Legend of Zelda BotW Master Edition Cancellations

  • Just got a email from Amazon that preorders on their site were over what their allotment should of been, so mine got cancelled. Just wanted to throw this info out, as I'm assuming quite a few preordered from there and are in the same predicament as me. Anyone got a line of some hopefully still in stock? Would appreciate the info. -Mahalo, Namzor

  • Oh man that sucks.

    I doubt you'll find one now, but keep an eye out here: https://www.nowinstock.net/videogaming/games/thelegendofzeldabreathofthewild/

  • Yeah, that's straight up bad. And I'm not surprised.

    I'm not even sure how this keeps happening but just about every major game release in this past year has had some sort of miscalculation on pre-orders versus how much stock they actually had, and not just video games but movies too, every single thing I've pre-ordered has had SOME sort of delay or cancellation.

    Retail stores in my area have already said that even the STANDARD edition of BotW will be sold out.

  • Yeah, I'm seriously bummed out. I even got a email from Amazon a handful of hours later that my order was reduced just to 1 copy because of availability, even though it was originally cancelled and I only preordered 1 copy anyway. So GG Amazon on all fronts. Amazon was supposed to be my backup as well, but I just missed preordering it at Best Buy by minutes it seems. Sigh....