What Podcasts (besides the obvious EZAP and Frame Trap) do you listen to?

  • Besides the EZA stuff I really only listen to Podquisition and We Have concerns regularly. I sometimes check out Dude Soup (the Funhaus podcast) when I get bored as well.

  • Bombcast
    Comedy button
    PS I love you
    Poison Arrow

    Can't listen to podcast beyond. the quality dropped to near zero once greg and collin left.

  • Except for EZA's stuff on a weekly basis I listen to GameFace on SIFTD and for my movies fix I listen to Empire's podcast.

    I may catch the odd episode of NVC or Podcast Unlocked if I'm bored and the topics look particularly interesting.

  • I occasionally listen to the OPRainfall podcast when there's a big JRPG release or news

  • Other than EZA, the other videogame podcast I listen to is Cool Games Inc. It's not so much a podcast about videogames as it is a podcast about dumb concepts that could make a dope ass game.

    Other podcasts that I like are the "If I Were You" podcast by Jake and Amir and "The Cracked Podcast."

  • I used to listen to Daft Souls, but Lees turned into such an aggbro that I had to rid myself of it.

    Same with the Co-Optional Podcast, but Totalbiscuit is perpetually cranky and I got well sick of that.

    I also listened to Kinda Funny's podcasting for a while, but I started cutting myself whenever that idiot would talk about libertarianism and 1776 and complain about young people, so I deleted it from my feed.

    I still listen to Podcast Beyond. The current cast is pretty good: They seem to keep each other from getting too grumpy with life and Scoville is just really fucking sharp. He makes clever jokes throughout almost every episode. I'm jelly.

  • I mainly listen to Easy Allies, sometimes Kinda Funny's Playstation podcast.

    Not sure if this counts, but I listen to old radio shows.

    Patrice O'Neal on Opie and Anthony, he was by far the funniest comedian ever to be on radio. link text

    XFM Ricky Gervais Show, Karl Pilkington is the funniest human being ever without even trying. link text

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    Big fan of Freakonomics, This American life, The memory palace with Nick Dimeo, and The Moth Radio hour

  • @Ochi I've heard good things about Freakonomics, I'll have to check that out

  • I don't listen to many video game podcasts that aren't EZA, but I do listen to a couple really interesting ones for other topics.

    Wait wait don't tell me: A fun take on the week's news in the form of a game show. It's funny and lighthearted.

    Radiolab: Intersting personal stories of a wide variety

    Anything by The Ringer is high quality. The Bill Simmons Podcast also touches on issues outside the world of sports.

    The Lowe Post: If you are a basketball fan (NBA), Zach Lowe is a must listen/read. Great analysis and unparalleled knowledge of the association.

  • In terms of gaming podcasts I listen to

    DLC - Really like this as it's set up like a mix of the EZA podcast and Frame Trap where they start with stories and then move on to what they are playing. They also have a tabletop segment but I generally skip it.

    PS I Love you - It's been mentioned a few times, basically old Podcast Beyond. Which is good as I really don't like the new Beyond and have stopped listening

    Kinda Funny Gamescast - Again another one that has been mentioned a few times. I like that I can skip to whatever I'm most interested and generally I'm interested in the majority.

    Game Informer show - I'm liking this more and more as I listen. In particular it's great that they timestamp everything so you can skip to what you want. Seem like a really nice crew too.

    Wired: Game|Life podcast - I listen to this one every so often. I generally only discuss one or two things on the show but they do so in an articulate way. The sound quality does bother me though.

  • Every week I listen to:

    • Kinda Funny and PS I Love You

    • Dude Soup

    • Super Best Friendcast

    • 4Player Podcast

    • Player One Podcast

    • Game Informer Show

    • Roundtable Live

    EZA podcast is my current fav; Friendcast is a close 2nd.

