First E3

  • Enjoy the experience!

    I think I've experienced enough of it through the eyes of GT back with Huber HYPE, Final Bosman and Mandatory Update episodes of the E3 floor. Never have I seen anyone cover it. Lol. Lots of waiting around. :disappointed_relieved:

  • whoa, enjoy man, and try to find EZA and get on Easy update and Huber Hype!

  • I'm Jellous, because i'm from the UK chances to goto that event are few and far between. Soak it in man, i will enjoy with the allies.

  • @rossthebassist Gamescom is better for regular people! We should tag team next year, all european allies!

  • It would be fun if you showed up on one of the shows from the floor.

  • @hoken i'd be up for that, if UK votes to stay in europe, if not i can imagine it being quite costly... but i'd totally be up for it.

  • @rossthebassist said in First E3:

    @hoken i'd be up for that, if UK votes to stay in europe, if not i can imagine it being quite costly... but i'd totally be up for it.

    We can make a Patreon for the brits. I do hope you guys stay because I'm considering moving over there when I'm out of college!

  • @Hoken not to get to deep into it, but i hope we stay too, overall i think the EU is a tad out of date but we are all better off united, and it means no visa's if i want to goto gamescom. :dancers:

  • @rossthebassist Yeah I don't really care much about politics, I just think the no-visa and very cheap travel from Sweden to the rest of Europe is pretty dope.

  • @Hoken i hear ya brother! FOR THE ALLIES!

  • Sweet dude! Give the crew a hug for me if you run into them!

  • Very cool enjoy! I almost got to go to E3 in 2006 but my boss decided it was a waste of time. I was a junior buyer for a large toy company. At least i got to go to the UBI days ( Ubisoft event)in Paris😒

  • I got to go from 2010 to 2013 and really enjoyed myself, but I can see where it's not for everyone. I'd definitely recommend taking the time to check out the low traffic, lesser appreciated areas and not bounce from 90 minute line to 90 minute line the entire time. Hope you have a good time.

  • Update: I was on Huber Hype talking about Time Cop / Kickboxer.
    It was awesome

  • @TheHashtag0nist Awesome! I didn't get on the show but I did get to meet Huber... if anyone thinks he's acting or putting on a front, he's not. Dude is intense! :laughing:

  • I went to E3 once. I actually didn't enjoy it strangely.

    There is just too much "line up to watch a video" and too little booths. Sony booth had a wide variety of stuff compared to anyone else.
    I even lined up with one guy who had been to every E3, and he said it didn't use to be like this with all of the line. There would just be booths everywhere and you walk up to play it (which what it is like in the Sony booth).

    Add to the fact that LA is super disappointing to tour. The only highlight was going to In-N-Out at the LAX on the way home.

  • @Whoaness I can see how it wouldn't be super exciting if you can't flash a press badge and walk to the front of the line.

    I had appointments from 8-5 every day and still only got to play a small percentage of the games that were out there, so going to E3 and expecting to play everything is almost impossible.

    @StuffOnARock Huber is the best IRL and Don is a total sweetheart

  • Congrats man! E3 is one of my dreams.. I have to find a way to get in!

  • Glad you were able to experience E3 for the first time. I went the first time in 2005 when PS3, and Xbox 360 were just revealed, and launching the same year. I went again in 2006, and 2009.

    I plan to go again in 2017 when things start to really get interesting; Project Scorpio reveal? Project Neo reveal? I was expecting Microsoft or Sony to reveal Scorpio/Neo during E32016, but Microsoft only revealed Xbox One S, and announced Project Scorpio.

    I will try to work with Easy Allies this time around. Usually E3 is HUGE everywhere in this industry. If you don't do something during E3, and you're a website, blog or fourm, you're a nobody. That's just how it is.

    I originally planned to go to E3 this year but there were several delays.

  • @Faaip Get yourself a website with over 10K views a month and you are golden!