• I wanted to see who else in these forums was excited to hear that Windjammers is getting re-released on the PS4. Although I don't know if I'm as excited as Ben is for Windjammers I'm a huge fan of this game. In fact a while ago I was seriously considering trying to find a 2 or 4 slot Neo Geo machine and wanted to seek out getting the full Windjammers cart set (just fyi for those that don't know, the Neo Geo slot arcade machine let you put in different carts to play different games on your machine, when you got a new cart from Neo Geo it could come in a brown box and have the instruction manuel, marques , posters, etc and these are now kind of collector items). Who else remembers this gem and is excited to give it another go? I never got very good at the game, never really figured out how to power up your throws but just fell in love with the look and vibe of the game when i was a kid.

  • I love Data East, and I think Windjammers is one of their best titles. Totally dig the bright, fast-paced gameplay---it's an excellent arcade title that I wish caught on better, and I'm glad that it's getting some new attention.