What Podcasts (besides the obvious EZAP and Frame Trap) do you listen to?

  • @TOPHATANT123 said in What Podcasts (besides the obvious EZAP and Frame Trap) do you listen to?:

    Noodles: Radio Free Nintendo
    Focuses heavily on playing and talking about games be it Nintendo related or otherwise, rather than talking about the news. The hosts always bring something new to the table and the group have great chemistry after doing what they do for so long. Got a little tearful when Johnathan Metts left after 9ish years of week-in week-out video game discussion.

    Broth: 8-4 Play
    A Japan video game perspective from people that localise games to and from Japanese, with occasional inside baseball on how the whole process works.

    Noodles and Broth is going to be the new inside joke isn't it, haha

  • Aside from the EZA podcast, TTE and Frame Trap, I only listen to Swedish podcasts mostly.

    Creepypodden (The Creepy Pod) - Scary stories from around the web, told like campfire stories, sometimes with sound effects, with different voices. Usually told from the perspective of people in the stories.

    Kvalificerat Hemligt (Qualified Secret) - Myths and conspiracy theories debunked.

    Svenska Mordhistorier (Swedish Murder Stories) - Real and fictional murder stories. Most of them are real, but some are completely made up.

  • Besides the EZA podcasts, just Giant Bombcast/Beastcast unless I see a one-off appearance by someone I like on a random podcast elsewhere.

  • Beyond Easy Allies/Frame Trap, 8-4 Play is always a fab - and near instant - listen.

    Otherwise I veer between Chomp Chain, The Computer Game Show, Chat Very Good, VideoGamer, Don't Give Up Skeleton, Bonfireside Chat, Midnight Resistance.

    I'm also involved in a few. Twin Humanities is a podcast covering the Souls games, with Oh-The-Humanities dancing off into games in general, coffee, telly, movies - all that kind of stuff :) [see link in signature if you fancy it]

  • Other than the EA stuff, Rooster Teeth Podcast, The Know, PS I love you, and the Kinda Funny Gamescast. There's too much good content out there, hard to keep up! ;)

  • Podquisition, Fistshark & Spin-off doctors

  • I've loved the Giant Beastcast for the last year, so I'm utterly devastated about Austin Walker moving on. The DLC podcast is also really good.

  • +1 for Cool Games Inc and My Brother My Brother and Me. Love those sweet sweet McElroy brothers.

  • I do listen to Co-optional podcast every once in a while. Especially if there is a interesting guest(s).

  • If Game is a 4 Letter Word ever comes back I guess I can say I listen to that (It's Ryan Stevens' pet thing he did for a while)

    Four Finger Discount is a pretty prominent Simpsons Facebook page that posts funnies but actually is a weekly podcast where two 27 year old manchildren from Geelong review every episode ever starting at the very beginning. It's quite excellent if you're a simpsons fan - they just interviewed Harry freaking Shearer!!

    Cinema Swirl: "You seen that super popular fillum that everyone on the planet has seen?" "No" "Oh for fucks sake" - basically there exists a Sam Chaplin, a man who has somehow grown to be an adult who hasn't seen anything, ever. How will he react to popular fillums such as "Mean Girls" "Star Wars" "Back to the Future" etc with absolutely no nostalgia and a perfectly clean slate?

    The Art of Wrestling - Colt Cabana's wrestling interview thing.

    How2Wrestling: A man who has watched wrestling since he was a kid starts going out with a girl and finds out she's just gotten into it within the past 2 years. Naturally the appropriate course of action he chooses is to make a podcast where he educates her on various important figures and events in the world of wrestling that she's jumped into.

  • Eh well...

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    Just the Cool Ghosts podcast, Daft Souls. I prefer listening to music rather than podcasts when commuting. I tend to switch whatever I'm listening to in the background and that's why I can't do audiobooks either.

    These three are the exception.

