What is your favorite genre of games?

  • I've always been an RPG fan through and through. To the extent that some years I only play RPGs or very few games in other genres. I think it began because my older brother was hugely into RPG video games, D&D, MTG and fantasy novels as I grew up so I had a lot of exposure. Even now though I am happy with my genre of choice.

    What are your favourite genres fellow allies?

  • Choice driven narrative games like the Telltale stuff, Life is Strange, Kentucky Route Zero, Firewatch, etc

  • I'm going to go out on a limb and say it is probably mystery dungeon games.

  • When I was younger it was JRPGS. I don't have as much time anymore, but I'm still in love with RPGs. Nowadays it's usually western RPGs like Mass Effect or Fallout.

  • FPS (preferbly old school FPS or FPS/RPG hybrid) follow by Stealth games.

    I hate RPGs unless they are blend with FPS genre.

  • Definitely RPGs but a genre that has really consumed me the past few years has been rogue-likes (rogue-lites, if you wanna call them that too). It started with Spleunky and quickly progressed to things like Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon. I just can't get enough.

  • They have chanced over the years but I've always enjoyed Beat'em ups, Fighting games, RPGs and Twin stick/third person/first person shooters. Mainly though, I find a strong narrative is the biggest driving force for me to complete a game. Couple that with a decent finishing time (i.e. the game isnt 100+ hours long) and one of the above mentioned genre and there's a good chance ill actually complete your game.

  • Definitely RPGs. Like Skyrim, dark souls, prince of persia, dragon age...
    I put most emphasis on story and lore and how it is presented.
    I also really like open world games. Give me a giant space to mess around and I will be happy for many hours.

  • RPG's are definitely my favorite. When I was younger, it was primarily JRPG's, but when I got a bit older, I started liking style of WRPG's a lot more.

  • I would say I pretty much like everything and all the genres feature games that I have played often. My least favorite will have to be puzzle games even with that i'll pretty much play anything.

  • It really should be JRPG's since 90% of what I play is JRPG's, but it's really 3D Platformers. I'm really excited about what may be the new Renaissance of the genre with A Hat In Time and Yooka Laylee.

  • Probably JRPGs.

  • There are many specific franchises I like within various genres, like Need For Speed, Project Gotham Racing, and Burnout in arcade racer, The Elder Scrolls in western RPG, Zelda in action-adventure, and so on. But as for consistently liking an entire genre, only one meets that criteria for me:

    Arena shooters.

    Doom, Quake, Unreal, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark.

  • I like games with a heavy focus on exploration. My favorite thing to do in games is just wander around to see what I can find. If the level design is non-linear or at least fairly open, the map is detailed and varied, and there are a lot of cool things to discover, then I am 100% sold.

  • Stealth is my favorite genre. Started all the way back in MGS1, my first real game that I beat. MGS is my favorite series, also love Splinter Cell (even if there are some stinkers), and playing Deus Ex: HR as a stealth game feels like the right way to do it. Payday 2 has awesome stealth, and is even coop so I can rage at my non-stealthy friends. Love me some Hitman as well. There's just something satisfying about a clean kill or infiltrating a base undetected.

  • Video games. ;D

  • I generally prefer the narrative driven style of games as well, like Life Is Strange, but besides that, typically action or platformers. Uncharted and the new Tomb Raider series are some of my favorites.

  • My favorite genre is RPG with turn based combat like Bravely Default or Wasteland 2.

  • The Adventure genre is my favourite, specifically the Point & Clicky kind :3

  • Horror, platformers and adventure games with strong narrative threads running through.