Whats Everybody's Thoughts on Exclusives?

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    i'm not really worried about that. they have already have confirmed Zelda, Splatoon, Xenoblade 2, Fire Emblem Warriors and Mario Odyssey coming this year (well xenoblade 2 is a MAYBE 2017 unless it gets delayed to 2018 which could easily happen). and then also a full fledged Fire Emblem coming 2018.

    those games alone, are big franchise's that will help encourage people to buy Switch consoles within the first year.

    and then on top of that we need to remember that those 6 games alone were just announced in January. Nintendo still has the entire rest of the year to keep announcing more Switch games including E3 which is only 3 or 4 months away now.

    in other words, they have plenty of time to keep announcing stuff throughout 2017.

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    tually holding back innovation. Sure it keeps consoles on the market, but if games were judged not by their exclusive status but instead by their art, graphical strength and beauty, design, and creativity I think we'd potentially have a more competitive game market. If a game gets a console exclusive deal, I feel like that allows that game a degree o

    Oh, I agree with everything you said. What I meant with healthy is that it keeps some developers afloat and it keeps competition alive between platforms. I very much dislike it, but I understand why a developer would choose this path, even if its somewhat more lazy and easier, as you said.

  • I have a PS4, so I have access to most of the worthwhile exclusives, so I don't mind them.

  • @CGamor7 Well said. And honestly, I think we've got it pretty good overall. :)

  • @Nillend Ah... sorry. If it does keep devs afloat, I guess I'm ok. :)

  • You know what is going to be annoying and I see no purpose in. Several digital store fronts that will be needed to play PC lol. At the moment you have EA's Origin, Microsofts store, Steam and GoG, all in which have exclusive content except for maybe GoG (I could be off). I'm sure we will see a playstation storefront one day different the PS Now on PC. Easier then having multiple consoles but still annoying to have.

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    You know what is going to be annoying and I see no purpose in.

    So you'd prefer it if Steam had monopoly?

  • I love exclusives. The reality of this industry is that a lot of great games aren't commercially viable products. They may be niche, or small scale, ahead of their times, or just too different from conventional games, and won't sell.

    Publishers will never put money on these games, because despite that people may want them, despite that they may do something interesting for gaming as a whole, they're unlikely to generate a significant profit. Exclusivity is a great workaround for this problem. These games might not be commercial powerhouses, but as long as they're interesting and critically acclaimed, by attaching them to a specific console, their existence adds value to that console in the eyes of consumers, which makes an entirely justifiable investment for a console manufacturer.

    The fact is that a large portion, if not the majority of these exclusive games would never have happened were it not for the exclusivity. Having them be playable by everyone regardless of your chosen platform was never a possibility in the first place, and personally I'd rather they exist at all than not.

    So I think exclusives are great.

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    @CGamor7 said in Whats Everybody's Thoughts on Exclusives?:

    You know what is going to be annoying and I see no purpose in.

    So you'd prefer it if Steam had monopoly?


    Couldn't help it. I'm sorry!

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    No, But storefronts such as origin where the publisher only puts their games on it and nowhere else is more to what i was speaking to. EA games should be on Steam and GoG. I dont want to have another client just to have the three EA games ill buy.