  • Uh, that's a thread for me. I am a big podcast nut.
    First of all I want to mourn podcasts I used to love, I'd be over the moon if anybody else used to listen to them:

    • Australian Gamer Podcast: Found that one because Yathzee Croshaw did a couple of guest apperances and just ate it up. Still my absolute fav of all time and even though it has been done for years I still miss it.
    • Invisible Walls: It's funny, even though EZA is basically GT Time, IW had a completely different tone. Marcus and Shane are alot more bro-y and straight forward to the point of being douchy, but I liked that podcast alot too.
    • The Dissolve Podcast: Part of the really short lived Dissolve website for film buffs. Has an equally quality predecessor though. So all is good.

    Besides EZA and Frame Trap I recommend:

    • DLC: Although it's never gonna be one of my top podcasts because Christian get's annoying to me I do like it as sort of second opinion to EZA.


    • Slashfilmcast: I just love the three hosts so much. My absolute favorite podcast right now. It's more loose and less professionell than others like Filmspotting. But that's part of the charm.
    • Fighting in the War Room: Those four are professionell critics but relatively young and do have a great chemistry as well.
    • Post-Move Podcast: A little known gem. Two professional filmcritics and friends but both of them are a bit on the older side and amazingly knowledgeable.
    • TV Talk Machine: Tim Goodmans Podcast about the most recent TV Shows. Quite interesting.
    • KCRWs the Spin Off
    • And for my Game of Thrones needs: A Cast of Kings, A Storm of Spoilers and my absolute fav Cast of Thrones

    Comic Books:

    • Weekly Planet
    • The Thought Bubble

    Other cool stuff:

    • We Have Concerns: Only 20 minutes, really really funny
    • Yer a Wizard Harry: Harry Potter Book Podcast only at Book 2, so you can read along easily.

  • EZA and Frame Trap are basically the only gaming podcasts I do.

    I am subscribed to No Comments Allowed by Marcus Beer but he hasn't released an episode in months (he and his wife recently took in a foster child so the man is busy).


    The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe
    Talk Nerdy
    Inquiring Minds
    Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project
    This is Only a Test
    The Geologic Podcast

  • I very recently started listening to Podcasts. I listened to "Welcome To Nightvale" religiously when I was in high school and I always tune in to the EZA podcasts while I'm at work but nothing else really. I'm a big fan of old school/middle school Sourcefed (Basically from the original 3 hosts to Reina, Will, and Lieberman) so I've been listening to a lot of "Table Talk". I feel like they're mini podcasts, except for the ones with Watsky which are a lot longer (and absolutely hilarious, the frying pan story still cracks me up). As for real, normal podcasts I just started listening to My Brother, My Brother, and Me. One episode usually lasts my commute to school, so it's nice for that. I really like all the brothers. I've also been listening to a couple Anime podcasts here and there. I'm not loyal to any one in particular yet, I just look up podcasts that discuss what I'm currently watching.

  • I listen to a number, but here's a few I'd recommend:

    The Dollop: It's an American history podcast presented by two comedians. They talk about some of the dumber parts of the nation's history, with some of the truely horrible things sprinkled in. Basically things you wouldn't be told in an American history class.

    Triforce: Two dads and one nondad talk for an hour, tell stories, and riff off eachother.

    My Dad Wrote a Porno: A guy reads his 60ish year old dad's "erotic novel" to two friends. It's very badly written and very funny. Not for children, if that wasn't obvious.

  • What’s good games podcast
    is very cool

    Some lesser known ones

    Coins 2 Continue (if you want something else than just a bunch of white dude)

    Super Deformed Gamescast is fun as well

  • Dropped Frames - A weekly podcast similar to Frame Trap that also focuses a lot on streaming as a profession.

    Rollplay - A Patreon funded series of roleplaying shows with thousands of hours of content. Right now they have two weekly shows:

    • Court of Swords: A traditional DnD 5E show set in a world inspired by Khmer and other Asian culture. More hardcore than TTE but still a lot of silliness too.

    • Nebula Jazz: A Fate Accelerated show set in space in a universe where the Earth was destroyed in 1986, inspired by stuff like Guardians of the Galaxy.

    A must watch finished Rollplay show is Swan Song.
    The show uses the Stars Without Numbers ruleset and is about a group of outlaws doing various missions trying to pay off the loan on their space ship. Probably one of my favorite pieces of fiction ever.