  • Other than EZA I regularly listen to a couple Tested podcasts, the Nerdist, Bill Burr's Podcast, and Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

  • Easy Allies Podcasts first.
    I also listen to PS I love you & Kinda Funny, 8-4 Play, Cane & Rinse and Sound of Play.

  • The only other ones I listen to are The Co-optional Podcast and the Cox n' Crendor Show.
    I've been meaning to find some more though, since I enjoy listening to podcasts when I'm just plodding around in Dark Souls 3 doing pvp or co-op or leveling up some cosplay character. I also like to just go to YouTube and input <random interesting term> documentary and watch whatever comes up.

  • OSW Review and Rider Club Radio are my jam outside of EZA/Frame Trap. Oh, and Purple Stuff Podcast. Not sure how I forgot that one.

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    Bit of an odd shout, I don't listen to much else outside of EZA stuff.

    That said I used to live on 1UP podcasts, still my favourites truth be told.

    Retronauts started there and is still going, you'll have to search for the archives but new episodes are posted here: http://www.retronauts.com/

    Robert Ashley's A Life Well Wasted is the best podcast about games I've ever heard. Sadly never updated but the seven completed episodes are a delight. This American Life but video games. http://alifewellwasted.com/

    GFW Radio "The Brodeo". Just great. Archives here: https://archive.org/details/gfwpodcast?&sort=-date&page=2 Some highlights here: http://www.thisyearcollection.org/2012/06/33-gfw-radio-2008.html (an interesting resource in itself).

    No More Whoopers. Occasional listen for me, in jokes can make it tough to get into at first but I think it's worth sticking with if you like the personalities of Ray and Alex. http://nomorewhoppers.tumblr.com/

  • I mostly listen to the Dude Soup Podcast from Funhaus and the Rooster Teeth Podcast from well, Rooster Teeth. Aside from those I'll catch occasional Kinda Funny stuff, and Dear Hank and John (vlogbrothers podcast).

  • In order of my favourite podcast:

    • Nintendo Voice Chat
    • EZA Podcast
    • IGN Game Scoop!
    • GameXplain random long discussions
    • EZA Frame Trap
    • Podcast Beyond (Beyond gets too silly and annoying, so it can drop down in rank sometmies)
    • Podcast Unlocked
    • GameXplain Real Talk (Patreon podcast)
    • Kinda Funny P.S I Love you
    • Kinda Funny Gamescast (I like these guys, but their PlayStation bias can make things boring and ill informed)
    • Nintendo World Report (they have like, 4 different podcasts, so it's hard to track which one I actually like. They also waffle and go for too long sometimes)

    That's all that comes to mind for now. I also like to listen to Cinemassacre stuff, but they don't really have a proper podcast. And for DnD, I listen to EZA and Acquisitions Incorporated.

    • Rooster Teeth Podcast - Huge fan of the company and I love the banter between them. The best is when Burnie or Gus get upset and begins to yell at everyone.

    • How Did This Get Made? - For anyone who loves terrible movies. They watch the best worst films and discuss them. If you watched The League this is from Andre (Paul Scheer) and Rafi (Jason Mantzoukss).

    • Doug Loves Movies - A podcast for people who love comedians and enjoy movie trivia.

    • Mysterious Universe - For my love of ghost stories, monster myths, conspiracies, and all the weird mysteries of the universe.

  • @DeweyDTruman said in What Podcasts (besides the obvious EZAP and Frame Trap) do you listen to?:

    OSW Review and Rider Club Radio are my jam outside of EZA/Frame Trap. Oh, and Purple Stuff Podcast. Not sure how I forgot that one.

    Came to say The Purple Stuff Podcast. I see that it was mentioned so all is right with the world.

    For those who don't know, The Purple Stuff Podcast stars Matt from Dinosaur Dracula and Jay from The Sexy Armpit. A couple of mid-thirties guys who reminisce about Ghostbusters Ecto Cooler and everything else awesome from the 80's and 90's.