Best couch cooperative games of all time?

  • I have to add the Gears of War series to the list. It's so rare for modern games to offer couch co-op, and these games were so much fun with a friend!

  • Surprise surprise its a Mario.

    So I went over to a friends house to play some games and after our fill of fighting games and Smash, we decided to see what else I brought. Turns out, New Super Mario Bros Wii was in the wrong case and we spent a good two hours on it. We spent quite some time sabotaging and blaming each other whenever one of us died.

    Actually, speaking of fighting games, I remember that same friend and I going through the Weapon Master campaign in Soul Calibur 2 back in the day.

  • PixelJunk Monsters!! Great replayability and jolly good times!

  • Kirby Superstar. My friend introduced it to me back in middle school and we had the time of our lives playing it until the sun came up. I think back to this time often.

  • Don't know if you'd count this but my friend and I always played Castlevania as co-op. Essentially, he was much better than me at the levels, especially jumping and avoiding those freakin' medusa heads. I however, was much better at seeing the patterns of bosses and killing them. So he'd do the levels and I'd do the bosses.

    Otherwise yeah Crystal Chronicles was surprisingly good, as was Zelda 4 Swords. We had 4 people playing it and it was chaos. Good chaos that is. :)

  • No one said it yet? Really?

    Rayman Origins/Legends, people, incredible platformers and pretty much the only worthwhile games Ubisoft releases nowadays.

  • Streets of Rage trilogy
    Golden Axe
    Gears of War (all of them)
    Rayman Origins / Legends

  • I think it has to go to the Smash and Kart series. So much smack talk for a friendly "kids" game

  • Purely Coop I'd have to give it to Halo 1-Reach. All of them are a blast coop, even if the multiplayer faltered for me in a couple of them.

    Edit: Out of all of them I'd have to pick ODST as my favorite actually. Loved the tone and how it played.

  • I was going to say the Rayman games but I see they've been added.

    I'll just mention the spec ops in MW2 are a tonne of quick fun with a friend.

    Donkey Kong Country Returns is super fun is co op too.