What Podcasts (besides the obvious EZAP and Frame Trap) do you listen to?

  • I mostly listen to the Dude Soup Podcast from Funhaus and the Rooster Teeth Podcast from well, Rooster Teeth. Aside from those I'll catch occasional Kinda Funny stuff, and Dear Hank and John (vlogbrothers podcast).

  • In order of my favourite podcast:

    • Nintendo Voice Chat
    • EZA Podcast
    • IGN Game Scoop!
    • GameXplain random long discussions
    • EZA Frame Trap
    • Podcast Beyond (Beyond gets too silly and annoying, so it can drop down in rank sometmies)
    • Podcast Unlocked
    • GameXplain Real Talk (Patreon podcast)
    • Kinda Funny P.S I Love you
    • Kinda Funny Gamescast (I like these guys, but their PlayStation bias can make things boring and ill informed)
    • Nintendo World Report (they have like, 4 different podcasts, so it's hard to track which one I actually like. They also waffle and go for too long sometimes)

    That's all that comes to mind for now. I also like to listen to Cinemassacre stuff, but they don't really have a proper podcast. And for DnD, I listen to EZA and Acquisitions Incorporated.

    • Rooster Teeth Podcast - Huge fan of the company and I love the banter between them. The best is when Burnie or Gus get upset and begins to yell at everyone.

    • How Did This Get Made? - For anyone who loves terrible movies. They watch the best worst films and discuss them. If you watched The League this is from Andre (Paul Scheer) and Rafi (Jason Mantzoukss).

    • Doug Loves Movies - A podcast for people who love comedians and enjoy movie trivia.

    • Mysterious Universe - For my love of ghost stories, monster myths, conspiracies, and all the weird mysteries of the universe.

  • @DeweyDTruman said in What Podcasts (besides the obvious EZAP and Frame Trap) do you listen to?:

    OSW Review and Rider Club Radio are my jam outside of EZA/Frame Trap. Oh, and Purple Stuff Podcast. Not sure how I forgot that one.

    Came to say The Purple Stuff Podcast. I see that it was mentioned so all is right with the world.

    For those who don't know, The Purple Stuff Podcast stars Matt from Dinosaur Dracula and Jay from The Sexy Armpit. A couple of mid-thirties guys who reminisce about Ghostbusters Ecto Cooler and everything else awesome from the 80's and 90's.

  • Here's a list of the podcasts other than Easy Allies Podcast and Frame Trap that I listen to on a regular basis. I listen to more than these, but those are very much based on "who's the guest?" rather than the actual dynamic of the show itself.

    Film Junk - best in the biz, the funniest movie podcast around and my favorite podcast overall. I've been listening to this show for almost 10 years at this point, which is weird to think about.

    Never Not Funny - I love Jimmy and the gang. Hopefully we won't be losing Garon soon.

    Comedy Bang Bang - hit and miss, but when it hits it's amazing.

    Improv4humans - I don't listen to every episode of I4H, but pick the ones where there's a good line-up of improvisers, which is often the case, so I listen to most eps.

    Dough Boys - I never would have thought a podcast about fast food could be this funny, but it has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts #spoonnation.

    PS I Love You xoxo - the replacement for Podcast Beyond, which is definitely not for me any longer. While not as good as Beyond was in its prime, it's still great.

    U Talkin U2 To Me? (RIP) - please, make new eps boys.

    Ball Junk - irregular offshoot from Film Junk talking about sports, great stuff.

  • I listen, not always, the TiC (The Inner Circle) podcast. Its a xbox focused podcast.
    Also the new podcast of my friends at Xbox en Argentina.

  • Videogames: EZA Podcast, Frame Trap, DLC with Jeff Cannata and Christian Spicer, CAGCast, PS I Love You, GameInformer Podcast (mostly cuz I like Ben Hansen, the host)
    Other: Weekly Planet (Comic book/movies)

  • Gameface on Siftd.net.
    Pat and Ian's CUPodcast.
    Radio Dead Air Live.

  • Besides the EZA stuff I really only listen to Podquisition and We Have concerns regularly. I sometimes check out Dude Soup (the Funhaus podcast) when I get bored as well.

  • Bombcast
    Comedy button
    PS I love you
    Poison Arrow

    Can't listen to podcast beyond. the quality dropped to near zero once greg and collin left.

  • Except for EZA's stuff on a weekly basis I listen to GameFace on SIFTD and for my movies fix I listen to Empire's podcast.

    I may catch the odd episode of NVC or Podcast Unlocked if I'm bored and the topics look particularly interesting.

  • I occasionally listen to the OPRainfall podcast when there's a big JRPG release or news

  • Other than EZA, the other videogame podcast I listen to is Cool Games Inc. It's not so much a podcast about videogames as it is a podcast about dumb concepts that could make a dope ass game.

    Other podcasts that I like are the "If I Were You" podcast by Jake and Amir and "The Cracked Podcast."

  • I used to listen to Daft Souls, but Lees turned into such an aggbro that I had to rid myself of it.

    Same with the Co-Optional Podcast, but Totalbiscuit is perpetually cranky and I got well sick of that.

    I also listened to Kinda Funny's podcasting for a while, but I started cutting myself whenever that idiot would talk about libertarianism and 1776 and complain about young people, so I deleted it from my feed.

    I still listen to Podcast Beyond. The current cast is pretty good: They seem to keep each other from getting too grumpy with life and Scoville is just really fucking sharp. He makes clever jokes throughout almost every episode. I'm jelly.

  • I mainly listen to Easy Allies, sometimes Kinda Funny's Playstation podcast.

    Not sure if this counts, but I listen to old radio shows.

    Patrice O'Neal on Opie and Anthony, he was by far the funniest comedian ever to be on radio. link text

    XFM Ricky Gervais Show, Karl Pilkington is the funniest human being ever without even trying. link text

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    Big fan of Freakonomics, This American life, The memory palace with Nick Dimeo, and The Moth Radio hour

  • @Ochi I've heard good things about Freakonomics, I'll have to check that out

  • I don't listen to many video game podcasts that aren't EZA, but I do listen to a couple really interesting ones for other topics.

    Wait wait don't tell me: A fun take on the week's news in the form of a game show. It's funny and lighthearted.

    Radiolab: Intersting personal stories of a wide variety

    Anything by The Ringer is high quality. The Bill Simmons Podcast also touches on issues outside the world of sports.

    The Lowe Post: If you are a basketball fan (NBA), Zach Lowe is a must listen/read. Great analysis and unparalleled knowledge of the association.

  • In terms of gaming podcasts I listen to

    DLC - Really like this as it's set up like a mix of the EZA podcast and Frame Trap where they start with stories and then move on to what they are playing. They also have a tabletop segment but I generally skip it.

    PS I Love you - It's been mentioned a few times, basically old Podcast Beyond. Which is good as I really don't like the new Beyond and have stopped listening

    Kinda Funny Gamescast - Again another one that has been mentioned a few times. I like that I can skip to whatever I'm most interested and generally I'm interested in the majority.

    Game Informer show - I'm liking this more and more as I listen. In particular it's great that they timestamp everything so you can skip to what you want. Seem like a really nice crew too.

    Wired: Game|Life podcast - I listen to this one every so often. I generally only discuss one or two things on the show but they do so in an articulate way. The sound quality does bother me though.

  • Every week I listen to:

    • Kinda Funny and PS I Love You

    • Dude Soup

    • Super Best Friendcast

    • 4Player Podcast

    • Player One Podcast

    • Game Informer Show

    • Roundtable Live

    EZA podcast is my current fav; Friendcast is a close 2nd.