment. people don't want to buy 2 consoles like how people were complaining about having to buy digital games on both 3DS AND Wii U. With Switch being a 2 in one system, we don't have that problem anymore. and Nintendo having a proper account system now where the games are tied to the account, not the console, helps things even more!!!

    for older consoles yeah, exclusives just meant having to buy one machine over the others that was it.

  • Exclusives are, among other things, the way I choose which console to purchase.

  • I'm fine with exclusives that is what sets gaming hardware apart without that distinction there would be no reason to own multiple consoles. I would go PC and stay there.

  • Games Exclusives = Consoles Exclusivity. I like to to own console which sets it apart from all others. Exclusives help sell the device and makes console worthwhile. Exclusives expose the potential of a console. The also help you decide which console is the right for you. For example I like PS4 and Switch because they are populated with the genre I like.

    Obviously there are many advantages of having exclusive games but as far as cons go I feel that the only time I would hate an exclusive for the console is when thats the only exclusive game on the system and they are using it to sell a 200-300 dollar hardware. That pisses me off.

  • I get WHY they need to exist, I just don't like the practice.

    But this is coming from a guy that when Atari and kalecovision stopped being a thing there was ONLY the NES. When SNES came out it was only THEN the concept of a different system with exclusive games became a thing for me when Sega released the genesis.

    Only thing was back then it wasn't like 15% exclusives and everything else was multiplatform, the vast majority of games on those systems were unique to their consoles with a much much smaller overlap of multiplatform titles, and even then games had exclusive features on each system. (Mortal Kombat not being censored on Genesis being one of the earliest examples).

    But NOW it's just a few really meaningful exclusives and the vast majority of games are all multiplatform, and nowadays there's very little variation in features or even performance anymore, unless you compare consoles to PC.

    It's just an outdated concept that I wish would go away, but it never will. These companies can't sell their products without exclusives, that's just the way it is.

  • @ZyloWolfBane

    I agree with this. I was gonna say removing exclusives negates the point of having a console or making a console. We'd all be on PCs.

  • In my not so very informed opinion exclusives are about the only thing that keeps consoles viable as a gaming platform. As @Mbun pointed out, some make use of hardware specific advantages like the dual screen, but most games are made to span at least a couple platforms such as XB and PC, or PS and PC. As such, when a true exclusive comes along, it's only to bolster sales of a specific console. So my thought is that the industry is playing the consumers with their exclusives.

    All that being said, I did just buy a PS4 with the intent of playing PS4 exclusives and a few couch co-op games. Well played, Sony. Well played.

  • It's a differentiating factor for the hardware companies, so it is something that comes with the territory of any business, and I frankly think it is silly to think it should be different. In every single industry companies try to get an edge over their competitors in different ways, and it is up to the consumers to make the choice that fits them best, and live with the upside and downside of that decision.

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    Like sticking through with Sony during the early years of PS3. Tough times. I never gave up but damn those days were intense.

  • I don't like it, but I understand. I would prefer if everything could be played anywhere, but Its good for a game to be an exclusive, since it gets more attention from that company, which in turn bolsters the significance of the console. It's healthy for the industry, not so much for the audience.

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    @Yoshi My problem with that is, at least going by the last three generations of consoles, Nintendo does not often recieve nearly as much third party support as competing platforms.
    I also like to choose which platform I purchase games on based on how well they perform, which means most of my purchases are made on PC or PS4. The Switch's middling specs when compared to other current generation consoles means I will probably be continuing that trend, portability notwithstanding.
    I'm excited for the Switch, but mostly because I know I will get to play the usual awesome Nintendo exclusives I already love.

  • If the exclusive is because sony/microsoft/nintendo/whoever forked over a stack of cash to a game in development to lock it out from being released on other platforms that sucks

    If Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo/Whoever is funding development of a game to create an appeal for their platform that's fantastic

    Saving games that wouldnt have been finished like Bayonetta 2? great
    Localizing games that otherwise wouldnt have been translated like Yakuza? fantastic
    ONE MONTH EXCLUSIVE CALL OF DUTY MAPS!!!! get out of here with that nonsense

  • Other than it being the only reason to buy one system over another. And exclusives usually are better optimized when its on fewer platforms. Exclusives provide additional incentive for companies to invest in the gaming industry. For the sake of system brand promotion.

    Just think of why Windows and Black Berry phones. Pale in comparison to Apple and Android. It simply comes down to content and greater developer support via apps.