Killzone 5. Could it be in the works?


    Apparantly a Dutch outlet has exposed rumors for a new killzone game. What do you guys make of it. looks authentic enough but I fail to see how they can go into killzone when, don't quote me on this guerrilla previously said that they weren't thinking of delving back into kill zone.

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    smells a little fishy top me. I mean there are always some hint of truth behind stuff.. but since the helghast head is the same as they used for 3, I call a bit BS on that. But then again, might have been a tiny bit of planning starting on the game. But it might as well be "fan art" which they just happened to stumble upon and take it for real.

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    The only truth I take from this article is that GG is laying down the plans or framework. Development is still far away but not as far as you'd think. One can hope we'd be getting another killzone if not I wouldn't be disappointed.

    What types of projects do you like GG tackling next because I feel every company should go out of there comfort zone more often as GG just did with Horizon and its paying of.

  • Well GG did say it wasn't done with Killzone. Just focusing on Horizon.

  • It wouldn't surprise me if a new KZ is in the works, although this rumor is....a bit lacking substance.

    If we are getting a new Killzone, I'm really hoping that they return to what made Killzone Killzone instead of the mediocrity that was Shadow Fall. Have us play as a Helghast in a different battle during the ISA invasion of Helghast or something.

  • I'd be surprised if we never saw a new Killzone. My dream is that they either commit to being totally pulpy or to being totally grimdark and cynical. Halfway in either direction generally fails to satisfy.

  • Open world Killzone vs robot dinosaurs!

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    I would like another Killzone, but they really need to realize what they have with this series.
    Shit has potential out the ass. People have been BEGGING for a game where we play from the Helghan side of things, viewing the Vektans as the bad guys... but NOPE, HELGHANS ARE PURE EVIL SPACE NAZIS GO GET EM PRIVATE.
    Mercenary SORT OF tried to do this near the end, and Shadow Fall had inklings of that but failed miserably, but they really just need to bite the bullet, take a risk, and make a game where you play as the "bad guys" already.

  • @El-Shmiablo what if you play as the robot dinosaurs?

  • I can't see anything other than a VR spin off in Killzone's future.

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    Maybe not a spin-off, but a full game that includes full support for the VR, similar to how RE was. Considering the rumors that Capcom wants to focus more on VR stuff in the future, I can see something like that becoming a trend.

    @TokyoSlim said in Killzone 5. Could it be in the works?:

    @El-Shmiablo what if you play as the robot dinosaurs?

    I mean, isn't that the dream?

  • @El-Shmiablo Why another AAA Killzone, especially with Guerilla focusing on Horizon? Killzone was always supposed to be a heavy hitter but never truly managed to pull it off. Don't get me wrong, it'd be great, but it just seems much more logical to release a mid-tier VR "experience" as a sort of token FPS VR game for PS4 (like Mercenary was on the Vita) and to test the waters for other future Killzone stuff. Hell, maybe this rumored game is a port of Mercenary.

  • @El-Shmiablo Exactly! I feel like they keep dipping their toe into their own universe, then suddenly retracting it when they realise that it might be interesting. Hopefully they feel sufficiently emboldened by their experience with Horizon to put some more spice onto a potential future Killzone.

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    @DavidFCG I think that making a "vr game" instead of a "game with vr support" is what is holding people back from adopting vr as a whole.
    It worked for RE7 because, even if you take away the vr side of things, it is still a very competent game. Another vr experience roller coaster isn't going to help change people's minds. They want something more substantive.

  • I agree. I just don't think Sony has ever been that smart D: Besides it's hard to know for sure when there's still plenty of VR only stuff being released.

  • Killzone 2 was really enjoyable but it got old. The campaign in KZ3 was cringe and felt like a paint-by-the-numbers shooter, and the MP had some spice, but it just felt dated at arrival.

    Never played Shadow Fall because it didn't seem that special.

    I'd be down for a KZ4 if they really took it up a notch.

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    @GoTaco I actually enjoyed KZ3 more than 2. The campaign wasn't as good, but it added coop. I remember staying up until two in the morning playing that with a roomie. Such a blast.
    Also I liked the expanded multiplayer with mechs.
    Shadowfa back to smaller, more intimate maps. I hope future games will make it more open and epic again.

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    I was excited for the co-op but when we played it, we felt like "oh here comes the turret section", "here comes the stealth". It felt bland to us. Especially when games like Halo 3 set such a high co-op and MP bar that generation

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    @GoTaco I mean, the three joints we rolled might have helped, but I have pretty fond memories of the coop.